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If you watch Dexter regularly, you know things aren’t always what they seem, and the ‘predictable’ storylines twist and turn in different directions than most of the audience expects. Last week’s episode was no exception.

Where to start?

Matthews promised LaGuerta he’d reach out to Dexter, since LaGuerta thinks Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Keeping good on his promise, Dexter visits Matthews on his boat. When he gets there, he’s thinking of poor Matthews alone on a boat and reminding himself how happy he is to see a bright future with Hannah. Matthews chats with Dexter and then cuts to the chase. Dexter, never off his game long enough to be intimidated, plants the seed that Doakes had a boat at the same marina as Dexter, and to protect himself and his then family (Rita, etc.) from harm’s way, he moved his boat and never mentioned it to the police. Later, Dexter finds an old storage/boat marina area, plants some evidence with Doakes’ fingerprints, and lets LaGuerta and Matthews ‘stumble upon it.’ After the search, Matthews makes LaGuerta promise to drop the goose hunt.

Think she did? …keep reading.

Dexter is ready for the holidays with Deb, Harrison and Hannah- though he knows he’ll never get them all in one place. He plans to do Christmas Eve with Hannah and Christmas Day with Deb and Harrison. And then, he gets the best gift of all…word that his mother’s killer, Hector Estrada, is going to get out on parole early. He attends the parole hearing and then starts his moves to get revenge.

In a separate shady move, Deb heads to another part of the sunshine state to find Hannah’s old roommate from juvenile detention- the one who Hannah’s dad says can help Deb lock Hannah up forever. Deb threatens the woman that she may not see her kids’ again if she doesn’t implicate Hannah and then leaves saying to think about it and she’ll be back. In the next scene, Hannah and her old bud are chatting and Hannah promises to ‘take care’ of things. Hannah later pops in on Deb at home and asks for them to ‘get along’ to make Dexter happy. Deb knows she’s really asking for Deb to back-off the case and Deb listens and then basically says she won’t rest until Hannah’s behind bars! Somehow…Deb ends up in the hospital after an alleged Xanax overdose causes her to flip her car. The police and hospital tell Dexter he’s lucky Deb didn’t die. Dexter asks Angel why Deb is so far from home, and Angel lets Dexter know that Deb’s been doing some more checking up on Hannah.

When Dex and Deb chat, they realize Hannah may have poisoned Deb! Dex thinks about it and after another meeting with Hannah (where she basically tells him she could be happy with him forever but he needs to choose what he wants) he does…He shows up the next day at her house and when he meets her in the greenhouse, it’s clear she thinks they’ll be together forever. Instead, he’s followed by Miami Metro who suddenly have evidence she killed Sal Price. As Angel’s putting the cuffs on, she looks at Dexter and tells him he should have killed her!

In a side story that’s been going on all season, Quinn keeps trying to find his girl, and when he shows up at the strip club b/c he hasn’t heard from her, another stripper there tells him she left for Vegas, wanted to thank him for freeing her, and there is a note for him….is that it or will Quinn still have it handed to him for his misbehavings this season?

To ‘get over’ Hannah, revenge his mother’s killer, and because he’s needed a good kill for a while, Dex finally connects with Hector Estrada. He leads him to the same shipyard container where he watched his mother get murdered as a young boy. He’s SO ready for this, and THEN… Estrada mentions how that woman wanted him out on early parole so badly, but he didn’t know it was so they could kill him. Dex aborts the mission realizing LaGuerta is setting him up… and the show pans to a scene where LaGuerta is talking to an officer who’s been tailing Estrada. When they open the storage space the plastic wrap is everywhere, a chainsaw is moving on a table but Dexter and Estrada are nowhere to be found.

What’s next? One episode left before the final season… any predictions?



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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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