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Check out the events schedule this week at Chickie’s & Pete’s- the best sports bar in North America!

Friday December 28th (9am to 1pm)

-Rob Charry and former Eagle Hollis Thomas

Monday December 31st, 2012

-No broadcasts with WIP

Friday January 4th, 2013 (1pm to 6pm)

-Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow return for regular Friday live
broadcasts thru end of August 2013.


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Wow! Who's ready for season 8 of Dexter? What started out (and turned out to be) an okay season ended with such gusto that it's hard to wait to September for more! The final episode left plenty of loose ends for the final season in the series and also turned into a bit of a nostalgic piece with lots of flashbacks of Doakes for Dexter.
LaGuerta continued to close in on Dexter, and even drug Deb into the mix when a mysterious surveillance DVD from the late Mike's wife arrived. It turned out he had asked for surveillance around the church where Travis was killed. The DVD showed Deb getting gas in a canister with a timestamp close to the time the fire started! Deb played it cool, but Dexter later went to LaGuerta's and saw she was requesting a warrant for their cell phone GPS info for the night of the fire.

Earlier in the episode, LaGuerta arrested Dexter for the murder of Estrada. At Miami Metro, the whole department was shocked and told LaGuerta she had gone too far. Dexter played the questioning, which Angel supervised. Then Masuka came in to end the questioning, telling LaGuerta the shirt with blood evidence she had was evidence from years ago that was missing from the evidence locker. Dexter set her up! A great twist, but she knew it and warned him to watch out. After it all, Angel asked LaGuerta to stop by his NYE/retirement party at his new club.

Meanwhile, Hannah got herself into a hospital - by having her old roomie from juvenile detention slip her something when visiting. When Hannah was being transported from jail to prison, she ended up in the hospital and escaped! What will she do next season?

At the party, Deb can't find Dexter, and Jamie and Quinn start something romantic!? LaGuerta is headed to show face when she gets a call from Estrada asking her to save him in the shipyard...Deb asks Miami dispatch for GPS on LaGuerta's car and heads that way, too. When Deb arrives, Estrada is dead, and Dexter asks Deb to leave. LaGuerta wakes up and starts yelling for Deb to kill Dexter, but Deb turns the gun towards LaGuerta and helps her brother out of this jam!!!! Deb the killer?

The season ends with Deb and Dex at Angel's bar watching the fireworks. So many questions. What a setup for the final season! Angel has to question this, right? Will Deb and Dex run away? Kill the whole department? How will Hannah be involved?

Click here for a recap of episode11!

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Philly2Philly is honored to participate in selling copies “A Snowball’s Chance” on select dates at Chickie’s & Pete’s- the best sports bar in North America!

Check out their schedule this week of all their events. Philly2Philly will be selling the book at the events that are starred (*).


-South Philly hosts two tapings of the tv show, The Great Sports Debate.
(7pm to 10pm) *

-Drexel Hill....live WIP radio broadcast with Jody McDonald. (6pm to 10pm)


-On the Roosevelt Blvd in the Northeast ...live WBCB broadcast with Merrill Reese and Harry Gamble plus current Eagles TE, Clay Harbor. (6pm)*


-Drexel Hill...live broadcast of 97.5 The Fanatic with Tony Bruno. (11am to 2pm)*


-Eagles GAMEDAY crowd at all locations. South Philly opens at 11am.


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A Snowball’s Chance Offers Closer Look

At Controversies Surrounding Philly Sports Fans

Philadelphia, PA (December 3, 2012) Philadelphia: The birthplace of our nation, the City of Brotherly Love, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, Rocky…and snowballs?

The national media hardly utters a sentence about Philly’s tough but passionate sports fans without mentioning how Santa Claus was once booed and pelted with snowballs. In fact, it doesn’t seem that anybody outside the Tri-State area can put that story and others to rest, even though this happened over 40 years ago. No matter what transpires, it seems that the national perspective about our sports community is set in stone. It’s almost as if there’s some kind of secret handbook used to perpetuate these negative stereotypes about our fans.


In Philly2Philly’s brand new book: A Snowball’s Chance: Philly Fires Back Against the National Media, the guys at Philly2Philly.com are setting the record straight. Join us as we debate, discuss, and defend some of the most dubious moments in Philadelphia sports history.





