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In recent weeks, the Trayvon Martin shooting case has been growing legs and captivtated much of the attention of Americans and the news media alike.

It all started last month when Florida resident George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch leader, shot Trayvon Martin after following him in a wealthy neighborhood. Zimmerman claims he followed Martin because he looked suspicious and was even told by police to stop following him.

Zimmerman claims that Martin was a threat and decided to shoot him in self defense. There are witnesses who claim that Zimmerman had his hands pressed on Martin's back as he laid there dead and never tried to help him.  Zimmerman's team disputes this and claims he was attacked by Martin, which justified the shooting.

Either way you slice it or dice it, Zimmerman clearly was in the wrong for shooting him. The Sanford, Florida Police Department has handled the Trayvon Martin case poorly and let this situation fester by not arresting Zimmerman, claiming he's protected by Florida's "stand your ground law."  Since then, the Police Chief in Sanford, Florida has resigned.

Now, onto what's really wrong with this situation. People in the media are turning this issue into a race issue. Also, millions of Americans are turning this into a white-on-black issue and taking to the streets. It's especially disturbing when the truth is that Zimmerman is partially hispanic and not "white." Some in the media are going so far as to say Zimmerman is a racist, which explains why he got trigger-happy that night.

These same Americans should instead focus on the violence, which is prevalent within innner cities. Turn on ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox on any given night and you'll hear about shootings, rapes, muggings, car jackings, etc. It goes on all over the country within cities and tens of thousands of neighborhoods across the nation. If Americans would go out and protest these sorts of things and focus their energy on the horrors within our neighborhoods, we'd see gang violence and urban violence drop 90%.

Again, Trayvon Martin's story is one of tragedy, but it's abominable that this has become a white-on-black thing. It's a tragedy, which should have been prevented.  Period.

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