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Looks like Father Time is running out on one of the NFL's most controversial and high-profile stars. Terrell Owens, who is coming off an ACL tear he suffered during the offseason may be at the end of the line.

Terrell Owens held a public workout yesterday for prospective NFL teams, but not one team bothered to show up.

I can't say I feel sorry for him. He was an absolute jerk his entire career and has blown off countless fans during his career. I'll never forget 2005 when he didn't show up to sign autographs during Eagles training camp when he was having a pissing match with the front office.

His sidewalk situps interview was humorous at the time, but nobody was laughing when the Eagles were 6-10, just one season after losing the Super Bowl to New England by 3 points.

Terrell Owens finally got a taste of his own medicine when the entire NFL blew him off and basically said "no thank you."

It's safe to say that Owens' career is toast. He'll certainly get into the NFL Hall of Fame, but his career will be tarnished by his a**hollery, particularly in Philly.

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