You are all  invited to attend/cover the book’s official launch party, happening Monday, December 17th  at Chickie’s & Pete’s (Packer Avenue location.) A limited number of the books will be available on sale to the public starting at 9pm.


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If you watch Dexter regularly, you know things aren’t always what they seem, and the ‘predictable’ storylines twist and turn in different directions than most of the audience expects. Last week’s episode was no exception.

Where to start?

Matthews promised LaGuerta he’d reach out to Dexter, since LaGuerta thinks Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Keeping good on his promise, Dexter visits Matthews on his boat. When he gets there, he’s thinking of poor Matthews alone on a boat and reminding himself how happy he is to see a bright future with Hannah. Matthews chats with Dexter and then cuts to the chase. Dexter, never off his game long enough to be intimidated, plants the seed that Doakes had a boat at the same marina as Dexter, and to protect himself and his then family (Rita, etc.) from harm’s way, he moved his boat and never mentioned it to the police. Later, Dexter finds an old storage/boat marina area, plants some evidence with Doakes’ fingerprints, and lets LaGuerta and Matthews ‘stumble upon it.’ After the search, Matthews makes LaGuerta promise to drop the goose hunt.

Think she did? …keep reading.

Dexter is ready for the holidays with Deb, Harrison and Hannah- though he knows he’ll never get them all in one place. He plans to do Christmas Eve with Hannah and Christmas Day with Deb and Harrison. And then, he gets the best gift of all…word that his mother’s killer, Hector Estrada, is going to get out on parole early. He attends the parole hearing and then starts his moves to get revenge.

In a separate shady move, Deb heads to another part of the sunshine state to find Hannah’s old roommate from juvenile detention- the one who Hannah’s dad says can help Deb lock Hannah up forever. Deb threatens the woman that she may not see her kids’ again if she doesn’t implicate Hannah and then leaves saying to think about it and she’ll be back. In the next scene, Hannah and her old bud are chatting and Hannah promises to ‘take care’ of things. Hannah later pops in on Deb at home and asks for them to ‘get along’ to make Dexter happy. Deb knows she’s really asking for Deb to back-off the case and Deb listens and then basically says she won’t rest until Hannah’s behind bars! Somehow…Deb ends up in the hospital after an alleged Xanax overdose causes her to flip her car. The police and hospital tell Dexter he’s lucky Deb didn’t die. Dexter asks Angel why Deb is so far from home, and Angel lets Dexter know that Deb’s been doing some more checking up on Hannah.

When Dex and Deb chat, they realize Hannah may have poisoned Deb! Dex thinks about it and after another meeting with Hannah (where she basically tells him she could be happy with him forever but he needs to choose what he wants) he does…He shows up the next day at her house and when he meets her in the greenhouse, it’s clear she thinks they’ll be together forever. Instead, he’s followed by Miami Metro who suddenly have evidence she killed Sal Price. As Angel’s putting the cuffs on, she looks at Dexter and tells him he should have killed her!

In a side story that’s been going on all season, Quinn keeps trying to find his girl, and when he shows up at the strip club b/c he hasn’t heard from her, another stripper there tells him she left for Vegas, wanted to thank him for freeing her, and there is a note for him….is that it or will Quinn still have it handed to him for his misbehavings this season?

To ‘get over’ Hannah, revenge his mother’s killer, and because he’s needed a good kill for a while, Dex finally connects with Hector Estrada. He leads him to the same shipyard container where he watched his mother get murdered as a young boy. He’s SO ready for this, and THEN… Estrada mentions how that woman wanted him out on early parole so badly, but he didn’t know it was so they could kill him. Dex aborts the mission realizing LaGuerta is setting him up… and the show pans to a scene where LaGuerta is talking to an officer who’s been tailing Estrada. When they open the storage space the plastic wrap is everywhere, a chainsaw is moving on a table but Dexter and Estrada are nowhere to be found.

What’s next? One episode left before the final season… any predictions?



Click here for a recap of episode10!

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Yes, there’s a new Superman movie coming out next June 14th.
Excuse me while I contain my excitement.

It’s no secret that the failure to make a completely decent Superman film has been an ongoing struggle for the last 30-plus years.

