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A McDonald's employee is being thrown under the bus by the McDonald's corporation and local authorities in New York City after defending himself during an attack on Thursday, which was caught on video. This video is being dubbed as the "McDonald's Beating", but in reality it is just a human being defending themselves from wood-be ghetto predators.Of course the bleeding heart libs, like the ones who write at the Village Voice are acting like the McDonald's employee defending himself is the one in the wrong. Typical libs for you though.



Let's be real and call it the way it is. All across this country workers in the service industry have to deal with punks, hoodrats, ghetto thugs, bottom feeders, and obnoxious a-holes on a daily basis. They are often threatened and insulted. And, sometimes these bottom feeders don't like being told "no" so they get physical. What we have here in this so-called "McDonald's beating" video is a case of self defense.

The employee, Rayon McIntosh told a couple of hoodrats that he had to scan their $50 bill (big shock huh) and they took a lot of offense to him doing his job. Then these two hood rats promptly jumped behind the counter and began to assault the man when he pulled out a metal rod and defended himself.

The McDonald's employee is facing assault charges and is likely screwed for defending his life. In reality, he had no idea if these criminals were carrying guns or knives. He simply did what any sensible human being would and should do in that situation. So what if one of them ended up with a fractured skull? They had no business charging behind the counter to begin with.

According to The Smoking Gun, McIntosh was in prison for 10 years before for manslaugher. And, he tried to do the right thing and turn his life around by just getting a job. Now, he'll be screwed by the legal system barring the assistance of a good lawyer who comes to his defense.

If Casey Anthony can get away with murdering her daughter, while someone like McIntosh gets boned for defending himself, then our legal system is seriously FUBAR.

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