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Barnabas:Barnabas needs our help before he can be adopted.

Barnabas and his siblings were 14-day old orphaned kittens when they arrived on NAR’s doorstep for help.  Now three months old, Barnabas and his siblings have defied the odds and have grown up healthy and strong.  

However, upon exam prior to his neuter surgery, Barnabas was found to have an injury to his genitalia, with a stenotic urethra (an extremely narrow penile opening).  After a consult with a veterinary surgeon, NAR learned that Barnabas will need a corrective surgery called a perineal urethrostomy. This procedure removes the penis and widens the opening of the urethra, and is performed by a veterinary specialist.

NAR is asking for your help to off-set the costs of this life-saving procedure, so that we may help Barnabas over another hurdle in his fight to live the life he deserves.  Please visit http://narcats.chipin.com/barnabas to read Barnabas’ full story and to make a donation in any amount towards his surgery.

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