The beginning signs of these difficulties began during the filming of Superman: The Movie and Superman II, which were (mostly) shot simultaneously by director Richard Donner. After production was halted in late 1978 to make the first film's December release date, production was halted on Superman II. When filming resumed in 1979, Donner was ousted by the film's producers and Richard Lester finished the film. I’m not going to get into what exactly happened in regards to the controversy that followed, but Wikipedia has two pages discussing the multiple versions of Superman II if you’re interested. There was so much footage shot for this movie that Donner’s restored his original version (combined with some of Lester’s footage) and released it in 2006. When you watch both Superman II’s, they literally seem like two different films.

Then there’s Superman III, which saw Richard Pryor join the franchise to give the film a ‘comical’ feel. Only problem was, the most humorous scenes in the movie weren’t with Pryor. On the other hand, Superman getting absolutely wasted in a bar and shacking up with an attractive blonde was completely sidesplitting.



What's really pathetic about all of this is that it was revealed not too long ago that the original script for the movie included such super villains as Brainiac and Mister Mxyzptlk which Warner Bros. rejected. Serves them right. You couldn’t help but feel that the 'suits' got what they deserved when it was panned by fans and critics alike. Let’s see: Choosing Robert Vaughn and a life-sized computer in the Grand Canyon over some of Superman’s greatest foes. Yeah, I can clearly see why the former won out........

While many believe that the third Superman installment killed the franchise, they’ve clearly never seen Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.  But that’s what happens when Cannon Films slashed the budget and reportedly ran out of money during the making of the movie. Truth be told, you can make better special effects in your basement with a flashlight and fancy computer software. I was nine years old when I saw this movie in 1987, and even I knew this film was seriously bad.  So bad, in fact, that Superman’s silver screen absence lasted almost 20 years until Superman Returns in 2006.

Head and shoulders the best film of the last three Superman movies, ‘Returns’ takes place where Superman II left off. While I wasn’t completely crazy about the storyline and the climax was rather anticlimactic, I thought overall the movie was solid.

However, not solid enough for Warner Bros, who were disappointed with the box office receipts. While Kevin Spacey was a solid Lex Luthor, that makes four of the last five Superman movies in which Superman’s biggest adversary has been the antagonist. While a sequel was planned, director Bryan Singer kept moving on to other projects. Brandon Routh, who looked and sounded like Christopher Reeve, apparently wasn’t charismatic enough to land another shot as the Man of Steel in the new movie. Photo: enblow.com

Overall, it was decided the series would get yet another reboot.

Which brings us to Man of Steel , and I’m cringing already. This is the most pivotal movie in the franchise, and it could very well be another screwup.

For starters, the moment I heard John Williams’ iconic theme will not be used in any capacity really had me bummed. No matter how crappy some of those Superman films were, that music is arguably one of the most powerful movie scores in cinematic history. To this day, i get goosebumps whenever I hear it. People went absolutely crazy in Superman Returns the moment this was played. You would think director Zack Snyder would want to offer some familiarity to a franchises sagging fortunes.

Bad move. Strike one.

Then there’s the movie poster, which has Superman in shackles.

What?! Really?! You can’t put Superman in shackles! Unless they’re made of Kryptonite, there’s no way this happens (and yes, I’m well aware of how geeky that truly sounds).

Maybe I’m being a little judgmental, but nonetheless, strike two.  

And truth be told, the fact that Christopher Nolan is producing this film doesn’t give me any reassurance that it will be decent, either. Did you see The Dark Knight Rises?  Where Batman went from brooding and bad ass to retiring and sipping lattes in France?

Of course, the special effects in the new trailer look fantastic, and it will be interesting to see Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) take on the role of General Zod. Shannon is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. However, he has some tough shoes to fill, as Terence Stamp’s original Zod is one of the most iconic villains in movie history.  

And last but not least, British actor Henry Cavill is the latest to don the red cape as the film’s central character. Not exactly a household name in America, Cavill is carrying the weight of this film on his shoulders.

What makes things even more interesting (or not) is the tone of Man of Steel.  Superman’s boyish charm seems to have been abandoned in favor of much darker overtones. Because that’s just what we need: another reluctant, tortured hero on today’s ever-changing world.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. I haven’t seen the film yet. Who knows? It might turn out to be the greatest superhero flick of all-time when all is said and done. What I do know is that I’ve given the Superman franchise plenty of chances to redeem itself, and they haven’t got it completely right for more than a quarter of a century.  

