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After last week’s previews, this “This Little Piggy” looked as if it would be an awesome episode.  And it definitely didn’t disappoint!


The fifth episode of Dexter’s final season began with Dexter and Deb, fine after the accident, facing Dr. Vogel in a family therapy session.  Deb seems apologetic for her actions, but Dexter is definitely mad.  Dr. Vogel tries to reason with Dexter and explain why Deb tried to kill them both—that it was her way of recovering from the bad place she was in and moving forward.  It seems the tables are turned and now Dexter is the one who doesn’t care or want to be around his sibling.Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime


Dexter heads to the office where Masuka lets his co-workers know that he has just found out that he’s a father.  They’re obviously surprised and Quinn voices his opinion that family showing up out of the blue usually just want something.  They move on and eventually begin discussing the case of the dead woman—Norma Rivera--discovered last week.  Matthews speaks to Quinn about the case and asks that he look only to solve the murder, not smear the name of a friend—Mr. Hamilton--who may or may not be involved in the case.


Batista still hasn’t made a decision as to who will be promoted, although he is approached by Detective Miller in hopes to sway his decision.  Hamilton is visited and admits to having an affair with Rivera and also sleeping with her before her death. Dexter is suspicious of the man, especially after seeing the way he treats his son.  Hamilton’s son strikes up a conversation with Dexter and asks about the murder scene.  He also tells Dexter that his father didn’t commit the crime and that the force should be looking elsewhere for a suspect.


Yates breaks into Dr. Vogel’s home and threatens to kill her.  While this is happening, Deb tries to contact her.  When she doesn’t get her on the phone, Deb goes to Dr. Vogel’s home and finds the mess. Dexter and his co-workers visit a crime scene in which bodies are found with broken toes and buried under rose bushes.  Each corpse is found wearing a left shoe and with their IDs buried with them.  Deb shows up and lets Dexter know that Vogel has been taken.  He knows it’s Yates, and Deb offers to help him find Vogel.  They seem to make up, at least for now, and begin to work together.


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Meanwhile, Yates has Vogel and questions her about Dexter.  He is unhappy that Dexter was in his house and wants to know who he is. They talk about his brain surgery. Vogel tries to tell him that she did what was best for him, yet it doesn’t make Yates any less angry.


Quinn and Miller talk to a street vendor and find that Hamilton’s son was seen during the time that the murder took place.  She also lets him know that they should both remain friends regardless of who is chosen for the promotion.


Masuka meets with his daughter and they talk about their lives to get to know each other a little better.  Between her questions and her massive lunch order, it seems like maybe Quinn was right and she has shown up just to get to her new father’s money.


Dexter is still looking for Yates and is hoping that Batista can tell him something about his bank trail.  They find that he’s used the same ATM twice recently and may know the area where he’s hiding.


Quinn goes to Matthews with his findings about Hamilton’s son, but he’s told that what he has found doesn’t mean anything and that he needs to keep looking for something that they can use to find the killer.


Deb is back at work and while she’s speaking with her boss, Masuka shows up to visit her.  But he isn’t there to hang out- he’s there to hire her to do a background check on his daughter.  He wants to know if she has shown up for something or really just wants to get to know her biological father.


Dexter returns home to find Jamie, Quinn, and Jamie’s friend Cassie in his apartment.  He has forgotten that he agreed to have dinner with them and wants to reschedule, but Jamie won’t let him out of their plans.  He has a hard time focusing on the night, especially when Deb calls him with some info. He makes an excuse to leave and Cassie is very understanding.  She even goes so far as to make an excuse to leave so Dexter isn’t the one breaking the date.  Dexter is finally able to leave and begins his hunt for Yates and Vogel.


Speaking of Vogel, she continues to try and reason with Yates. It looks as if it’s working and he even gives a clue as to why he takes women’s shoes. But, he threatens to cut off one of her toes.  She tries a different tactic and speaks to him as his mother once did—she even smacks him around!  Oddly enough, it works, and her feet remain intact.  Yates leaves the room long enough for Vogel to get to a phone and dial Dexter.  Deb calls her boss to help trace the number and the two listen to Vogel and Yates while they wait for him to call back with the address.  When he does, they race over to save Vogel, all the while still listening to the Vogel trying to reason with Yates.


Just when it seems as if it’s working, Yates notices that the phone is turned on and that Dexter has been listening all along.  When Dexter and Deb finally arrive, they think that the house is empty.  But, they find Vogel in an upstairs closet and notice that Yates is hiding under the bed.  


Dexter kills him and things may finally be over. Dexter then takes his boat out and dumps Yates’ body in the water as he usually does with his victims. But, instead of going alone, he brings Deb and Vogel with them because he wants to be with family.  


Could everything be good again?



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Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime