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In all great dramas, there are episodes that leave you speechless, episodes that leave you spooked, and then the anti-climatic episodes like “Once Upon a Time” that are set-up shows to prepare you for the edge-of-your-seat thrills that Dexter is known to have.Michael C. Hall and Mos Def in 'Dexter.' Photo: www.vibe.com

Last week’s show had highlights and lowlights that offered lots of insights into where the season is headed.

The show opened with Dexter talking about his nighttime ritual: putting Harrison to bed, and how at the end of a story, Harrison says "Daddy's box," and Dexter worrying that his baby knows too much. It’s hard to predict where the writers will take this storyline. Just think about the religious set up from last week, and the religious theme going on with Gellar and Travis.

Speaking of Gellar and Travis, the strange pair were the focus of several scenes this time around in odd and uncomfortable settings. Gellar was upset that Travis would be late for some sort of work, and Travis had dinner with his sister who realized something was wrong… wanna bet she’ll be killed off somehow?!

In the final scenes, Travis faked an injury to attract a victim, and it will be interesting to see whether the duo use snakes in this kill. Still, the writers seem to be stalling with this story line. It’s one thing to peak the audience’s interest by sparking questions, but at this point the two are just odd side stories. The scenes are so vague it’s less entertainment and you could (more the time), walk away for a minute without missing anything if you wanted to. Hopefully that is likely to change by Episode 3, or some folks will be lost on this season for good.

Meanwhile at Miami Metro HQ, Masuka takes the ‘hot’ intern Ryan Chambers (Brea Grant) and while examining the snakes found inside Omar's body, their study leads to investigating some toxic waste sites. Brother Sam (Mos Def), who Dexter considered a target, was brought in to help with an investigation. It turned out Brother Sam had turned to God to be healed, but he led Dexter to a kill nonetheless!  

The biggest story in the department; Deb was named Lieutenant, beating out Angel and thickening the plot between him and LaGuerta. His line about why he gets ‘screwed’ when Maria messes up was foreshadowing at it’s best, and clearly that theme in this season will be highlighted in episodes to come.

For the romantics, Quinn proposing to Deb may have been their favorite part, until Deb moved out after she said no. Quinn’s never seemed like the romantic who had to get married, but the back story here looks like it gives him more ammo to open his off-record Dexter investigation-  especially since he asked Dexter why Dexter told her to say no!?

Again, this episode didn’t run with the momentum that the season-opener did. The writers have to pace themselves, and hopefully Episode 3 unveils more about Gellar and Travis, and leaves you sleepless for an hour or two.

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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