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One of the greatest theme songs in the history of television blares Alex O' Loughlin and Scott Caan in the new "Hawaii Five-O." Photo:http://brusimm.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Hawaii-Five-0-promo-with-Alex-Oloughlin-and-Scott-Caan.jpg   through your screen at the beginning of each show.

After that however, there really isn't anything that the new Hawaii Five-O has in common with the CBS program of the same name that ran for 12 seasons on the same network from 1968-1980.

TV's "Number One New Show" has all the elements to make this one of the BEST shows on television. However, the powers that be are trying SOO hard to make this show different than Jack Lord's 'Five-O'  that at times it comes off as pretentious instead of appealing.

To be fair, the last few episodes of the show has seen the gang hit their stride. Moreover, Wo Fat (Steve McGarrett's arch nemesis from the old Five-O) is making his debut in several weeks, which could provide some interesting story lines.

So why is it that people either love or HATE the new Hawaii Five-O? The weekly reviews from web sites are never in agreement with how good or bad that week's particular episode is. You literally get 10 different opinions. Never a clear cut "awesome," or "really good."

It's not like nobody is watching. 'Five-O' has been a Top 25 program for most of the season (although ratings aren't what was expected), CBS DID order a full season worth of episodes, and it is reportedly the most DVR'ed show of all time.

CBS HAS to stick with 'Five-O' because of the one million commercials that seemed to air during the summer of 2010? You know CBS: if they like a show (and put a small fortune into hyping it), they will plug it to DEATH. If they don't give a crap about it (Jericho, Hack), it usually vanishes after a year or two. Let's go over what gives 'Five-O' its potential.

Beautiful scenery to go with unbelievable cinematography- CHECK

The best action-special effects on television to go along with the show's fast pace- CHECK

Solid acting from its stars- CHECK

Although I am not an avid watcher of CBS' cookie cutter dramas (you know what ones I'm talking about), something tells me that none of them have the scenery or explosive special effects that CBS has given 'Five-O' to make it stand out above the rest.

So WHAT'S the problem?.................

For starters, I wasn't a fan whatsoever of the pilot episode. However, I understood that it IS a pilot, and they have to squeeze three hours into an hour (How else could you explain McGarrett meeting Danno just once and making him his partner?). My sister called it "cheesy," and also noted that the relationship between McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danno (Scott Caan) was "way too contrived." I happen to agree on all counts. This even stretched into the other episodes when I was hoping it wouldn't.

Too often 'Five-O ridiculously drops a moment into the show where you end up shaking your head about it for the next five minutes. Like when Kono (Grace Park) takes a girl out for "shave ice" whose mother was just brutally murdered about an hour beforehand to try and pimp her for information about the case(?!). Or in the same episode, when McGarrett is trying to rescue ship hostages with guest star Robert Loggia. As dozens of lives are at stake, the two take a minute to reflect on Pearl Harbor. Really? Is NOW the time to do this? Why not when there's two minutes left in the show and everybody is safe? Moments like THESE are what made several friends of mine give up on this show already.

Even for a CBS drama, the plot lines are too far fetched and confusing. I know we aren't watching Shakespeare, but don't insult the intelligence of the viewer, either. "Five-O" has also been accussed of falsely portraying native Hawaiins, and sometimes the acting (with the exception of its regular stars) leaves a lot to be desired.

At least Danno no longer pops off EVERY time he meets somebody he doesn't like, or whenever McGarrett makes a comment. The writers toned this down, but in the beginning, they were more like an old married couple than partners. This got old and annoying WAY too quickly. Every once in a while it's fine because Caan is able to pull this off, but come on writers! We know it's coming, it's tiring, and it's played out already. Tone it down and it will be tolerable. Even Magnum and Higgins knew when to stop breaking each other's balls. The original Danno (James MacArthur) took tons of crap from McGarrett, so maybe that's why this is going on. Who knows?

Lost  alum Daniel Dae Kim (who plays Chin Ho Kelly), and Park need to be used better. The two barely get enough screen time to justify their acting talents. If Park isn't in a bikini, she is trying to deliver comedic lines that just fall flat. In one episode, she insinuates she threatened to have a suspects dog killed in order to get information from her. It was meant to be a joke, but it was just beyond brutal. The other time, Five-O is at a murder scene and she cracks a joke to McGarrett about him not returning all of his girlfriends' calls. Being that the old 'Five-O' had NO humor whatsoever, maybe this is a feeble attempt on behalf of the writers. Fail.

So that's my rant. Yours truly has tuned in every night since its premiere in September to get a glimpse of version 2.0. I really want to tell all my friends how awesome of a show this is. How it's supposed to replace 24 as my favorite Monday night show.

Despite my issues with the series to this point, I am going to keep on tuning in because I REALLY want to like this show. The potential is SO there for this to be a smash. I don't want to be calling my friend who is grading papers at 11pm and tell him why I DIDN'T think Five-O was that good tonight. With some minor revisions, 'Five-O'  can stick around. Let's hope the writers find their footing in time.

Photo: http://brusimm.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Hawaii-Five-0-promo-with-Alex-Oloughlin-and-Scott-Caan.jpg