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“A Little Reflection” begins with an accident.  Zack Hamilton is on the scene.  Dexter watches while Hamilton takes pictures and also ponders whether or not he killed Norma Rivera.


Dexter follows Hamilton and finds him at Dr. Vogel’s.  He asks why she is seeing Hamilton as a patient and also lets her know his suspicions.  She doesn’t offer him any details, but asks that Dexter see her first if he finds any proof that Hamilton is guilty.


Masuka reads over the report that Deb provides him about his daughter and finds that she is in financial trouble, which leads him to further wonder if money is the true reason for her sudden appearance.Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime


Deb’s boss asks her to take a new case—but it’s personal because he wants her to check on his sister’s boyfriend and see if he’s cheating!  She feels a little uncomfortable taking a case involving her boss, but agrees to do it.


Jamie and Dexter discuss Cassie and his possible new relationship with her.  While they’re talking, he gets a text about a new homicide and has to leave. On the scene he finds a murdered woman whose boyfriend may be the killer.  He also once again finds Zack Hamilton there taking pictures.  Dexter approaches Hamilton and asks if he’s ever been on “the other side of the tape.”  He invites Hamilton to get a closer look at the body and tells him some of what they found at the scene.  Hamilton seems to enjoy what he’s hearing and also seems to think of it as a tutorial as to what to do and what not to do when killing someone.


Dexter finally meets up with Cassie and they grab a bite to eat and chat.  They seem to be getting along just fine, although it is also a bit awkward since Dexter has to watch what he tells her.


Deb and his boss begin their new case and discuss family, all the while staking out the boyfriend.


Dexter visits Hamilton in what appears to be his photo studio.  The walls are covered in crime scene photos and Hamilton seems to be very proud of his work.  Hamilton says something a little strange about feeling as if the woman he photographed earlier spilled all of her blood for him.  Does that make him a murderer, or simply a sadistic voyeur?  While they are talking Hamilton gets an odd phone call and abruptly cuts their meeting short.


Matthews and Batista discuss the promotion again and Batista still seems on the fence as to who should get the job.  He knows that Miller scored higher, but is having a hard time choosing her over Quinn.


Deb and Dexter have dinner at his apartment just like they used to do.  It looks as if things are less awkward between the siblings and they chat while they eat.  They discuss Vogel, and while they are doing that, Jamie comes in with the missing remote.  Harrison had said he hadn’t taken it, but she found it under his bed, which makes Dexter wonder if he should be worried that his son is lying.


Batista finally makes a decision and tells Quinn that Miller is the more qualified candidate.  Quinn is obviously unhappy about the decision and asks if it was based on the fact that the Norma Rivera case has yet to be solved.  He leaves Batista’s office and asks Dexter if he has anything on Hamilton.  Dexter tells him he doesn’t, which prompts Quinn to decide to watch Hamilton.  Dexter knows that if Quinn is watching Hamilton he can’t, too, so he offers to tag along.  While on their watch, they discuss Deb.  Dexter also notices that Hamilton seems to be keeping his eye on one woman in particular, who also happens to be the subject of a photo he found in Hamilton’s studio.


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Deb and her boss continue their stakeout of the possible cheater.  She goes in as bait to see if the suspect hits on her.  She also goes in wired so her boss can get it all on tape.  He totally takes the bait, which proves that he is definitely cheating.  Elway confronts the man and tells him to break up with her sister. He also seems a little too protective of Deb.  Could he like her as more than just a boss?


Dexter does a search to find out who Hamilton’s mystery woman is—Sophia Fuentes.  He wonders if she might possibly be Hamilton’s next victim and heads to his studio to see if he can find any evidence that proves he’s a murderer.  He finds a flash drive hidden in a camera and on it are pictures of Norma Rivera just minutes after she’s murdered.  Also in the pics are Zack Hamilton holding the murder weapon.


Dexter visits Vogel with his findings and she admits that she already knew that Zack Hamilton murdered Norma Rivera.  He tells her that Hamilton killed an innocent woman and plans on killing another, so he needs to die.


Dexter and Harrison go to Jamie’s birthday party.  Masuka is there with his daughter. He gives her $5,000 and also tells her that he checked into her background.  She seems offended that he would think that she was there for only money and gives the money back to him before walking off.  Jamie finds out that Quinn didn’t get the promotion and also walks off angry. Cassie is also there—and she has a date (??) with her, which bothers Dexter.


Deb and Elway discuss the outcome of their case and how it affected his sister.  Her cheating boyfriend broke up with her, although it doesn’t make her boss feel much better. Dexter talks to Harrison about the broken remote and he tells his son that he shouldn’t lie.  But Harrison tells his father that he lies and shows him the blood stained stuffed toy that Dexter thought he threw away.  Harrison rescued him from the trash and wants to know if he can still keep the DNA stained dog.  Dexter lets him keep it.


Dexter once again visits Hamilton’s studio.  When he knocks and there is no answer, he lets himself in.  Hamilton is nowhere to be found, but Dexter finds a receipt for a new car.  He realizes that Hamilton knew better than to use his own car again and that he is going to be killing Sophia Fuentes that night.  He finds out if Fuentes is working, goes to her job, and sees Hamilton watching Fuentes and Quinn watching Hamilton.  To get Quinn to leave the scene, he calls Jamie and gets her to call Quinn so he will leave to go to her.  It works, and he doesn’t haven’t to worry about Quinn seeing what may happen shortly.Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime


Fuentes shows up and she is with Zack’s father.  Just like Norma, she is another of Mr. Hamilton’s mistresses!  Zack is on the move, but it looks like his father might just be his intended victim this time!  Before he can get to his father, Dexter gets to him.  While he is trying to move Zack, Quinn shows up and Dexter thinks he’s caught, but Quinn only says that he knows Dexter is there to keep an eye on Zack and drives away.


Dexter gets Zack safely to the kill room and Zack lets him know that his motives for murder are protecting his mother.  That his father’s infidelities are slowly killing her and he wants to make sure she isn’t hurt anymore.  While it may be true, Dexter also knows that Zack enjoys the murders too much.  Zack agrees that he enjoys killing, can’t help what he is, and that he will do it again if Dexter lets him go.  Dexter considers going through with the murder, but decides that he could be the person to help Zack as his father helped him. He lets him go and will mentor him.


Dexter talks to Deb and lets her know that he will be taking Zack under his wing.  While they are talking, Deb begins feeling woozy and passes out.  Dexter rushes to her side to see what is wrong.  He looks up and finds none other than Hannah McKay in her doorway.  


She’s back!  But, why?


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime