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 5 tips to make small space feel larger such as buying simple and space-saving furniture, investing in multifunctional furniture, using light colors... 

Living in a small space is the choice of many people, and whatever our reason for this choice is, we always think about how to make our small space look bigger. By applying the below simple tricks, you can make the interior design of your small room more harmonious and spacious. 


1.      Buy Simple and Space-saving Furniture 

  • Simple furniture is the best choice for small rooms. They exclude unnecessary details; floating shelves is one example; they are so cool because of their simple design. Another suggestion is wall to wall bookcases, where you can put all your books, decorative accents, and other small things. 



  • You should limit unnecessary details and volumes in furniture. They may be decorative, but they are not suitable for small rooms. Choose simple window drapes without oversized ruffles, armless chairs with exposed legs, and so on.

  • Take the advantage of the corners! You can buy shelves and other furniture that can be placed at the corners; a small corner shelf can store your small things without being the obstacle in your room. An alternative is to place normal rectangle furniture at the corner, and then you have additional empty space behind to store your stuffs! Find your ideal furniture with Home Depot.





2.      Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture may be larger than normal furniture pieces, but since they can serve several purposes, you will need fewer pieces, and you will feel easier to tidy up the room. Therefore, you should buy some smart furniture instead of spreading tons of small pieces in your room. Sofa beds, expendable tables, and folding chairs are just some of many smart choices for you.





3.      Use Light Colors

  • Pain the walls with light colors: although dark colors look trendy and impressive, you should use light colors, including whites and pastel hues, as the major scheme of the room because they reflect light well and hence make the room look more airy.

  • The floor and the major furniture in the room should be in the same color family with the walls. This makes the whole room looks more harmonious.




4.      Add glasses

  • See-through furniture such as glass tables, glass chairs, and glass shelves, though still consumes some space, can fool the eyes and make the room looks more airy. They allow you to see the floor and the stuffs behind and under them; they can also reflect light. Most of all, glass furniture is elegant and sophisticated, and that is suitable for a modern living space.



  • Mirror is one of the must-haves for a small room. Again, the lighter, the wider! You can install an oversized mirror for the living room and a smaller designer mirror for the bedroom. If you want to buy on a budget, use coupon codes to get extra discounts.


5.      Add and Utilize Natural Elements

  • A vase of flowers or a bonsai is space-saving but can bring to the room a more comfortable and breathable feeling. Your room will feel wide enough to appreciate the natural beauty besides containing functional furniture.



  • Make a big window so that the interior space can fall in line with natural view outside, and then your narrow room will look brighter and more open. 

You have had in your hand the key rules to furnish a small room. Why not start a home improvement plan now? 


Tiffany Faming has passion for home decorating and writing. She wants to share her experiences to those who want to improve home effectively. Read her posts about frugal shopping schemes, home improvement tips and great coupons on home furnitures. 

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