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Let’s face it, we all have had that one night of insomnia in which we flip rigorously through the television channels finding some hope of relief of boredom at 3:00 a.m. when we stumble upon the Adult Swim  channel.  Underbelly receiving their award at the Philly Geek Awards.

You think to yourself, “It’s 3:00 in the morning, who is going to know I’m watching Anime?” which is, let’s face it, borderline cartoon porn at times. Yet, we get that guilty satisfaction in which we can’t stop watching whichever program is on.  

The scarier part? The fact that these shows used to be aired during daytime television for children. Prime example, Pokémon. I remember back in 6th grade the biggest “it” thing to do was to trade Pokémon cards and win infinite battles with ridiculously over priced cardboard cards that had certain powers and strengths.

Well, it’s been quite a few years since those days and I have the next “it” thing:


Underbelly is a YouTube sensation that has soared with fans and the recent recipient of the best web series award at the Philly Geek Awards.  The comical web series has over 20,000 followers and a worldwide viewership. Underbelly is a group of actors/comedians that in a nut shell analyze a variety of anime shows and mock them with their commentary over episodes, games, comic slides and at times own person skits. Underbelly is a YouTube sensation that has soared with fans and the recent recipient of the best web series award at the Philly Geek Awards.

I couldn’t find a skit that didn’t have me laughing out of my chair and completely agreeing with every factor they pointed out to poke fun of about each show ranging from the Pokémon obsession to the breast enhancing of the female anime characters over the years. My favorite has to be the Pokemonaholics series, which almost had me reaching for my inhaler gasping for air I was laughing so hard.

Now, don’t get me wrong, their skits are not always about Anime series, but comic books as well with the characters trying to get “George Lucas” rich as they re-create famous comic book heroes.  The actors are hysterical and extremely talented.  I couldn’t find a webisode I didn’t like.  

And for all you ladies out there who may not get that college guy who hasn’t matured hysterical humor yet, they have something to cater to you as well. ‘The Top Ten Sexual Pokémon’ had me wondering if I should be disturbed by how accurate the assumptions were or turned on, but none the less hysterical, and from a female point of view.

And if after all that you still can’t motivate yourself to show any interest in the gaming, comic, anime specter, Underbelly shows that it can cater to any audience and adapt to any “review” by having their own hilarious commentaries on popular movies.  Underbelly speaks what we all say whisper to one another during the scene while watching the events unfold at the theater, and overall just adds talent and most likely better one liners then what we would point out.


The next time you decide to log onto Facebook for the hundredth time that day, or have insomnia, or need to pass time while enduring having to sit at yet another one of your children’s sporting events, check out Underbelly's YouTube channel. 

Karen Stebbins is a writer, student, full-time employee, cheauffer, chef, educater,comedian, soccer mom, party girl (when she's not in bed by 9:00 p.m.) and a friend to all.  aspires to be a professional writer and maybe make it to the New York Times best seller one day! This is her first article for Philly2Philly. Welcome to the team, Karen!!

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