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One day after being convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse, former Penn State defensive football coach Jerry Sandusky is reportedly under suicide watch, according to one of his lawyers.

Whether it’s for his mental or physical well-being, Sandusky is being kept away from other inmates as a precaution, but how long can that last? Convicts in prison don’t take too well to convicted pedophiles. They evidently hate them worse than murderers, and there haSandusky guiltys been no reports of Sandusky being secluded from the general population once he is sentenced in 90 days.

Originally, I thought there was a chance that the jury (see: Casey Anthony) would find some technicality that would get Sandusky off scot-free. However, the jury found the accusers quite convincing. And even though they may not have completely sold on all of them, they were sold on the majority of them, and that’s all that matters.

As far as Sandusky’s mental frame of mind is concerned, can you blame him for wanting to end it all if this report is true? In all actuality, Sandusky just might be better off dead. At this time, he is the most hated man in America, he most likely faces life in prison (despite an appeal from his attorneys), and there are potentially more criminal charges to be filed against him before all is said and done. There are other accusers, such as Sandusky’s adopted son Matthew, who also claims abuse at the hands of Sandusky.  In other words, this case is far from closed no matter what sentence the judge hands down.

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