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Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen it, and don't want to know, don't bother reading this post!

For all the religion induced in this season of Dexter, holy shit is the only way to describe the way this season ended- literally in the last seconds with a bang. For audiences who were waiting for suspense, the episode again lacked that edge of your seat thrill. But the last few seconds came close to, if not equal to, the jaw dropping impact of Rita in the bathtub of blood at the end of season 4!Dexter photo: aceshowbiz.com

The show followed the usual (what's starting to be routine and systematic), with Dexter getting away with murder or whatever it might be and nobody asking him the tough questions!

He managed to make it home from the middle of the ocean because a boat of immigrants found him and helped him. He killed a man in front of them who was trying to rob them and then they all swim to shore. Dexter returns home without a wallet or phone. He gets some rest and then Jamie reminds him that the Noah's Ark pageant is later in the day!

Dexter gets to work, hears from Deb that there's another homicide to get to, and when he arrives, he realizes that Travis killed the victims. He turns and looks in the living room where he finds a mural with his own face as the central figure, 'The Beast.' He quickly pounds in that spot the wall so the detectives won't see the clue. As he's analyzing the blood splatter, Deb is acting weird with him. Obviously, the audience can see she isn't sure about her new found feelings for her brother, and she quickly excuses herself for Miami Metro.

At HQ, she asks Dexter to sweep the church where Gellar was found one more time. He tells her he'll get there soon but he has to get to Harrison's pageant first. Meanwhile, the detectives are analyzing the clues for the eclipse and end of the world. They realize Miami is mountain-less, but Travis will likely be on top of a skyscraper for the eclipse. After they figure out he has to make a sacrifice before the eclipse is over, Deb meets with LaGuerta and asks to deploy patrols on all buildings. LaGuerta agrees and they have a heart to heart, where the writers make it clear that the Jekyll and Hyde emotions of LaGuerta are on-again, and that there is a much reason to love her as to hate her!

Dexter gets to the Ark, and when Travis realizes the detective have already overtaken the home where he was hiding, he looks in Dexter's wallet and figures he'll go to that location. He almost runs into Jamie and Harrison, but they get out for the pageant in time. When Travis realizes that Dexter has a son and sees a flyer for the pageant, he heads to Harrison' s nursery school himself.

Once the animals are off the Ark (including Dexter and Harrison who were draped in lion garb), Dexter turns and realizes Harrison is missing. He knows what that means and searches for Travis. Eventually they are on the top of an eco-friendly skyscraper in Miami, where Travis is about to sacrifice Harrison. Dexter begs him to let Harrison go. Travis insists he'll do so if Dexter injects himself with his needles. Dexter injects himself, pretends to be passed out, and then gets back to business keeping Travis out cold in his trunk!

In the end, Dexter wraps Travis in the traditional kill plastics and gets ready to kill him inside the church. He disputes Travis' theories about God's plans and tells Travis he is a 'father, son and serial killer.' Dexter draws the knife and tells Travis maybe this (meaning Dexter killing Travis) is God's plan and the way Travis' world ends. Suddenly, Deb walks in. Not only does she overhear the conversation, but she also sees Dexter KILL Travis!

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