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For Dexter fans, this season and last have lacked the edge-of-your seat thrill that the first four offered. It seems the writers are trying too hard to do too many things instead of focusing on one really good theme each time. 'Dexter' Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: 'Ricochet Rabbit'
Season 6 seems to focus on religion, throwing in the racy and raunchy with Quinn’s storyline, as well as Angel’s sister Jamie and her love for the intern Louis. And last but not least, bringing Trinity and Brian back to try and give everyone that thrill they are looking for with each show. The other thing they are doing, like it or not, is preparing for the end.
That’s right, there are three episodes left of season 6, and the series is slated to end after season 8. There are hints and tips leading to the many possible endings, one of which came during ‘Ricochet Rabbit’ when Deb discusses how Travis’ sister had no idea who or how awful her brother is and Dexter nonchalantly said, “Well maybe she didn’t know.”

The show was the same way many have been this season. The team found the church, and inside Deb had a panic attack. She went to her therapist to say she associates churches with funerals and that’s why it happened.

Angel and Quinn argued about Quinn’s actions as he has been acting like a child, while Anderson realizes that Travis has had mental issues his whole life and possibly killed his parents.

Dexter does his usual duties for the team and on the side is pursuing Holly, the ‘whore’ that Travis freed because he knows that is Travis’ next move. He figures out she’s on a boat and realizes by visiting the security office and seeing the surveillance tape that Travis took out to sea. In true Dexter fashion, he pretends to be the boat owner and calls on-star for the coordinates.

What Dexter doesn’t know is that Travis has helpers on the boat- Doomsday Killer (DDK) followers who want to help named Dorsey and Beth. Travis convinces the couple they must prove themselves if they want to reap the rewards of God. On the boat, Dorsey is set to do the kill and Beth has to leave.

At Dexter’s apartment, Louis is with Jamie awaiting Dexter’s return home so he can get Dexter’s input on his new video game. Louis shows Dexter that the game lets people choose which serial killer they want to be, and Dexter tells him it’s not good to promote that because it’s sick and wrong!

Meanwhile, Quinn is MIA, so Angel heads to the home of Dorsey and Beth since Louis saw they posted some strange videos on the DDK blog. When he gets there, Beth plays dumb and says they were joking with DDK. As Angel gets ready to leave, he turns to ask  why there are books about the Resurrection on their shelf if it’s such a joke. Then out of nowhere, Travis knocks Angel out, picks up his police shield and decides Wormwood should happen at Miami Metro HQ!

Back at HQ, Deb looks at the case LaGuerta has been asking her to close. She sees that the victim was delivered flowers the day she died. When Deb calls the shop that sent them, she finds out Chief Matthews sent them. Matthews asks her to have dinner, but we haven’t seen what happens yet!

Finally, Dexter gets to the yacht, which is docked in a different location. He sees someone on the boat in a hazmat suit and stabs the person in the chest, as he thinks it’s Travis. Turns out it’s Dorsey, who exclaims that Dexter is too late and Wormwood can’t be stopped. Dexter finds Holly’s body holding the anchor down in the water and the materials used to make the poison gas. He shows his grown up side by dialing in an anonymous tip with the boats location.

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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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