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“Dress Code” starts with Dexter being awakened with a phone call, but he’s on the ground instead of at home.  It’s Dr. Vogel, wondering where he’s been and to let him know that Zack Hamilton called her.  He’s still reeling from seeing Hannah and calls Deb to come and get him—because apparently Hannah also drugged him and left him stranded in the middle of nowhere. They discuss what to do about Hannah and decide to try to find her via the traffic cameras in the area.


Later, Dexter is at home getting ready to put in a request for the traffic footage when Zack Hamilton shows up at his door (because Dexter missed an early meeting with the boy).  He is worried that he may have been followed to his home since he’s being watched.  They speak for a few minutes about how Zack should be acting and how he will help him, and then Dexter sends him on his way.Photo: Showtime


Deb is looking Hannah up online when Elway comes in and asks about what she’s doing—and also to ask if she wants lunch. Deb feels he is a little too close and flirts too much.  Elway backs off, but reminds her that she should be nicer to him because he did a lot to help her get the job.


While watching the camera footage, Dexter finds Hannah and gets the license plate number of her rental. He calls the rental agency and pretends to be a cop in order to get some information about Hannah. She gives him the name that Hannah is using, along with her address and phone number.


Quinn is helping Jamie find an apartment because she’s ready to move out of her brother’s home.  She broaches the subject about them eventually moving in together and he agrees to think about it.


Masuka’s daughter apologizes for freaking out about the money he tried to give her.  He asks if she wants to meet up, but she has to work.


Dexter watches Hannah and finds that she seems to be living the high life with a new man.  She gets into a limo and he follows her as she and her mystery man arrive at a member’s only club.  Dexter tries to get in, but is denied.  He calls Zack and asks if his father is a member of the club and asks him to help him get in.  Zack arrives, the two enter the club, and they look for Hannah. Dexter approaches Hannah and leaves Zack to watch out for the mystery man.  She tells him that her name is now Maggie, yet doesn’t want to surrender much more info other than that the man is her husband.  Her husband, Miles, arrives and she introduces the two.  Miles already knows about Dexter, but only what he has heard from Maggie. Zack asks Dexter what is going on, but Dexter tells him he will tell him about it later.


Dexter looks Miles up online and finds that he is rich and powerful enough to have helped Hannah change her identity.  Deb arrives and Dexter tells her that he found Hannah and that she’s married and with a new name.  He tells her he is working on a plan, but she is afraid that he might still be too enamored with her to think clearly.


Masuka heads to the sports bar where his daughter claims to be employed and finds her—as a topless waitress!  


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Dr. Vogel speaks to Deb about Hannah’s return.  Deb wants nothing more than to turn her in, but she can’t because Hannah knows too much.  For now, she needs to rely on Dexter and his plan.


Masuka goes to Dexter to ask if they could get someone to help with all of their paperwork. After he leaves, Zack Hamilton walks into the office and requests the police back off of him. Quinn objects, but Matthews assures him that they will leave him alone. As Quinn is leaving the office—very pissed off—he tells Batista that he and Jamie are moving in together.


Dexter is waiting for Zack when he leaves. They discuss a little of The Code. He tells Zack that he has to be more patient and careful as well as show more control.


Miles approaches Dexter at the gas station and threatens to call in some “favors” if Dexter doesn’t back off of his wife.  He texts Hannah to find out where she is and she tells him to meet her at the Greenhouse. He meets her there and he lets her know about his confrontation with Miles.  She tells him that he’s not a violent type of threat, but definitely someone who can ruin his life with just a few phone calls.  She also explains how she and Miles met and how he helped her reinvent herself after her prison escape.  Dexter asks why she came back and drugged him and Deb.  She had hoped it would lead him to her and that he would help her kill Miles, who apparently is smothering her.  Not only that, she reveals that she is still in love with Dexter.  He feels the same way about her, but she runs off before anything can happen.


Deb visits Elway’s office and he is still mad at how she acted earlier.  She tells him that she knows that he is interested in her, but that he shouldn’t pursue her. She leaves to visit Dexter and runs into Cassie. The two discuss Dexter and Cassie seems to still be interested in her neighbor.


Masuka meets up with his daughter after her shift and offers her a job with him.  She doesn’t seem too interested, but promises to think about it.


Dr. Vogel speaks with Dexter about Zack.  She tells him that he must take his job as Zack’s mentor seriously.  


Dexter is grabbed by three men and beaten up.  A warning from Miles??  Probably! It makes him worried for Hannah that Miles might hurt her, too.


Deb apologizes to Elway and also thanks him for helping her through the past year.


Zack once again visits Dexter’s apartment, but he isn’t home.  Cassie comes out to let him know that Dexter isn’t home and asks if she can give him a message.  Zack leaves very angry.


Hannah returns to her yacht after a shopping trip and Miles lets her know that he knows she and Dexter met at the greenhouse.  He tells her that their meeting has consequences for Dexter and also gets too rough with her.  While this is happening, Dexter is lurking nearby and eventually finds his way onto the yacht.  He walks in to find Miles dead on the floor and Hannah sitting next to the body.  He will help her out and gives her a list of supplies to get so he can do so.  Dexter dumps Miles’ body into the water as he usually does, this time taking Hannah with him. Deb is watching as the two leave his boat.  She tells Dexter that she doesn’t intend to kill him and gives him a little info about her future plans.  While they’re talking Dexter receives a text about a crime scene—at his apartment building!  He leaves Hannah behind and Deb still watches.


Dexter enters the crime scene, which is apartment almost identical to his—and finds Cassie dead on the floor.  She’s been bludgeoned to death, and he remembers that Norma Rivera was also killed in a similar way.  


Did Zack kill her??


  Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime