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This week, Philly2Philly had the honor of being Kyle Scott’s guest on Crossing Streams, a new series of podcasts from the founder of the award-winning local sports blog Crossing Broad.

During the discussion, Kyle chats with Joe Vallee about A Snowball’s Chance.  Among the topics discussed include the inspiration for the book, the process of putting the book together, the athletes and broadcasters who contributed, Joe’s batboy days with the Phillies as well as the possible fate of Philly2Philly. 





Kyle has been a tremendous supporter of Philly2Philly and A Snowball’s Chance, which is greatly appreciated by all of us here at the site. He’s has been saying all along what we’ve been saying about A Snowball’s Chance: You HAVE to buy this book!!  And oh yeah, it’s available now on Kindle too!


As long as there is a Philly2Philly, we’ll gladly wave the Crossing Broad flag.


You can click on the podcast below. Enjoy!

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