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The show started right where last week’s ended—with Cassie’s murder and crime scene analysis.  Dexter should be focusing on the killer, but instead is thinking about Hannah.  Of course, he already knows who killed Cassie, doesn’t he?  And he wonders if Cassie would still be alive if he had focused more on Zack instead of Hannah.


Dexter seems very upset with himself that he once again has feelings for Hannah. He meets up with her and they discuss helping her make a clean getaway.  They also discuss how she cleaned up after herself so that no evidence of the murder can tie her to it.


Dexter checks the blood that was taken from under Cassie’s nails and it matches Zack’s.  But, he decides to keep the evidence to himself so that Zack doesn’t get caught.  On his way out of the office, Quinn stops him to show him victim pics from Cassie’s murder and that of Norma Rivera.  


He, too, notices that they look very similar.


Dr. Vogel is told of the murder and is upset that The Code doesn’t seem to be working for Zack.  She and Dexter discuss what to do about Zack.Photo: hitfix.com


Deb shows up at Dexter’s apartment. They wait for Jamie to leave and Deb brings up Hannah.  She wants to know if the woman is an immediate threat and why she is still around.  Dexter explains that she is in Miami because of her husband and that she approached Dexter about killing him. Dexter lets her know that he didn’t kill the man and that she only poisoned them to get his attention—not to kill them.


Deb is understandably upset and Dexter assures her that she will be gone forever once she gets a passport.  Deb leaves still upset and when Dexter goes outside, he finds Jamie standing in front of Cassie’s door.  She tells Dexter that she has moved in with Quinn and would prefer to spend more time there than at his place- which is so close to the crime scene.


Dexter once again meets up with Hannah to figure out the details of her passport. He has to go to the Keys for the night and asks if she would like to go with him. He doesn’t yet tell her why he’s going, but tells her that she would be safer with him.


Deb talks to Elway about Hannah and tells him that she thinks Hannah is back in Miami.  To try and prove her theory, she brings him to the marina to show him her yacht—which is now missing from its slip. She tells him the alias that Hannah is using as well as her dislike for the woman.


Jamie is upset that Quinn will be leaving her alone in the apartment.  Even though Harrison is with her, she doesn’t want to be without Quinn in the wake of her friend’s killer.  Quinn wants to go out and find Cassie’s killer, but tells her he will stay with her instead.


Deb goes back to her house and calls Dexter to check in and ask if he’s seen Hannah.  He lies and says he hasn’t seen her and is on his way to dinner. Deb offers to meet him, but he blows her off because Hannah is actually in the seat next to him.  Dexter and Hannah discuss what she has told the crew of her boat and then he tells her why he is on his way to the Keys.  He tells her he is in search of Zack, why he is looking for him, and about Dr. Vogel and The Code. She wants to know why he is trying to solve the problem with Zack, but never did the same with her. Deb is on the road and calls Elway, who tells him what she found out about the yacht and its location.  She tells him that she’s on her way to the Keys to look for Hannah and also speculates that she killed her MIA husband.



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Dexter and Hannah make it to the Keys and stop for some lunch on the beach.  They seem very comfortable with each other and Dexter seems very happy to be with her.  While they are eating, a cop car pulls up and the two get very worried. Luckily, the officers are there for lunch and they manage to leave without incident. They arrive at their destination and Dexter breaks into the room, which he finds (set up like one of his kill rooms) plastic sheeting and tarps everywhere and a set of very sharp knives on the bed.  It isn’t perfect, so Dexter fixes it in order to use it later when he finally tracks Zack down.


Quinn speaks with Cassie’s boyfriend and shows him a photo of Zack. He asks if he recognizes him, but the boyfriend can only say that he look familiar.


Back at the office, Quinn and Masuka are standing watching Nikki cleanse the office of bad juju.  While doing so, Matthews arrives and asks if they have any leads on their case.


Dexter and Hannah are in the hotel room when Zack arrives.  Dexter throws him against the wall and questions him about Cassie’s murder.  He swears that he didn’t do it, but a friend from high school, Shawn Decker, may have killed her.  He shows Dexter his picture and swears that he is there following him—which is part of The Code.  He found Shawn, and has already killed him.  Instead of sedating him, he hit him over the head to take him down—which unfortunately went too far.  He has the body in his car and Dexter explains how to do it right the next time and also how to dispose of the body and evidence so it can’t come back to Zack. He leaves Hannah to take care of the room while he and Zack leave to take care of things. He also learns that Zack cut himself on the car handle and wonders if that is how his blood may have gotten under Cassie’s nails.


After the boys leave, Deb shows up and threatens to arrest Hannah. Hannah tells her that she’ll give her up as an accessory to murder if she arrests her, which doesn’t seem to faze Deb at all.  Hannah tells her that she doesn’t enjoying killing, but uses it as a way to solve problems that she cannot otherwise solve.  She also admits that she still loves Dexter. Dexter comes back while they are still talking and Deb admits that she found them via a GPS that she placed in his car.  She leaves in a huff and soon Dexter, Hannah, and Zack are back on the road heading home.


Dexter brings Zack to Dr. Vogel’s house and tells him that the teen seems to be learning The Code very quickly.  Vogel sees Hannah in the car and asks that she come in with them for dinner.  Hannah and Dr. Vogel meet for the first time, enjoy the meal, and enjoy some conversation about their interests.


Vogel tells Dexter and Hannah that they make a good, yet bad couple and makes Zack a bit uncomfortable.  While they’re talking, Dexter becomes quiet and admits that he’s thinking about Cassie’s murder.  He shows everyone the pictures from the crime scene and Zack notices right away that it is very similar to Norma Rivera’s murder.  Dexter feels that perhaps Zack has been framed and someone intentionally made his car door handle sharp in order to get his blood to plant under Cassie’s nails.


Jamie brings Harrison to Batista’s house and asks if she can stay there for the night so she won’t be alone.  He agrees and Jamie seems to feel much better.


Deb heads back to the office and she tells Elway that she couldn’t find Hannah and that the woman has probably already fled the country.  It is very strange that Deb has given up so easily, but perhaps she knows deep down that Dexter truly loves Hannah and turning her in might not be the right thing to do after all.  She tells Elway that she isn’t sure if being a private investigator is right for her and that she wants her job to mean more than just a paycheck.  


Dexter brings Hannah to a hotel room to hide out and Dr. Vogel is left to take Zack home.  Dexter offers to be back early the next morning to get Hannah, but she declines the offer so she won’t have to say goodbye again. He instructs her what to do once she has left the country so that she can safely disappear. He leaves her with her passport and tells her that he will wait to one day hear from her again. She kisses him and what should be their last kiss ends up being a last romantic encounter.

Dexter finally leaves and goes back to his apartment. He finds the radio on and Zack dead in his desk chair with the back of his head taken off- possibly thanks to the Brain Surgeon.  He gets rid of the body, and it looks like Dr. Vogel has another macabre souvenir.


Just as Hannah is boarding the plane, Dexter shows up and begs her to stay, but considering Elway has let it be known that Hannah was in the area and had a new name, she should definitely leave.  

But will she?



Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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