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Episode 8 put things back into slow motion for Dexter fans and left them wondering when and where the suspense will be. Will it ever come back to the show that swept them away for a few seasons? And what the writers will do for the few episodes that remain?Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime

‘Sin of Omission’ was an ok episode. Some things were blown off in ways that one normally wouldn’t let them go, and other things were so bizarre it was hard to watch and keep a willing suspension of disbelief. Dexter and Deb had a few scenes with their issues about Dexter not telling Deb he would be off for a week instead of a day, and Deb trying to ‘talk’ to Dexter because she never lets him open up to her. She saw a pen from Nebraska and realized he went and saw Jonah. Deb is also upset that Dexter didn’t tell her he went there, and that he can talk to Jonah but not her, since Trinity killed Lundy, too.

Deb sees her therapist and realizes it might be her fault Dexter never opens up because the conversation is always about her. So Deb tries to get Dexter out to dinner and he brushes her off, saying he has things to do (he is really going to find Gellar at an old church). When he comes home to say goodnight to Harrison before running back out, Deb is there and gets pissed he won’t open up to her for even a minute!

Dexter goes to Sam’s memorial service and is handed Sam’s bible. He wonders if he can or will ever see the light. He pays a visit to Travis at work and asks why Holly was freed. Travis tells Dexter he’s been thinking about what Dexter said and how he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Later Dexter is called to a crime scene and it turns out it’s Travis’ sister as the ‘whore of Babylon.’ As the investigation is unfolding, Dexter wonders whether Travis played a part. Deb however, tells him that there were no numbers in the victim’s body.


Meanwhile, Travis is now chained in Gellar’s hideout church. Gellar tells Travis he had to do it because she talked to the cops, which is true (Deb stopped by and interviewed her earlier in the show). Deb took to the streets to help the detectives find Gellar’s assistant. During this time, LaGuerta was constantly on her back asking why they weren’t any closer and why Deb wasn’t behind a desk. Then another homicide victim was found (unrelated to the Doomsday spree), but LaGuerta brushed it off as an overdose and then urged Deb to close the case. When Deb finally closed it, LaGuerta made a cryptic call to say it was all taken care of…

At Miami Metro HQ, Angel is upset that his sister, Jamie, is still dating Masuka’s intern Louis. She asked Angle to have dinner with them. Then at dinner, Jamie excused herself for the ladies room and Angel told Louis that Jamie’s too young to get close to anyone. Later, Louis was ignoring Jamie’s texts.

The show wraps up with Dexter popping in at a church where he believes Gellar is hanging out. He pulls in, enters the building and finds Travis in chains. Travis says he’ll help Dexter and the audience sees Gellar hiding in the background.

Whatever happens next, the season is coming near an end, and it’s almost time for Dexter to get that kill.

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime