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In Dexter’s fourth episode of season 7 titled “Run,” Deb is consumed with Dexter's dark passenger. She keeps thinking about Rita and starts demanding answers. Then, as if they shouldn't have the rift about it two episodes ago, the writers have Deb insist Harrison head to Orlando to be with his grandparents. Dexter agrees only to a short term visit after he's seen by Speltzer in Speltzer’s RV (the one suspenseful moment of the episode.)
At Miami Metro, the team is called to an alleged suicide scene because the victim is the bartender at the strip club they've been investigating since Detective Anderson's homicide. Quinn feels relieved to 'close' the case, continues dating the stripper he met at the club and keep his own dark passenger at bay- (Did you catch the line I'm the club where Quinn was offered a shot and some blow to chill out!?). Quinn didn't like it, and it looks like there might be some foreshadowing into what happens with him this season.
The episode ended with Dexter getting his kill (Speltzer), but instead of the usual scene and butcher block, he killed him right in the crematorium at the cemetery. In a strange twist, he called Deb to pick him up. As they sat in her car, he pointed to the smoke and told her it was Speltzer. Odd and awkward as ever, she asked Dexter if he did it for her. And of course, he said no!


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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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