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The Duke AvatarIt's been over a year since "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn tragically died in a fiery car crash on Route 322 in West Goshen Township. He along with his friend Zachary Hartwell were killed instantly when Dunn lost control of his Porsche, flying over a guardrail, and crashing into a tree.

The car bursted into flames and was turned into a mangled mess of charred metal and plastic. It was estimated that Dunn had been driving over 130 miles per hour at the time and he was heavily intoxicated.

Now, the parents of Hartwell are suing Ryan Dunn's estate and the bar (Barnaby's in West Chester), which served Dunn that evening.

Ryan Dunn before car accident

There are a few problems with this. It's clearly a money grab for them to sue Dunn's estate. Keep in mind that Hartwell made the decision to get in a car with Ryan Dunn that evening who he knew was drunk. He also had to have known that Ryan Dunn was a fast driver. Everyone in his circle of friends including his family repeatedly warned him about his lead foot.

The parents are well within their rights to sue the bar which served Dunn. They knew he was heavily intoxicated well into the evening, despite their claims to the contrary. And, since he was a frequent customer they had to know they were serving alcohol to a man who had a propensity for driving fast. 

Nonetheless, it's wrong for Hartwell's parents to go after Dunn's estate.

In the end, Hartwell's parents are looking to profit from a tragedy and it won't do a damn thing to bring him back. What's done is done.

But, this is the sue-happy society we live in. Some people will look to make a buck any way they can, even at the expense of a loved one who died.

The Hartwell's claim Dunn along with Barnaby's were negligient. It's unspecified how much they are seeking in their lawsuit.

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