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The second-to-last episode of Dexter’s sixth season is chock full of special effects, but still lacking that edge-of-your seat, heart pounding suspense that kept fans coming back the first few seasons!  Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime

‘Talk to the Hand’ started with the Miami Metro team on the yacht, where Dexter’s ‘anonymous tip’ led authorities, who examine Holly hanging from the anchor and a body inside the vessel, which they figure out is ‘Doomsday’ Adams. While the team searches for clues, Deb tells Dexter about Matthews and the dead call girl. In response, Dexter tells her to be open-minded about this.

Later, Deb had dinner with Matthews and realizes that she’ll drop the case and help his record stay clean. As usual however, this backfires, and LaGuerata ‘slips,’ forcing Matthews into an early retirement. In the process, she becomes Deb’s boss, again!  As they continue investigating and discussing ‘wormwood,’ they realize Angel is missing and could be in danger.  

They realize Quinn and Angel are not together, and as Quinn is heading to the yacht, Deb calls and tells him to head to Dorsey’s house and look for Angel. Before Quinn gets to Dorsey’s place, Travis has already sent Holly to Miami Metro HQ with Angel’s badge and asked that she get herself up to homicide and find Lt. Morgan…assumingly, he’ll get Dexter’s sister for revenge (since Travis killed his own sister and is blaming Dexter). Then Travis decides to punish Angel!  Quinn enters the house to see Travis jump out of a window and Batista (Angel) handcuffed to a bed with a ring of fire surrounding him! Quinn saves Angel, but the Doomsday Killer (DDK) again gets away!  

Back at HQ (though the team is out on the yacht), Beth gets through security without incident and heads up to homicide. She asks to see Deb and says that she has info on wormwood. An officer tells her Deb is in the field, but Beth insists she will wait.  

As the team piles back into the building, Deb learns that Homeland Security is joining the case. The chemicals on the boat may mean this is a ‘terrorist’ acting out and they need to investigate further. While Dexter is researching Dorsey, he recognizes an online photo of Dorsey’s wife as a woman on the homicide floor! As he looks up to confirm this, he sees the woman heading down the hall with Deb and he starts running towards them. Just as Deb leads Beth into an investigation room, Dexter pulls Deb back and shuts the door. He saved the day! Beth had already started releasing the toxic fumes and he and Deb have the whole floor evacuated in minutes.

Outside, Dexter is examined by a paramedic who recommends he get to the ER since he’s been exposed to the toxins. He says he’ll be fine, yet during the rest of the show he experiences dizziness, nose bleeds and nausea. But being the smart serial killer he is, his first priority is getting Harrison out of dodge, so he sends Harrison to the Ritz Carlton with Jamie for a day and uses the ‘ailment’ as his excuse!

Travis sees the news coverage that Beth was the only fatality of his planned Wormwood event and he starts painting his next move on a wall. As he’s working out the details, he gets a video text from Dexter with Dexter’s boat ‘Slice of Life’ in the background. Dexter is hoping Travis comes looking for him at the marina since he has Harrison in safe place. He gets Gellar’s hand, constructs a ‘reverse ddk’ plan for Travis to see, and lets detectives learn that Travis may be acting alone now!  

Speaking of hands, Louis the intern takes the ice-truck killer hand, draws reflexology or life lines on the palms, and then sealed it in a box addressed to Dexter. Is this a twist for next season, or something that will come up in the season finale?!

As homeland security releases the case back to Deb, she yells at Batista and Quinn to get their sh*t together while they are on her watch. A stronger ‘managerial’ Deb (through her therapy sessions) which revealed in this episode that she may have a thing for her ‘brother’ Dexter, since he is the ‘man in her life’ and they are not ‘blood’ siblings! (EWWW!!) She has a more-than- disturbing dream about them kissing, leaving audience members a little grossed out!


Dexter is hiding on the boat docked next to his, where he cites that the owners use it once or twice a year, so he’s setting up his kill room for Travis. As he stakes out his own boat, his nose starts bleeding, leaving at least a drop on his neighbors vessel, and gets a dizzy spell as Travis spots him. They start to wrestle, and when Dexter gets ready to jam the needle in Travis, he loses the fight and Travis jabs him instead!!!   

Dexter blacks out, and the next scene is Travis driving away on Dexter’s boat. Meanwhile, Dexter winds up on a rescue mini-vessel in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by flames and tied down! Dexter frees himself in a miracle of miracles and swims under the fire to get free!  

With one last episode until September, the hour is sure to be jam-packed!

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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime