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One of the top headlines today in the political world is Rick Santorum's sudden surge in Iowa. With the Iowa Caucus next week, it seemed like a 2-horse race between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Now, according to many news outlets, former PA Governor and right wing zealot Rick Santorum is placing third in Iowa, according to a CNN/Time poll.

Whooptee-friggin-doo! He's third place in polls for the Iowa caucus. Just think about how ridiculous this sounds. This is like bragging about how your kid finished in a practice race in gym class. In the end it means jack squat.

Santorum has zero chance of being elected president in this country, let alone winning the GOP nomination. His family values crap only goes so far. When it comes to taking on real issues, which matter - like the economy or foreign policy he is clueless.

If you want someone to run your church then he's your guy, but he's about the last person you would ever want running your country. We had to suffer with Rick Santorum as a Senator in Pennsylvania for six years when he did absolutely nothing except preach his family values BS. That means a hill of beans when it comes to taking on global problems.

Before long, Santorum will fade and we can focus on the election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. There is only one real qualified Republican candidate in the entire field; Mitt Romney.

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