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Loudmouth Congressman Eric Cantor normally cannot wait to open up his mouth and rip the Democrats and President Obama. Now, he's taking on another foe in Occupy Wall Street, obviously because they oppose the people he represents; rich people. On Friday Eric Cantor canceled a speech at the University of Penn once he learned the crowd in attendance would not be on his side.

Eric Cantor has condemned the Occupy Wall Street movement, claiming they pit Americans against Americans. Really? How about the Tea Party. What exactly are they doing? Does anyone remember when they shouted racial epithets at black lawmakers during a march in Washington D.C.? Call me crazy, but the Tea Bagger movement is the epitome of DIVISION.

And, once he received word that 300 seats would be open to the public at the Wharton School of Business, he bailed on his speech like Bobby Petrino bailed on the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. There were droves of Occupy Philadelphia protestors marching from City Hall to the campus. Naturally many of them would have been in attendance to speak their minds while Cantor spewed his B.S.

If Cantor's teabagger constituents were slated to be in the crowd you can bet your ass he would have gone on with the speech. But, the second it looked like a hostile crowd would be there, he ran like a coward.

Face it Eric Cantor is a joke of a politician. There is a word for Cantor and is has 5 letters: P - U - S - S - Y.

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