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A StreetCar Named Desire has been performed thousands of times, adapted into a major motion picture staring Marlon Brando, and for the next two weeks it’s being performed at the Haddonfield Plays and Players theater.  I was lucky enough to see this legendary play Thursday night and was moved by the amazing performance of the actors and actresses.Ian Kimble, of Vineland, plays Stanley in Haddonfield Plays & Players' "A Street Car Named Desire." The play opens tonight at Haddonfield Plays & Players' theater in Haddonfield at 8 and runs through Saturday, March 10. Photo: David Gold
A StreetCar Named Desire covers a wide variety of taboo issues such as abuse, rape, and mental illness. Director Craig Hutchings and the cast (who were nice enough to speak to after the play) made it very clear they took extreme precautions as to how they approached these sensitive topics.

Hutchings sought the advice of the RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) before production began. In addition, he has asked them to be present at each show and is holding an auction in support of this amazing organization.
While the play touches on many major issues that will always be prominent in society, the cast and crew delivered them with grace and class. Kristin Forman plays Blanche DuBois, a slightly delusional women running away from her past. Forman gave one of the best performances of Blanche I have ever seen, bringing the character’s issues to life, and tears to your eyes as her world fell apart and past lies of her life were discovered. Forman delivered the delusional and constantly drunk Blanche in a one of a kind refreshing way. As Blanche slowly fell apart throughout the course of the play, Forman’s performance continued to surprise and delight the audience.

Blanche’s sister Stella Kowalski was played by Kaitlyn Delengowski, who delivered a powerful performance. Kowalski’s character represents the prototypical victim of abuse that continues in society today. Delengowski was able to deliver her role in a convincing and relatable way while still keeping the deeper, relevant issues at hand.

Ian Kimble played Stanley Kowalski, Stella’s abusive husband who ultimately causes Blanche’s delusional world to crash down around her. Hutchings and the cast noted that Kimble had a difficult time grasping the abusive side of his character, something he finds extremely disturbing. With that being said, he rivaled Marlon Brando’s now famous “Stella!” scream, and gave an excellent performance of the abusive and manipulative Stanley.  

The rest of the cast not only played their parts, but they played them extremely well. Each helped bring the story to life and greatly enhanced their respective performances. It is very rare that you find a cast this talented with the abilities to pull off such a hard-hitting play outside of Broadway.

If you’re looking to mix up date night this week, or just looking to spend a few hours lost in a classic, you wont want to miss this performance of A StreetCar Named Desire. The playhouse is just ten minutes outside of Center City. The show will be run from Friday, February 24th to Saturday, March 10th at 8:00pm.

For more information on this must see play and all of their upcoming shows, visit www.haddonfieldplayers.com.

Mandelyn Kilroy is currently attending Full Sail University and majoring in Creative Writing For Entertainment. Mandelyn currently lives out side of Philadelphia near King of Prussia with her cocker spaniel Chloe. When she is not working or studying, she spends her time reading, writing, and taking in everything Philly has to offer.

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