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About a year ago, I was on a flight to Greece for work.  I was lucky enough to be sitting in first class, so I had a nice spacious area to stretch out and relaxGreece photo: holidays-uncovered.co.uk in. That was until during take-off, as we gunned down the runway and raised the nose of the aircraft into the air the pilots thought it best to put the brakes full on due to some kind of mechanical malfunction.  

The planes’ nose bounced back onto the runway and the force of the sudden halt attempt sent the plane into a spin on the ground, eventually ending in a swampy field area off of the runway.  The force of the breaking sent loose shoes, keys, change, purses gravitating toward the front of the plane and into the back of my seat mainly until we came to a stop.

Needless to say, the whole experience put us all on edge and some folks were adamant about getting off the plane.  I especially enjoyed the one woman who told the flight attendant she would rather “masturbate with an Emmy statue” than get on this plane again. I don’t know how in the face of fear you can extract such a classic analogy, but good for her!  Emmy Statue: skinnyman.com

Anyway, we all were fine, all lost items were returned to the passengers (with the exception of one shoe, how odd, just ONE shoe wasn’t claimed) and roughly 13 hours later, we took off for our intended location.  As you hear from all the folks who had a frightening experience like that, you quickly gather perspective after the fact of what is and isn’t important, and you take inventory on all the people in your life who you care about.  As scary as that plane moment was, I wish I had something jarring like that almost once a year to keep my eyes widely open. But then again, I hope that I am not really THAT lost in my “life distractions” whereas I’m missing the bigger picture.  

Personally, when I thought I was seriously in danger of not coming off of that plane (because I didn’t know where we were spinning. We could have been heading for gator infested swamplands. Who knows?)  My biggest fear was that I would have missed the opportunities to actually fulfill one of my dreams. I didn’t even specifically know what “dream” I meant, I just knew I wanted to focus on passions and talents more than just the art of “existing.”   Keanu Reeves photo: dailystab.com

I don’t wish on you the ridiculously scary experience of thinking your plane is going down to light a spark under your a**  to use the New Year as an opportunity to check in with yourself and contemplate some of those accomplishments you ALWAYS wished you’d done at least once.  

For the record, “having a threesome” does not count in this challenge.  There is something in us all that at one time or another, you recognized your talent, and if you keep your eyes open a little wider, this could quite possibly be the year where it stops being a dream you once had and manifests into a tangible fact.  It’s not just for the “lucky” people, it’s for those with a little bit of tenacity and heart. It’s a perfect mix.   

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; it’s worth it to just “take the shot.”  I don’t know for sure if this is a true fact, but I like to think in my head that there was this guy out there almost certainly slated to be plumber or waiter in life, but somewhere along the line they took the long shot on their dreams. And thank God he did, or we’d be in a world without Keanu Reeves.

I mean, if he can do it…what’s stopping you from your own?

Happy New Year!

Ladies, ever wonder where the phrase "tapped that" originated?  Fella's, ever wonder if girls had slumber parties with nighties and pillow fights?  Yeah, well me too.  The Vagina MonoBlogs takes a proactive but honest point of view on some of these timeless questions and offers some perspectives to apply...or avoid for that matter!

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