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Finally! This season of  Dexter  took off in episode 4. Lookout Trinity, the Doomsday Killer is getting interesting! It started with Dexter and Harrison at a baptism that Brother Sam invited them to last week. Dexter left things open in episode 3. And while it wasn’t apparent he’d attend, the way the writers have been shoving religion down viewers throats, it was no surprise he and Harrison went to check it out! Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime

After the ritual in the water, Brother Sam spent time with Dexter asking him about his faith, or lack thereof, and then Dexter was called to one of the most intriguing crime scenes the show has ever produced!!!

Four horses, each draped with a combination of fake and human body parts on them, and the Alpha-Omega symbol painted on one of the horse’s heads lined the crime scenes. Dexter immediately thought back to his brother, the Ice Truck Killer, recognizing that this might be the most spectacular scene since those days. As the Miami Metro team worked the scene, Detective Anderson (the new guy), connected the dots and told the crew how this looked to be a story from the Book of Revelations.

Deb was called to give a media briefing, leaving LaGuerta blindsided and offended. Deb, being Deb, was uncensored during the press conference. And while the department thought this was a fault, she was called to Matthews’ office, where he thanked her and told her that the public loved her transparency!

Meanwhile, as the investigation got underway, Dexter noticed a tiny piece of paper in the victim, the jogger taken last week’s eye, and then they found a similar paper in the fruit vendor victim from episode one. No word yet what the details are here, though it’s sure to mean something to viewers eventually.

During the episode Masuka and Ryan flirt a little more, until Masuka gets a call that leads him to the ‘hand’ on an eBay like site and he has to fire her. She storms out but surely this isn’t the end for her this season! Will she learn to much? Is she a kill for Dexter? Or maybe she doesn’t meet the code.

Harrison is sick, and Dexter’s called away. As the audience learns that Harrison’s appendix is bursting and an emergency surgery must be done, they see Brother Sam show up at the hospital, and Dexter make a deal with God…. Does he believe in something? He’s not sure but for now, he just wants his son to be ok…and he is before the show ends.

While searching for clues, Angel and Quinn end up smoking a joint and then get called to check out the home of a person of interest, a former professor at a local university who they learn has been MIA for about three years after he got fired for stealing an ancient sword, one that might have belonged to John the Revelator.

Travis and Gellar go out for lunch where Travis flirts with a waitress and goes out for a date, which leads to much more. Travis creepily spies on the two and in the morning, Gellar finds her tied up in the kitchen. He chooses not to save her and her fate makes for the next crime scene, the third kill- making the Doomsday Killer a serial killer, and having the show end with her hanging in a garden- killed accidentally by a trap that detectives walk into. She’s hanging from a device with angel wings up on her sides and locust swarming the screen!

As the locusts fly off, Dexter spies Travis watching things unfold and immediately realizes that Travis knows more about this.

Episode 5 is sure to get exciting!!!


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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime