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Cop killers, bleeding heart liberals, anarchists, and leftists it's time to rejoice! Your cop killing hero Mumia Abu-Jamal will no longer face execution.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced that they would no longer push for Abu-Jamal's execution after his death sentence was overturned earlier this year. When the U.S. Supreme Court decided against intervening, it was the nail in the coffin. Mumia Abu-Jamal's death sentence had been put to death.

Thus, Williams consulted with Office Daniel Faulkner's wife Maureen and got her OK.

Maureen Faulkner is obviously pretty upset that this is the "closure" she was looking for since her husband was gunned down 30 years ago. Instead of receiving proper justice and being executed by the state, he will now die in prison - barring a release from prison or being broken out by a pack of anarchists.

Abu-Jamal who obviously was the one who killed her husband has had his ass saved by liberals and activist judges who pander to the bleeding hearts.

It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a cop killer can use the ignorance of liberal sheep here and abroad (like the French) to save his ass. Abu-Jamal has built a cottage industry around his so-called struggle against the American Justice System. Abu-Jamal has published memoirs, appeared on the radio, and brainwashed millions of people around the globe into believing the justice system is evil, not himself.

When you consider all the FACTS in the Abu-Jamal case it's completely assanine that he won't be executed. If he were so "innocent" like these liberal idiots believe then why the hell was a gun registered to him located on the sidewalk by Office Faulkner's dead body?

For those of you interested in watching a documentary grounded in truth, then check out the Mumia Abu-Jamal documentary made by Tigre Hill.

What is even more sickening is that this isn't good enough for many on the left and the bandana-wearing anarchist types. They think this monster should be freed.

Apparently logic and facts don't matter to these people. There's no sense in reasoning with people like that.

You would have been better off trying to convince a witch hunter in Salem Massachusetts that they were really drowning an actual human being.

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