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Unlike last week’s season premiere of Dexter, “Every Silver Lining” started right away—as all episodes should!!  After the usual recap of the week before, the episode dove right into where last week’s let off.


Dexter and Dr. Vogel watched a video of his late father explaining how he had taken Dexter to a crime scene as a child and realized that he might have a dark side. Apparently, his father had once sought Dr. Vogel’s help and the two worked together to make Dexter the man (and killer), that he is today.  She is the one who gave Harry the idea of The Code!Photo credit: Showtime


Dr. Vogel feels that she has saved Dexter’s life by putting him on a better path than one a psychopath would normally take. She now wants his help in finding the serial killer that has now become The Brain Surgeon.  She feels the killer is a former patient who now wants to kill her, and hopes that Dexter can dispose of him before that can happen.


Deb speaks with her boss about the botched Briggs job.  He seems angry, yet amused by her way of handling things and is also mildly surprised that she may still be able to recover the stolen jewelry. 


Another Brain Surgeon victim is found with an open skull and a piece of his brain removed. Dr. Vogel shows up at the scene to inform that she received missing brain matter, as she also had when the first victim was murdered.  Dexter decides that he will help her, although he still has questions as to how and why she and his father worked together to help him.  He also doesn’t fully trust her yet.


Deb and her boss head to Briggs’ home in search of the goods and discover that he has a storage unit where the jewelry might be. She heads out to check it out on her own and we learn that El Sapo is still watching every move she makes.



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Two partial prints are found in the Brain Surgeon case and Dexter discovers who the killer may be.  He heads to the man’s home to check things out, finds that he has a hunting cabin where the murders may be occurring, and also almost gets caught by his colleagues (who are also good at matching prints!)


Deb finds the storage unit and the jewels- and also some trouble when El Sapo shows up.  He takes the jewelry, roughs her up a bit, and leaves her behind in the unit. El Sapo is later found murdered.  Did she do it?  Dexter wonders if it was his sister and pockets some evidence that might point to her.  He visits Deb to see how she is and if she did it, and finds that she’s in rough shape after her storage unit scuffle.  She’s not only in pain and messed up from her current choices, but is also struggling with her feelings for Dexter.


Dexter heads to Sussman’s cabin and finds a lot of creepy stuff that makes it seem as if he’s the killer.  But, considering he finds the man hanging dead from a hook, he can’t possibly be the Brain Surgeon.  Dexter now wonders if he was working with someone and who the real killer could be.


Batista knows that Quinn is dating Jamie and seems ok with it- although he wants Quinn to get advance himself in his career.  But all may not be great for Quinn and Jamie because she thinks he is hung up on Deb and she’s mad that Batista is meddling.


Dexter runs the evidence that he found at the El Sapo scene and discovers that it’s Deb’s blood.  While this is happening, she shows up at the station to answer some questions that Quinn has about the Briggs/El Sapo case.  She gives him some basic info, but seems to start to lose it while looking at evidence photos.  Luckily, Dexter steps in to save her before she says or does something that could incriminate herself for the murder.  He once again helps her by swapping evidence from the El Sapo crime scene.


Dr. Vogel calls Dexter for help after she returns home and finds her door open. He checks the house, but doesn’t find anyone there.  But they do find a DVD that was left behind and it shows that Sussman was coerced into the latest Brain Surgeon killing and there is indeed a killer out there who still needs to be found.


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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