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“Scar Tissue”  begins with Deb having a flashback about killing the event in the shipping container that changed her life.  But, instead of killing LaGuerta, she sees herself killing Dexter.   


The reason for the flashback?  A talk with Dr. Vogel who is trying to talk to her about what is really going on and how everyone can move on.


Dexter and his squad visit a crime scene and while he checks out the body, Batista lets Quinn know that he aced his test.  Dexter is asked about Deb, but he still doesn’t know much about her since they are in limited contact.Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime


Dexter speaks with Vogel, who informs him that Deb may never be a part of his life again.  He is obviously upset and Vogel steers the conversation to the Brain Surgeon and possible new suspects.


He does have a new subject—Yates—and goes to check him out to see if he could be the man that they are looking for.  He sees a scar on the back of his head, wonders how he got it and if one of Vogel’s methods may have put it there.


Vogel continues to help Deb heal and won’t allow her to continue using drugs or alcohol.  To help her cope, she shows Deb a video of their father speaking to her about Dexter and his concerns. She tried to explain that Deb and her father both want to protect and save Dexter and that they aren’t bad for doing so.  While this is happening, Dexter visits to ask about Yates and his scar. She tells him that Yates had a lesion and it had to be removed in order to help him.  


The conversation once again moves to Deb and how Dexter needs her in his life again. Vogel tells him that he wants her back, only to make himself feel better and could let go if he comes to realize that her validation isn’t needed to make him feel OK.


Dexter visits Yates’ home and finds a lot of womens shoes in his closet.  But what he doesn’t know is that Yates is watching him and is coming to get him. He calls Vogel to ask about the shoes. Yates hears her voice, and instead of taking Dexter down, returns to the sanctum in his home and watches him leave- all the while with a woman chained behind him!


Quinn and Jamie are in a bar and they overhear some officers speaking ill of Deb. Quinn confronts them and asks them to stop talking about her.  A fight ensues when they don’t and Batista breaks it up.  Jamie isn’t too happy about Quinn once again defending Deb, but they go home and make up and all is well.


Dexter meets one of Jamie’s friends and she seems to take a liking to him.  When Jamie tells him, he doesn’t seem too interested.


Deb and Vogel visit the shipping container where La Guerta was killed and the Dr. shuts them in so they can figure out why the night’s events went down as they did.  She tells Deb that if the night happened again that she’d always choose to save Dexter and that it is ok.  She can either choose to dwell on what happened or move forward.

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Matthews lets Batista know that another officer scored slightly hirer than Quinn during the testing and that he must decide to promote her or Quinn.  He is unhappy about the decision and realizes that maybe Quinn isn’t the right choice because of the bar fight.  If Quinn can help solve their current case, then maybe he’ll be the one.


Masuka thinks that a woman interested in him is coming to visit for a date, but instead she is seeking her biological father—who actually might be Masuka because he had once been a sperm donor.


Deb is back at work, even though she is supposed to be taking some time off.  Her boss offers to help with what she’s working on and seems happy that she is back.  They order some food and discuss family.


Dexter visits Yates’ house again and finds that the man has gone in a hurry.  Or has he?  Dexter finds that he has a secret space in the walls and investigates.  He finds his monitor system and knows he was being watched during his first visit.  He finds a woman stabbed and stuffed in a tool cart.  He brings her to a hospital and returns to the house with Vogel.  They look through his computer and find her patient files—notes on Dexter that aren’t too positive.  He feels that he is a lab rat that she’s experimenting on and is very unhappy with the Dr., whom he vows to cut her out of his life once the Brain Surgeon is found.


Deb searches Dr. Vogel’s office for more videos and watches one of her father describing a kill that he walked in on.  She sees that his father had a hard time with The Code that he and Vogel came up with and she thinks that if he had a hard time accepting it, then why should she.

Dexter summons Yates on the pretense that Yates’ father is in the hospital.  When he confronts him, Yates is willing to kill his father to risk his own life. When he returns to the office, Batista gives Dexter clothes to examine—those that were on the woman he found in Yates’ house.


Deb goes to the station to visit Dexter and on her way encounters Quinn.  She apologizes for her previous behavior and also tells him that she wants him to make things work with Jamie and be happy.  When she and Dexter finally do see each other, she tells him that they should talk.  They go for a ride and the two seem to bond over their mutual dislike for Vogel and her methods.  She tells him about the video she found and saw, and then asks if their father had killed himself and if it was because of him.  Just when you think they are going to make up, Deb grabs the wheel and aims the car over a hill and into water. A good Samaritan saves Deb, who then seemingly regrets what she did and dives in to save Dexter.  


But, did she manage to get to him in time?  According to the previews for next week’s show she did, but it looks as if the event changes Dexer—possibly for the worst.


 Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime