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Philly's Phinest Profiles Jen Groover -The Ever Evolving EntrepreneurJen Groover is considered by many to be Philadelphia’s ultimate entrepreneur. Whether it’s her line of Butler Bags, motivational speaking, or ringing the bell of the New York Stock Exchange, Jen has done it all!

So when she came to Philly2Philly with the top daily deal sites for great gift ideas, needless to say we listened. And so should you!!!

Here they are:




1) Rue La La (Philly)  www.ruelala.comRue La La


1) Great gift ideas. "Today's Fix" has products such as Nespresso, KitchenAid, Chloe, and Balenciaga and many, many more at discounted prices.

2) Black Friday prices everyday.

3) Pay for shipping once, get FREE shipping for the next 30 days.

4) No hassle returns. Get your money back or store credit. You decide.

5) Extended returns for the holidays.

(Local only)

Print voucher and try something new often the same day.


2) Chinoki.com (www.Chinoki.com)
1) Everything is on the mobile phone, eliminating the over-inundated inbox. Short, quick messages to the point

2) Consumer is in total control-the consumer gets to pick the businesses they want to hear from, they're in complete control of who sends them messages

3) A consumer can opt in or opt out from any merchant at any time

4) They don't have to print anything-just show your phone

5) Opportunities to collect cherries to redeem for even greater discounts!



3) WinesTilSoldOut (WTSO.com) Wine Till Sold Out (WSTO.com)

1) 30-70% off of store and internet site prices.

2) Shipping is always free

3) When the featured wine is sold, a new one is immediately featured.

4) Free to sign up

5) High standard customer service--no hassle returns


And some bonus sites for you!

Woot! (One Deal, One Day) www.woot.com

1) Woot-Off-  When a product sells out quickly and is immediately replaced with another product.

2) 2 for Tuesday - On Tuesday,  the website sells items that come in pairs.

3) Bag of Crap – When a blind grab bag has been sold. The items in the bag are not revealed so the purchaser does not know what he or she is buying. Who knows? You could get a nice surprise in there!

4) Happy Hour – a one hour version of the Woot-Off.1 Sale a Day


1 Sale a Day (1saleaday.com)

Posts one product, usually discounted up to 90% off retail, at midnight. We're hearing good things so far!



For all things Jen Groover, go to www.jengroover.com

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