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WOW! Did you see that ending coming? That’s the question Dexter fans were asking last Monday morning. Let’s start at the beginning though…

Dexter follows Travis through a farmer’s market and gets a call from Deb that Sam’s been shot. Dexter heads to Sam’s garage as the ambulanceDexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime heads towards the hospital, and he starts wondering whether he caused this to happen since he killed Julio a few episodes back.

As he analyzes the crime scene, he starts looking for clues about the other guy he hit and finds a blood match for Leo Hernandez. Dexter goes to find Leo but Detective Anderson intercedes and ends up shooting Leo to protect himself. The security video is in Leo’s DVD player and the detectives close the case.

Later, Dexter reviews the tape, sees the watch dog isn’t barking, and knows that Nick (the man Sam JUST baptized) is the killer!

Travis and Gellar are working to kill their ‘whore’ and Travis asks to give her pain killers to help her broken arm. Gellar shuts down the idea saying there is NO way she deserves pain pills. There’s also a weird scene with Travis collecting his own blood in jars!?

As the Doomsday investigation continues at Miami Metro, Deb asks Angel and Quinn to bring Charisa in for questioning because she might have more clues about Gellar for them. Quinn asks Angel to keep quiet about his fling with Charisa and Angel respects these wishes….BUT when Charisa comes in for questioning, she offers little information and tears Quinn a new one for the one night stand. Deb sees this through the interrogation room and reprimands him later.

Later at HQ, Deb learns that her new role keeps her colleagues and former friends from sharing too much information with her by the water cooler! She decides to throw a party at her new place to help her colleagues see they can still hang out with her. Quinn shows up super drunk and his date leaves when she sees where he took her. He starts saying some off color remarks to Angel’s sister Jamie, and Angel decks him. Dexter is supposed to show but is ‘at the hospital’ while they party.

At the hospital, Dexter tells Sam he’ll seek revenge and Sam begs Dexter to overcome the darkness, see the light and let it go. Sam says to tell Nick that Nick is forgiven and tells Dexter to get through this and see the light. As Dexter leaves the building, torn about Sam’s wishes and hoping he can see the light, he runs into Nick outside of the hospital and asks Nick to take a ride with him. They drive to the beach where Sam baptized Nick a short time ago, and he asks why Nick shot Sam. Nick feels like Sam lied to him because his life didn’t improve after the baptism. And to get back to gang life, he had to kill someone and prove himself.

Dexter says he should turn himself in because the police will find him anyway. Nick laughs at Dexter, and tells him the tape has nothing on it so it would be these two against each other. Dexter stuffs Nick into the ocean water and holds him down until he drowns, saying “There’s no light in you and no light in me.” They are on a dark but public beach, and as he walks back onto the beach he sees his brother Brian, the Ice Truck Killer.

“Hey little brother, miss me?” he asks Dexter.

Whew, what an ending! Is Brian going to bring Dexter into a darker place? What about Harry? Will any other ghosts past come back?

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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime