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This little piggy went to the market; this little piggy stayed home; this little piggy had roast beef; and the rest of us little piggies got slop.Photo: www.courierpostonline.com

Down here on Philly Pharm, Pharmer Lurie set an offseason banquet out for all of us philly faithful with the selection of Chip Kelly as head coach of the Eagles. We all gathered day after day, rejoicing in the change of scenery; our spirits collectively anticipating delightful coaching goodies to generate hope for a brighter 2013 harvest. Pharmer Lurie and Hired-Hand Howie went about carefully crafting the banquets delights. We all watched as the crisp new cover was set over the organization's table. New smells started wafting in, heightening our anticipation. We knew the main course and we started to see the rest of the accompanying side dishes under glass coverings. But if Chip Kelly is the main dish, than the defensive coordinator is what's for dessert – we continued to salivate thinking of apple pie or ice cream sundays.

When along came Hired-Hand Howie keeping us distracted while around from behind Pharmer Lurie took his old bucket of bad choices, grabbed us by our collective necks and forced us to eat the slop that is Bill Davis. This bland dish is out-dated, soured, and full of failure. We are told this is a decent alternative to a quality dessert and are expected to swallow each and every one of the low ranked defenses that Davis engineered with a smiling spritz of “he just was a victim of bad personnel.” We are supposed to be rejoicing in the new regime but are instead subject, yet again, to bizarre choices and unappetizing selections.

Davis, a linebackers coach from the great and powerful Cleveland Browns, joins his former head coach, Pat Shurmur on Chip Kelly's coaching staff. Shurmur has an obviously less critical role than Davis, as Chip is expected to be the offensive play-caller during games. However, if Kelly's past coaching style is any indication, than Davis, on the other hand, will most likely have near-complete control over the defense. Sure, Kelly will have input but there is little doubt Davis will be the dominant defensive voice. What then does Davis bring to this staff? Out of all of the possible candidates for this job, why was Davis selected? He must have a very impressive resume to be chosen as a key cog in this up-and-coming, innovative, and even “visionary” roster of coaches.

Davis does have extensive NFL experience, a quality that the Eagles were searching for. During his 21 year NFL career, Davis has had stops on several different teams, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Carolina, New York and Atlanta; always on the defensive side of the ball and mostly as a linebackers coach. But there are two distinct coaching stints that should be examined most closely; namely, the two attempts Davis made at being the CEO of defensive operations, a two year opportunity with San Francisco and an equally long opportunity with the Arizona Cardinals.

Davis was named the San Francisco DC back in 2005. He helped coach the 49er's to an overall record of 4-12 that year and 7-9 in 2006. In those two years, while at the San Fran defensive helm, Davis' defenses were ranked 29th and 32nd in points per game. This poor showing led to Davis being Fired after the 2006 season. Once Davis departed and San Francisco revamped its personnel, the defense markedly improved its ranking, coming in at 20th in points per game in 2007.

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Davis moved on from his disappointing tenure in San Francisco to take a linebacking coach position with Arizona in 2007. Over the next two years, he sufficiently impressed Ken Whisenhunt enough to be elevated to the Cardinals' DC job. He served in that capacity during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. In his first year as DC, the Cardinals finished the season as the NFC West Divisional Champs and won their opening round playoff match against Green Bay. The defense ranked 14th in points per game and 20th in yards per game, this would be Davis' best overall ranking in his four total years as a DC. In 2010 the Cardinals fell apart and finished the season 5-11, coming in last place in the NFC West Division and missing the playoffs. Davis' defense ranked 30th in points per game and 29th in yards per game allowed.

Davis was released from the Cardinals after the 2010 season and took his skill of coaching linebackers to Cleveland, where he spent 2011 and 2012 before Pharmer Lurie scooped him up in his bucket and presented him as something he's not to the masses of Eagles' fans waiting for offseason treats. Looking at Bill Davis' resume, he appears to be an outstanding linebacker coach, taking that speciality skill and parlaying it into a DC gig, not once but three times. Unfortunately, the NFL is littered with coaches that were put in positions that exceeded their skill level - just look at Norv Turner who is an excellent offensive coordinator but an absolute failure as head coach.

Bring in Davis as a linebacker coach for the Eagles staff, sure I can swallow that. But turn over the defense to him and the Eagles are serving swill as souffle.

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