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The bizarre news story of the year emerged this weekend when a naked man was caught by Miami cops chewing on the face of another person. When the cops arrived on the scene, they ordered him to stop and shot him when he kept on chewing on pieces of the man's flesh.

The man jumped up and growled after being shot once. When the cops realized this was not just your ordinary perp, they unloaded several shots and exterminated him like a rabid beast.

Police surmise the attacker went into a cocaine-induced pyschosis. Even bath salts may be to blame. The attacker is identified as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene.

This story became associated with a so-called "zombie apocalypse" and became a trending topic over the past few days. There are some people who even fear a zombie apocalypse could become reality in the future, with humans being infected by a rabies-like disease.

The story out of Miami is certainly not the case of a zombie, but rather just a homeless man hopped up on PCP or cocaine...or perhaps both.

The victim is in critical condition and missing his eyes and his nose. That's the sad reality of this otherwise bizarre story.

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