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Thank God the 2011 World Series is finally over with. We won't have to put up with the national media shoving the St. Louis Cardinals' "magical" season down our throats any longer. And, we won't have to hear about the stupid rally squirrel anymore. Also, we won't have to look at the surly Tony La Russa any longer.

For those of us in Philadelphia we are bitter, really F***ing bitter over the Phillies' chokejob against the Cardinals.

And, the fact that this Cardinals team has won 2 titles in 5 years, while the Phillies have just 1 title during their "Golden Age" stings us in the ass like the bites from 10 wasps.

Face it, the Cardinals have won 2 World Series titles in five years, but they might be the WEAKEST 2-time champ in a 5-year span in history. Their 83-win 2006 team played in a weak division, got lucky matchups, and caught a tired Detroit Tigers team in the World Series. This time around the Phillies put them in the playoffs by knocking the Braves. Then they played a team in the Rangers who outchoked the Milwaukee Brewers and Philadelphia Phillies for choking supremacy.

The fact that this so-called resillient team lost their ace Adam Wainwright (one of the top 5 pitchers in baseball) before the season - only to win it all, just shows you how weak their competition was. And, don't give me that crap about the Phillies' 102 wins. The oil was leaking on that bus right after they clinched the division in September. The 8-game losing streak was the beginning of the end for this overrated squad. The 2011 Phillies may have had more wins and a better pitching staff than the 2008 squad, but they were nowhere near as good of a "team."

Moving along, the Rangers' game 6 collapse was one of the biggest chokejobs in sports history and I hate to say it - outdid some of the horrific collapses by the Sixers, Phillies, Flyers, and even the Philadelphia Eagles. And, if you outchoke the Eagles then you are in a special class.

In most of the country, we really couldn't give a rat's ass about the Cardinals or their dumbass squirrell. The fact that these midwest dullards had to rally around a lame ass squirrel just speaks to the mentality of the yokels in the Midwest. They are safe, middle-of-the road, corny, candy ass fans. 

The Cardinals fans are considered great fans by the national media particularly because they aren't "tough" on their athletes like around Philly. Bulls**t. If they had to put up with the "$120 million man", Cliff Lee choking in Game 2 like that they wouldn't be so forgiving.

You know what else is great about the end of the World Series? Philly hater Joe Buck won't be able to perform verbal fellatio on the Cardinals entire team anymore this year. It's obvious this man is a Philly hater whenever you listen to him during any games involving the Phillies or Eagles, which is sickening enough. But, it was a wet dream for him to broadcast the World Series with his favorite team the Cardinals defying all odds to win it all in seven games. Listening to him ooh and ahh over this team was as painful as watching an episode of 'The Playboy Club.'

So, Cardinals fans get off your high horses and realize that 95% of the country could give a flying bleep about your fluke of a team. In St. Louis where yokels worship their millionaire overpaid athletes like heros - you might think everybody cares, but we really don't. We don't give a bleep in Philly. They don't care in Chicago. They don't care in New York. And, they don't care in California. And, they don't care in Florida...well the bandwagon fans down there actually don't care about sports unless their teams get into the NBA Finals or World Series. So they might have you beat for the title of lamest fans in sports.

Suck on that St. Louis.

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