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By now you have certainly heard that 50 exotic animals "had" to be shot and killed by the police in the Zanesville Ohio area due to the threat they posed to local citizens.

Surely, these executioners had no other choice but to slaughter these animals.

Ever heard of a tranquilzer dart? Sure, the incompetent police out there are covering their asses by saying how hard it is to fire a tranquilizer dart at a lion or tiger in darkness.

I guess these idiots never heard of night vision.

Animal wildlife expert Jack Hanna has even sold his soul and is covering the asses of these moronic cops by saying they made the right choice in slaughtering the majority of the animals who were released from a wildlife preserve. The owner of the reserve, Terry Thompson went off the deep end and released the animals before committing suicide.

As for the threat this posed to the public...it was minimal. The citizens of the Zanesville Ohio area were clearly warned to stay in there homes until further notice. Schools were closed.

It was up to the police to safely knock these animals out so they could be transported to a zoo. Instead they went on a shooting spree because they were overzealous and unwilling to take the extra step to solve a problem. Then again we are talking about Ohio here. People in the Mid West and South operate on a different level then us educated folk in the Northeast. Sorry to say! 

There was word that a bear was in the back of some redneck's pickup truck. A 9-11 caller informed authorities that two men in camo were riding with a bear in the back of their truck. So, it is clear that the local cops weren't the only ones "shooting to kill."

The biggest insult is that 18 endangered bengal tigers were among the animals slaughtered. Muskingom County Sherrif Matt Lutz, who sounded like a total country bumpkin claimed they had no choice but to shoot to kill since they weren't trained to deal with this type of event. What? Aren't we talking about so-called responsible police here? These are people who allegedly are trained to protect the citizens. Then they should be trained to do the right bleeping thing and not slaughter innocent animals.

In a year with so many disgraces in America, this is just the latest one. Makes you wonder how low we can go. Oh wait...have you heard about the house of horrors dungeon case in Philadelphia? Perhaps we can go a little lower!

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