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Over Thanksgiving, I got to hang out with my grandparents who just recently hit 60 years of marriage.  It’s a milestone I know I’ll never reach because I would have had to have gotten married last Thursday to do so. This all started me thinking about the concept of being old fashioned, and what did my grandparents generation NOT do which mine so obviously does, and I concluded with the games we play. Phenique photo: drugstore.com 

Just think about it, a text message at 2:41 in the am is enough of a “bat signal” to have all the girlfriends gather for lunch the next day and dissect the covert meaning. We spend hours and justified calories discussing the perfect “next move.”  

Ladies, you KNOW what I’m talking about here. A move that will convey your obvious interest but still come off aloof enough to spare any (inevitable) embarrassment. All of this energy wasted on boys, who in a nutshell, took the cowards avenue towards a woman. There are so many men (emphasis on the word “MEN”) out there who aren’t interested in wasting your time, or theirs for that matter, with vague tactics if their intentions are beyond a bang.

Save this energy and put it to better use. Take that energy and learn how to Dougie, anything other than playing into a game where everyone walks away confused, going in circles, and eventually left with holding onto nothing more than words. It’s like me playing a game of Monopoly. I believe I have never once finished an entire game of Monopoly in my life. This does not make me a quitter, it just translates to my personal inability to continue in circles when all I have to show for it after a few rounds are bank transactions and hotel stays. The concept for me very quickly gets old, and that’s where I see myself now.  Monopoly Man: amnesta.net

Sure, I can look back on some interesting “games” I’ve played myself or seen played. One of my personal favorites include my friend staging a “Leave Behind” (Author’s note: think back to Seinfeld circa 1994) where she left her tube of Campho-Phenique, just so she could have a second visit at her crushes house. If you don’t know what Campho-Phenique, is Google it and then you will understand why this was, as my friend called it, “the worst leave behind ever. Ever.”   

When did games get so not-fun?  I don’t recall a moment in my life where I burst into tears at the thought of a challenging game of Hungry-Hungry Hippo’s (unless someone already called the Pink Hippo).  

Here’s what I say; change the game. Make the game fun again. Think back to the times of high school candy grams. A moment where you caught a glance of one another, but you didn’t really mean to look at each other, and you do that shy look away thing like the floppy eared dog in Lady and the Tramp. Those are the moments!  The games where no one lost, where there was fun in the flirting and not ambition.

You’re not playing with little plastic hotels and houses, metal cars, or money sporting a monegal anymore.  When your heart and reputation is on the line, the stakes are higher and the risk is greater. So take the extra time to notice where your energy is going and really ask if it’s wasted on a game, or if you think it may be re-evaluate and take back your worth.  You cost a hell of a lot more then you know, regardless of how many times they pass go.  

Believe me.  

Ladies, ever wonder where the phrase "tapped that" originated?  Fella's, ever wonder if girls had slumber parties with nighties and pillow fights?  Yeah, well me too.  The Vagina MonoBlogs takes a proactive but honest point of view on some of these timeless questions and offers some perspectives to apply...or avoid for that matter!

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