It’s going to be a hard sell, but let’s hope that changes with Man of Steel.

Otherwise, chances are he’ll fly away for a long, long time.

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photo: enblow.com

As the second to last season of Dexter winds down, it feels to Dexter like life is pretty good...he doesn't have to hide his secret from Deb, he thinks he might LOVE Hannah!, and now Masuka and Angel know he is dating Hannah, so the secrets and lies are winding down, too.
Hannah’s dad pays her a visit. She thinks his troubled past has been erased and he's a good man now, until he asks her for money to start a crawfish farm and she says no...then he threatens her and Dexter that he can prove she is a killer and will go to Miami Metro if they don't give him money. Though it doesn’t coincide with his normal code of “ethics,” Dexter then kills Hannah's dad, then tells Hannah “he had a talk with him.”

But the side stories this week are setting up to be way more interesting! Quinn's girl was going to be moved to another country, so he and Angel went down to the club and he killed the mob guy...then he made Nadia shoot him so he could claim self-defense. Angel wasn't in the room when it happened, but he told Quinn it seemed off...and once again the future isn’t looking so bright for the homicide detective.
Meanwhile, LaGuerta and Matthews start working together to see if LaGuerta's theory that the Bay Harbor Butcher lives on is right! They go back to the cabin where Doakes died to find it was being rented to a villain who disappeared around the time of Doakes' death. They converse more, and Matthews explains how close he's been to the Morgan family while mentioning Dexter witnessing his mom's death AND her last name-Moser, to which LaGuerta pieces the fact that the Ice Truck Killer was Dexter's brother.

Things are not looking good for Dexter now, especially since Matthews told LaGuerta he will talk to Dexter.



Click here for a recap of episode 9!

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Things just got interesting. Episode 9 of Dexter took the turns true fans have been waiting for all season!
In her quest to uncover the true Bay Harbor Butcher, Lt. LaGuerta paid a visit to the old Lieutenant, who told her to let it go...but we'll need to stay tuned to see what happens with that.
Astor and Cody went back to Orlando and Dexter thought he'd get to spend some time with Hannah..wrong- Isaac found out the mob was sending a few assassins in to the US to get him. He asked Dexter to help him, and when Dexter said no, he kidnapped Hannah.
Dexter had to help Hannah to get the girl. He and Isaac got the guys, but Quinn's buddy at the club killed Issac in the end. Meanwhile at the club, Quinn and him had it out because he was getting too close to Quinn's girl. It's not looking too good for this Miami Metro Homicide detective, who can't get out of his mix up with the mob.
And back to Hannah...Dexter forgot she's a killer, too. She and Isaac's watch dog (for her) got into it. He ended up dead, Deb found them and got her to the hospital.

So many questions for the next episode- how did Deb know to look at that house? Why did she help Hannah? Even Hannah asked that one, and WHY is Dexter visiting her in the hospital?




Click here for a recap of episode 8!

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Think Dexter's in love with Hannah? He can't seem to stay away from her! And despite their best efforts to part ways, he loves how open and honest he can be literally telling her he's avoiding someone who's trying to kill him-The mob!
Speaking of the mob, Quinn keeps getting on deeper, and it's like he's not getting out of it without being killed by them or incriminated by his own brethren at Miami Metro.
Lieutenant LaGuerta was doing some more digging on the Bay Harbor Butcher and learned that Dexter moved dock slips from one marina to another during the time of the original investigation...she also looked at his boat, Slice of Life, in its current slip...will she take a closer look and find out Louis died there?
Meanwhile at home, Dexter's son Harrison and his step-children from Rita came to stay for a bit! He put them up at Deb's to keep them safe and spent some time with them on the beach- where Hannah popped by to say hi and learn from afar more about this man.
Later at Deb's, Deb -who thanked Dexter for protecting her while staying strong and not killing Hannah- saw Dexter drop a keychain, realized it was Hannah's ( they swapped cars so he couldn't be so easily followed by the mob) and freaked out! She ended up confessing that she came to the church where he killed Travis to tell him she loved him!

As expected, things got weird...and the episode ended with her and Astor-his 13 year old step daughter smoking a joint!




Click here for a recap of episode 7! 

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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