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Episode 6 of Dexter ended with a bang, and episode 7 started with Dexter and Hannah still on the table, where the week before left off!
In the episode, Dexter realizes there might be more to him and Hannah then he thought…he may not trust her, but he likes that they each accept each other as their true selves. … is it? Could it be? Might Dexter fall in love again? Well he might, but as he drops her off at her home, Sal Price is watching the house and calls Dexter out for the ‘bad blood work’ from the last report.
Dexter may be thinking love, and now needs to stop Sal Price from telling everyone he is with Hannah, and Hannah does, too...since Price is working with Deb to prove Hannah is a killer, but Deb is starting to date Price and investigating Price’s theory that Hannah is a cold-hearted killer too!  Deb confronts Dexter about the ‘bad blood work’ and suggests he did it to save Hannah as his own kill. Dexter denies this (despite it’s truth) and then Deb and LaGuerta discuss the butcher case again…Deb suggests it may be time to drop the case since they are running short on leads and LaGuerta agrees to it- though she’s later at home looking at a list and realizes Dexter has a boat….

Hmmm where will this go? Is it suspenseful enough for you or lacking in the edge-or-your-seat you’re hoping for?

Before the episode ends, Price ends up dying on Dexter’s floor and Miami Metro is in the apartment to investigate. Of course, Hanna poisoned Price, but that doesn’t show in any of the police reports. The last minute or two of the show are where things end again on a high note – Deb calls Dexter to make sure he ‘takes care’ of Hannah…

Will she soon direct her brother to kill more people?



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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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