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Really!? How is it possible? Those were the questions Dexter fans asked themselves in the first few minutes of episode 7. The show kicked off with Dexter and his brother Brian on Dexter’s boat, discussing the darkness and dumping a body.
Deb called and told him to meet in person, where she said that Trinity’s wife and daughter were killed at their protected home in Nebraska, and Trinity must have done it! Dexter was intrigued and knew that Jonah had to be the culprit here. He told Deb he’d need some time off to process things. She told him to take a day, but in true Dexter fashion, he took a road trip to Nebraska.Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime
He planted himself in front of Jonah, confirmed that Jonah did it, and the two got into it a bit. Dexter planned to kill him, and with Brian trying to keep Dexter ‘dark’ throughout the duration of the episode, it seemed likely this would happen. Dexter realized that Jonah wished for this to happen, willed Dexter to kill him because he couldn’t cope with the guilt and sorrow. Dexter saw Jonah had a soul, feelings, and would not be just like Trinity!  

During his time in Nebraska, Dexter stays at a shady Motor Inn. The manager on duty helps fix a flat tire for Dexter but steals his knife in the process. Dexter and Brian end up killing him before they leave and give viewers a few suspenseful moments for the episode.

Meanwhile, back at the Doomsday storyline, Travis disobeyed Gellar and started spending time with his sister (Molly Parker). As he was doing dishes, he saw Gellar outside the window and Gellar told him to get back to work. Travis refused saying he was done with Gellar and Gellar’s beliefs. Gellar said God decides, not Travis, and assured Travis he’d be back. When Travis later showed himself at Gellar’s place, Gellar thought Travis was back, but he simply came to drop of Gellar’s belongings.

At Miami Metro HQ, Deb and Angel interview a woman named Holly (Lacey Beeman), who Gellar tried to use as ‘The Whore of Babylon.” They realize Holly was forced to drink blood while she was blindfolded and more importantly, they learn that Gellar isn’t working alone, and figure out he probably has a former student assisting him.   

Deb tries to reach Dexter and can’t get a hold of him. Jamie’s watching Harrison and Deb prods Jamie to see where Dexter went. Jamie says the Keys but Deb’s not buying that story since Dexter’s boat is in the marina! When Deb shows up at the apartment, she calls Dexter from his home number and Dexter is quick to pick up!  He gets her off the phone quickly without getting into much detail. Masuka’s intern is at the apartment too because he’s dating Angel’s sister Jamie, and Angel doesn’t like that idea at all!  

At the end of the show, Dexter is seeing the light, and Harry shows up to help guide him. Only a few more episodes left this season. They should be action-packed.

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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime