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Wow! Who's ready for season 8 of Dexter? What started out (and turned out to be) an okay season ended with such gusto that it's hard to wait to September for more! The final episode left plenty of loose ends for the final season in the series and also turned into a bit of a nostalgic piece with lots of flashbacks of Doakes for Dexter.
LaGuerta continued to close in on Dexter, and even drug Deb into the mix when a mysterious surveillance DVD from the late Mike's wife arrived. It turned out he had asked for surveillance around the church where Travis was killed. The DVD showed Deb getting gas in a canister with a timestamp close to the time the fire started! Deb played it cool, but Dexter later went to LaGuerta's and saw she was requesting a warrant for their cell phone GPS info for the night of the fire.

Earlier in the episode, LaGuerta arrested Dexter for the murder of Estrada. At Miami Metro, the whole department was shocked and told LaGuerta she had gone too far. Dexter played the questioning, which Angel supervised. Then Masuka came in to end the questioning, telling LaGuerta the shirt with blood evidence she had was evidence from years ago that was missing from the evidence locker. Dexter set her up! A great twist, but she knew it and warned him to watch out. After it all, Angel asked LaGuerta to stop by his NYE/retirement party at his new club.

Meanwhile, Hannah got herself into a hospital - by having her old roomie from juvenile detention slip her something when visiting. When Hannah was being transported from jail to prison, she ended up in the hospital and escaped! What will she do next season?

At the party, Deb can't find Dexter, and Jamie and Quinn start something romantic!? LaGuerta is headed to show face when she gets a call from Estrada asking her to save him in the shipyard...Deb asks Miami dispatch for GPS on LaGuerta's car and heads that way, too. When Deb arrives, Estrada is dead, and Dexter asks Deb to leave. LaGuerta wakes up and starts yelling for Deb to kill Dexter, but Deb turns the gun towards LaGuerta and helps her brother out of this jam!!!! Deb the killer?

The season ends with Deb and Dex at Angel's bar watching the fireworks. So many questions. What a setup for the final season! Angel has to question this, right? Will Deb and Dex run away? Kill the whole department? How will Hannah be involved?

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