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What would you do if the person you consider your soul mate suddenly forgot who you were? What if they never remembered you again? Can love really conquer all or are there so instances where it just isn’t enough?The Vow poster: collider.com
The Vow staring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, has been a wildly anticipated by every hopeless romantic in the world. This weekend after reading the book last weekend, I saw the movie, and was extremely let down. I was recently quoted saying that the book version of The Vow put Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, and The Notebook to shame.

Sadly, I wish I could say the same for the movie version of The Vow, which was nothing like the book.
The Vow is written by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, the real life couple that found themselves in one of the most horrific situations any couple could ever find them selves in. A horrendous accident left Krickitt in critical condition to the point where the doctors were so skeptical about her survival the medevac originally refused to fly her to a properly equipped hospital. Even after being transferred to neurological trauma center, Krickitt was hanging on by a thread and was given mere hours to survive. I didn’t believe in miracles until I read this book. However, after reading how she not only survived but made a full recovery (except for losing some of her memory), I found myself in complete awe.The Vow book photo: amazon.com
Unfortunately, the movie left me disappointed. Mainly because I thought the real life couple wasn’t given enough justice in regards how traumatic their ordeal really was. The only part of the movie that was true to the book was Krickitt (who is called Paige in the movie) losing her memory. In saying that, the accident and her injuries were down played so much that it was almost hard for me to believe she lost her memory. I think what upset me the most was how her family was depicted (along with the creation of a previous fiancé.)
Another aspect not translated to film was how religious Krickitt and Kim (as well as Krickitt’s family) are. So much in fact that Kim was her first, which any hopeless romantic will find heart wrenchingly beautiful.

Overall if you want to see the greatest love story ever told, don’t waste your time with the movie, read the book. You will find your self-crying with Kim and Krickitt, praying with them, and smiling as the two overcome unbelievable odds.

Mandelyn Kilroy is currently attending Full Sail University and majoring in Creative Writing For Entertainment. Mandelyn currently lives out side of Philadelphia near King of Prussia with her cocker spaniel Chloe. When she is not working or studying, she spends her time reading, writing, and taking in everything Philly has to offer.

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The Vow book photo: amazon.com