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He’s baaaacccckkk!!

Dexter and his dark passenger returned to the screen last Sunday night with the type of exciting season opener that fans expected to see kick-off Season 5, which happens to be the most boring season of what might be the best written show on television!

If you’ve never watched Dexter and plan to start, stop reading here. There will be no spoiler alerts for Season 6, but we'll give a quick recap of what’s happened for Dexter and Miami Metro since the ice truck killer swept thru Miami.Dexter photo: www.yoshicube64.blogspot.com

Dexter’s notoriously suspenseful writing left fans speechless and shocked when Season 4 wrapped up with Rita dead and Harrison on the floor in blood, so much that no one was sure how Season 5 would kick-off. And after 4 seasons of a series with such incredible acting and writing that it’s hard to pick a favorite, Season 5 was vanilla at best.

If the writers keep the momentum of Season 6 going the way they started things this week (with everyone thinking Dexter was stabbed within the first 30 seconds and then seeing the first of what will likely be man kills this season), then viewers can relax and know that the show that makes Sunday night a bit more bearable is back to its suspenseful, edge-of-the-seat entertainment, then there will be no more talk of tuning out for the duration.

After the show opened with possibly the best ever opening scene for the series, things seemed slight off base. The way Dexter introduced Angel’s sister, Jamie, (played by Aimee Garcia) a character who clearly has an interesting back story for the writers to unveil this season, seemed unnatural as Dexter almost spoke to the viewers telling them it’s not what they think. And that story line can only get more interesting as she will clearly see what type of hours the dark passenger keeps. He can’t blame everything on work with this nanny!

Where you surprised to think that Lieutenant LaGuerta was promoted because she’s having an affair with Captain Matthews? With her track record and recent divorce from Angel, nothing is shocking, but to see that it was blackmail made it more intriguing for the rest of the season!  Where will this go and who is it going to come back to bite? Remember Doakes!?? Uh huh!

Clearly viewers need to keep a willing suspension of disbelief throughout the series and it might be harder to digest in Season 6 as the writers seem to be focusing on religion and faith, a bit tough to swallow considering Dexter has no feelings, right? But as you watch the show it’s clear that despite his dark passenger, Dexter clearly has compassion for other people’s feelings and of course, he wants what’s best for Harrison.

Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos have joined the cast in some dark rooted roles that are based on a religion that kills people in a way that we can only be left wondering what will happen as the season moves on…two kills in the future, probably!Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks photo: www.buddytv.com

Sending Dexter to his high school reunion was the perfect balance of reminding viewers of his tragedy with Rita and how much of a hermit he can be, paired with his success and the fact that he’s clearly an appealing man to the ladies. The scenes with Trish, surely appealing to the male audiences, led Dexter to his true favorite activity, since he was able to get Joe in the end.

Masuka was up to his normal ways and the ensemble cast cheered him on as usual. Deb doesn’t seem the marrying type but if she does say yes to Quinn, one can only imagine what might circle back in his face from his investigation of Dexter last year. Unless the writers just drop it as they seemed to do with so many things in Season 6.

Overall Season 6, episode 1 was better than expected! It should be interesting to see how the show starts next week, and if Deb’s really hurt or the blood on her shirt was from someone else.

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

Dexter photo: www.yoshicube64.blogspot.com

Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks photo: www.buddytv.com