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“What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” starts with Dexter getting a little shock from his son, who wakes him up in the middle of the night.  He thinks something has happened to him, but finds that he’s just a little sick from eating too many popsicles in the middle of the night.  He finds it easy to help his son feel better, which makes him realize just how hard it will be to fix his sister.Photo/Video credit: Showtime


Speaking of Deb, she is found by a cop drunk in her car.  When she is realizes that she’s in trouble for damaging property, instead of calling her brother she calls Quinn, who rushes to her aid.


Dexter is called to the scene of a crime—Sussman’s cabin. He finds him dead on the floor inside, but since he had been there previously he knows that is not where the body had originally been.  The cops think that they have found the Brain Surgeon, but Dexter knows that Sussman isn’t their guy.  Quinn isn’t on the scene because he’s still helping Deb clean up her drunken mess and trying to figure out what is wrong with her and if he can help.


Dr. Vogel receives a text telling her to look outside.  On her porch she finds two boxes marked His and Hers- each containing a piece of a brain.  She contacts Dexter and they think the message is meant to tell her that the Brain Surgeon knows that she’s working with Dexter and that he’s watching them. Quinn finally shows up at the cabin and lets Dexter know about Deb and her DUI problems.  He also gets in trouble for showing up late.


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Deb is back at work and his boss knows that she’s hungover.  Her boss is understanding and even gives her a special drink to help her feel better.  While the two are talking Dexter shows up to let his sister know that Quinn talked to him.  He wants to help, but she once again tries to push him away.  Dexter won’t back off and gets Deb to agree to meet him for dinner. Dexter heads back to the office and learns that his colleagues have ruled Sussman’s death as a homicide and have closed the Brain Surgeon case.  


Meanwhile, Deb and his boss are on a case, trying to learn if a client’s husband is cheating.  He asks about who dropped her off that morning and seems a little too interested in her personal life. Dexter checks out the person he feels might actually be the Brain Surgeon, Ron Galuzzo.  Galuzzo works at the mall selling gym equipment, so Dexter pretends to be interested in what he has to sell in order to question him and feel him out.  He meets with Vogel to let her know what he did and somehow the conversation moves to Deb.  She wants to know why Dexter didn’t kill Deb after she found out about what he is and what he does.  She suggests that he didn’t because he’s selfish, yet also wants him to “revel” in what he is because she finds him to be the “perfect” psychopath.


Batista helps Quinn work towards his promotion and gets frustrating when he doesn’t do as well as he wants him to.  Jaime tells his brother to back off because Quinn is tired from being called out on a case in the middle of the night, yet learns that it wasn’t a case, but that he left to help Deb. Dexter and Deb meet for dinner.  He points out a man in the restaurant and reminds Deb that he was someone she once saved and makes the case that she once did a lot of good and could be good again if she tried.


Dexter continues to watch Galuzzo and visits the man’s home to do a little recon.  He finds something cooking in a crock-pot and finds a finger in it.  After a little more investigation he finds more human body parts in the fridge and realizes that Galuzzo is a killer, but may not be the Brain Surgeon because he seems to enjoy eating the remains and probably wouldn’t want to waste any by sending parts to Vogel.


Deb drinks way too much, gets insanely drunk, and heads to the police station to make a confession.  She speaks to Quinn and tells him that she killed La Guerta.  Rather than let her get in trouble he takes her to an interview room and disables the listening devices so that he can get the full story.  She tells him everything about the night it all happened, but he doesn’t believe her and tries to explain to her how it was Estrada who actually did the deed.  He tells her that Dexter walked them through the whole scene and she goes crazy, so he asks her to write down everything she remembers from that night.


Quinn calls Dexter and tells him to hurry to the station because Deb is there to confess.  He rushes there with Vogel, who he was with when he got the call, and asks the Dr. to help him deal with his sister.  Vogel goes in to speak with Deb, but Deb goes crazy. To calm her down enough to take her home, Dexter injects her with something that knocks her out and he and Vogel take her home.  Vogel tells Dexter that she can help Deb and sends him on his way so that she can work her magic.  But, before he leaves, he handcuffs Deb to the couch so that she doesn’t hurt anyone when she comes to. After leaving, he sets his sites on Galuzzo and makes him his next victim.


As good as the episode was, it was a little disappointing that it ended earlier than usual.  But, to sort of make up for it, we were treated to a little Q&A with the actors and writer about what happened in the episode.

 Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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Photo/Video credit: Showtime