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Looks like the cowards at Penn State University can't handle the heat after sweeping Jerry Sandusky's child sex crimes under the rug for YEARS.

Today they cancelled Joe Paterno's press conference because of the media attention the Sandusky child sex scandal is receiving.

At first, they were going forward with Joe Paterno's weekly pre-game press conference, but they knew they would have to answer a barrage of questions.

Penn State President and Coward-in-Chief Graham Spanier requested the cancellation of the press conference, and the university issued the following horses**t statement:

"Due to the ongoing legal circumstances centered around the recent allegations and charges, we have determined that today's press conference cannot be held and will not be rescheduled."

Boo-BLEEPING-hoo. I feel so sorry for you, Penn State University. You allowed Jerry Sandusky to set foot on campus after he raped a 10-year-old boy in a shower in 2002. Furthermore, Joe Paterno washed his hands of everything by passing the information to Tim Curley, who did NOTHING about it.

This whole scandal gets worse and worse every day, and the suits at Penn State think they can hide like ostriches. This will result in the death of Penn State football as we know it.

Truthfully, Jerry Sandusky should receive the death penalty for his crimes. And everyone who obstructed justice and enabled this animal to carry out his crimes (including Joe Paterno) should receive jail time for being complicit in these crimes. In fact, it's not out of the question to suggest that Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Graham Spanier, and Gary Schultz spend 20-30 years in prison.

This would mean Paterno spend the rest of his life in prison, and it's just as well. He is for all intents and purposes the accomplice of a child rapist.

Joe Paterno's storied legacy is nothing but a sham.  Penn State University brought this on themselves by looking out for the bottom line - money.

Hopefully, the suits in NCAA Football destroy Penn State's program. They probably won't because the program didn't cheat, pay students, or give away gifts. The NCAA would rather concern themselves with money.

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