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Note: Not ALL of this is to be taken seriously, so have some laughs on us.

So Valentine’s Day is upon us again..........Photo: college.nowyoutellmebooks.com

Pardon me if my lack of excitement isn’t palpable.

Believe me, I’m not trying to rain on the parade of any sentimental love birds out there. Regardless of whether it’s your birthday or otherwise, Valentine’s Day can be a really tricky “holiday” that represents several scenarios for different people. Think about it.

Is it:

A stupid Hallmark Holiday?

There are many who believe that Valentine’s Day is nothing but a gimmick pioneered by Hallmark, restaurants, florists, candy companies.

Frankly, I am in this category. Why does there have to be a special day to show somebody you care about them? Do you care about them anymore on this day than you do the other 364?
And just for the record, there are friends of mine who are girls that are in complete agreement with this, so it’s not just a guy thing.

A special day for someone special?

Personally, I think there’s a difference between women who are grateful for (but don’t necessarily look for) nice gestures on Valentine’s Day, and women who expect and need nice gestures on Valentine’s Day.

As far as the former is concerned, everyone at some point and time likes to feel appreciated. It’s just human nature.  But chances are if you like this particular person, you always do nice things for them anyway. Those are the kinds of people you WANT to do nice things for. So in this case, don’t be sappy or cheesy about the day, but still do something thoughtful (because let’s get real: the whole thing is pretty cheesy anyway). I’m not saying downplay it, but anything out of the ordinary will seem forced and pretentious. If anything, be thoughtful. If you’ve been with somebody long enough, you’ll know when NOT to overdo things.

On the other hand, the latter (in my experience) is mostly for insecure girls who view their self-worth by the gifts they get on this “holiday.” If you’re with somebody of this ilk, I have two thoughts. First: Good luck. If they are judging you by the number of gifts on Valentine’s Day, just wait until you’re married. Second: Run like hell.........and FAST!

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An excuse to “make things better”?Photo: news.holidash.com

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day for those who don’t tell their significant other they love them enough and try to make up for it with a present. This is true. So much to the point where I can’t even go there comically.............

Either way, if you think a day like this will solve hidden and deeper problems in a relationship, then what you have is pretty superficial, or it’s only putting off the inevitable.

What if you’re casually dating somebody? How far do you go? (No, that’s not what I mean.)

This is really tricky, but it can be a great barometer for moving things forward, or ending things before they begin.  If you’re casually seeing someone, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some roses. You don’t want to scare them off because you bought half the flower shop, but you at least want to make an effort and it’s also a nice gesture. Whether it’s a card, candy hearts, or a box of chocolates, I think every deserving woman should receive something nice on this day.  Again, being thoughtful can earn points. If they don’t appreciate it, then ditch them. Trust me: you really don’t want to be with them anyway.

So what is Valentine’s Day to you?

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