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Did you see it coming?

That’s the question fans were talking about after episode 9. The show started out with Dexter and Travis in the old abandoned church. Dexter was trying to find out what Gellar’s next move would be as he pressed Travis for details. Travis however, claimed to know little about Gellar’s agenda. Dexter saw that a painting had ‘2LOT’ written on it. Since Travis was not useful in deciphering the meaning, Dexter started looking it up and figured out a professor at a school in Miami is a crusader for the 2LOT, a connection to atheism. Dexter set Travis up at a hotel to keep him safe and told him to stay put for now.Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime
At Miami Metro, Deb’s met with her psychiatrist, who suggests they meet more than once a week after Deb talks about her history with her father and her relationship with Brian. In the briefing room, Quinn is a no-show and Masuka discloses that Quinn was probably hurting after a late night at the strip club, where he was proposing to strippers.
Being the good partner he is, Angel heads to Quinns, and when he is ready to do some detective work, Quinn realizes his gun is missing!  The duo head to the ‘hot strippers’ house to see if Quinn left his gun in her car where the deed took place. When they knock on the door a young girl answers and says, ‘oh you must mean my mom.’ Quinn and Angel are shocked at the less than modelesque woman who he was with last night, and Quinn begs Angel to stay silent.

Meanwhile, Gellar’s blog has been updated for the first time in ages, and Masuka’s intern Louis tells Deb he can look at the IP address to see where Gellar might be hiding out. It works, and the team ends up in a park not too far from the abandoned church. This will surely evolve in the few remaining episodes!

When Deb gets back to her office, the father of the woman who was killed last week (the ‘overdose’ case LaGuerta urged Deb to close) is at Deb’s desk pleading for her to reopen the investigation. Deb tells LaGuerta she’s going to open it. The audience later sees LaGuerta telling the chief it’s out of her hands, and that he picked Deb for the job.

Dexter heads to the Miami school and finds Professor Casey. He tells Casey he thinks he’s in danger, but Casey dismisses the warning! Dexter heads to the abandoned church and sets a kill-room up for Gellar. He picks up Travis and they stakeout the office building where Casey works so they can intercept Gellar before he gets to Casey. Travis tells Dexter he sees Gellar and when they enter the building, Dexter tells Travis to stay put while he hops on an elevator. He gets stuck and figures Gellar is on to him! Casey ends up dead and his hand is missing. He’s found in his classroom and buckets of his blood pour onto the detectives when they move the body!

Later, Dexter asks Travis why he got involved. Travis tells Dexter that Gellar convinced him they were chosen by God. Dexter tells Travis they may have missed Gellar at the University, but they can respond to his blog to get him to come out from hiding. Travis wakes up to find Casey’s hand in his hotel bathroom and writing on the wall that says ‘Bring the False Prophet to the Church.’

Travis gets Dexter to the church but doesn’t mention the message. The plan is for Travis to go in first and Dexter to sneak in later. When Dexter enters he finds Travis on the ground, and it looks like he’s been struck in the head.  Dexter starts looking for Gellar, goes down a trap door and finds a frozen Gellar, who has apparently been dead for some time!!! Travis is back on his feet a floor above, and a puzzled Dexter looks as though he can’t imagine Travis has killed all these people.

With three episodes left, it will be a roller coaster ride of where this can go!

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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime