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Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen it, and don't want to know, don't bother reading this post!

For all the religion induced in this season of Dexter, holy shit is the only way to describe the way this season ended- literally in the last seconds with a bang. For audiences who were waiting for suspense, the episode again lacked that edge of your seat thrill. But the last few seconds came close to, if not equal to, the jaw dropping impact of Rita in the bathtub of blood at the end of season 4!Dexter photo: aceshowbiz.com

The show followed the usual (what's starting to be routine and systematic), with Dexter getting away with murder or whatever it might be and nobody asking him the tough questions!

He managed to make it home from the middle of the ocean because a boat of immigrants found him and helped him. He killed a man in front of them who was trying to rob them and then they all swim to shore. Dexter returns home without a wallet or phone. He gets some rest and then Jamie reminds him that the Noah's Ark pageant is later in the day!

Dexter gets to work, hears from Deb that there's another homicide to get to, and when he arrives, he realizes that Travis killed the victims. He turns and looks in the living room where he finds a mural with his own face as the central figure, 'The Beast.' He quickly pounds in that spot the wall so the detectives won't see the clue. As he's analyzing the blood splatter, Deb is acting weird with him. Obviously, the audience can see she isn't sure about her new found feelings for her brother, and she quickly excuses herself for Miami Metro.

At HQ, she asks Dexter to sweep the church where Gellar was found one more time. He tells her he'll get there soon but he has to get to Harrison's pageant first. Meanwhile, the detectives are analyzing the clues for the eclipse and end of the world. They realize Miami is mountain-less, but Travis will likely be on top of a skyscraper for the eclipse. After they figure out he has to make a sacrifice before the eclipse is over, Deb meets with LaGuerta and asks to deploy patrols on all buildings. LaGuerta agrees and they have a heart to heart, where the writers make it clear that the Jekyll and Hyde emotions of LaGuerta are on-again, and that there is a much reason to love her as to hate her!

Dexter gets to the Ark, and when Travis realizes the detective have already overtaken the home where he was hiding, he looks in Dexter's wallet and figures he'll go to that location. He almost runs into Jamie and Harrison, but they get out for the pageant in time. When Travis realizes that Dexter has a son and sees a flyer for the pageant, he heads to Harrison' s nursery school himself.

Once the animals are off the Ark (including Dexter and Harrison who were draped in lion garb), Dexter turns and realizes Harrison is missing. He knows what that means and searches for Travis. Eventually they are on the top of an eco-friendly skyscraper in Miami, where Travis is about to sacrifice Harrison. Dexter begs him to let Harrison go. Travis insists he'll do so if Dexter injects himself with his needles. Dexter injects himself, pretends to be passed out, and then gets back to business keeping Travis out cold in his trunk!

In the end, Dexter wraps Travis in the traditional kill plastics and gets ready to kill him inside the church. He disputes Travis' theories about God's plans and tells Travis he is a 'father, son and serial killer.' Dexter draws the knife and tells Travis maybe this (meaning Dexter killing Travis) is God's plan and the way Travis' world ends. Suddenly, Deb walks in. Not only does she overhear the conversation, but she also sees Dexter KILL Travis!

Ready for September 2012?

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The second-to-last episode of Dexter’s sixth season is chock full of special effects, but still lacking that edge-of-your seat, heart pounding suspense that kept fans coming back the first few seasons!  Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime

‘Talk to the Hand’ started with the Miami Metro team on the yacht, where Dexter’s ‘anonymous tip’ led authorities, who examine Holly hanging from the anchor and a body inside the vessel, which they figure out is ‘Doomsday’ Adams. While the team searches for clues, Deb tells Dexter about Matthews and the dead call girl. In response, Dexter tells her to be open-minded about this.

Later, Deb had dinner with Matthews and realizes that she’ll drop the case and help his record stay clean. As usual however, this backfires, and LaGuerata ‘slips,’ forcing Matthews into an early retirement. In the process, she becomes Deb’s boss, again!  As they continue investigating and discussing ‘wormwood,’ they realize Angel is missing and could be in danger.  

They realize Quinn and Angel are not together, and as Quinn is heading to the yacht, Deb calls and tells him to head to Dorsey’s house and look for Angel. Before Quinn gets to Dorsey’s place, Travis has already sent Holly to Miami Metro HQ with Angel’s badge and asked that she get herself up to homicide and find Lt. Morgan…assumingly, he’ll get Dexter’s sister for revenge (since Travis killed his own sister and is blaming Dexter). Then Travis decides to punish Angel!  Quinn enters the house to see Travis jump out of a window and Batista (Angel) handcuffed to a bed with a ring of fire surrounding him! Quinn saves Angel, but the Doomsday Killer (DDK) again gets away!  

Back at HQ (though the team is out on the yacht), Beth gets through security without incident and heads up to homicide. She asks to see Deb and says that she has info on wormwood. An officer tells her Deb is in the field, but Beth insists she will wait.  

As the team piles back into the building, Deb learns that Homeland Security is joining the case. The chemicals on the boat may mean this is a ‘terrorist’ acting out and they need to investigate further. While Dexter is researching Dorsey, he recognizes an online photo of Dorsey’s wife as a woman on the homicide floor! As he looks up to confirm this, he sees the woman heading down the hall with Deb and he starts running towards them. Just as Deb leads Beth into an investigation room, Dexter pulls Deb back and shuts the door. He saved the day! Beth had already started releasing the toxic fumes and he and Deb have the whole floor evacuated in minutes.

Outside, Dexter is examined by a paramedic who recommends he get to the ER since he’s been exposed to the toxins. He says he’ll be fine, yet during the rest of the show he experiences dizziness, nose bleeds and nausea. But being the smart serial killer he is, his first priority is getting Harrison out of dodge, so he sends Harrison to the Ritz Carlton with Jamie for a day and uses the ‘ailment’ as his excuse!

Travis sees the news coverage that Beth was the only fatality of his planned Wormwood event and he starts painting his next move on a wall. As he’s working out the details, he gets a video text from Dexter with Dexter’s boat ‘Slice of Life’ in the background. Dexter is hoping Travis comes looking for him at the marina since he has Harrison in safe place. He gets Gellar’s hand, constructs a ‘reverse ddk’ plan for Travis to see, and lets detectives learn that Travis may be acting alone now!  

Speaking of hands, Louis the intern takes the ice-truck killer hand, draws reflexology or life lines on the palms, and then sealed it in a box addressed to Dexter. Is this a twist for next season, or something that will come up in the season finale?!

As homeland security releases the case back to Deb, she yells at Batista and Quinn to get their sh*t together while they are on her watch. A stronger ‘managerial’ Deb (through her therapy sessions) which revealed in this episode that she may have a thing for her ‘brother’ Dexter, since he is the ‘man in her life’ and they are not ‘blood’ siblings! (EWWW!!) She has a more-than- disturbing dream about them kissing, leaving audience members a little grossed out!


Dexter is hiding on the boat docked next to his, where he cites that the owners use it once or twice a year, so he’s setting up his kill room for Travis. As he stakes out his own boat, his nose starts bleeding, leaving at least a drop on his neighbors vessel, and gets a dizzy spell as Travis spots him. They start to wrestle, and when Dexter gets ready to jam the needle in Travis, he loses the fight and Travis jabs him instead!!!   

Dexter blacks out, and the next scene is Travis driving away on Dexter’s boat. Meanwhile, Dexter winds up on a rescue mini-vessel in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by flames and tied down! Dexter frees himself in a miracle of miracles and swims under the fire to get free!  

With one last episode until September, the hour is sure to be jam-packed!

Click here for last week's recap!


Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime


A co-worker came into the office the other day (first thing in the morning) and announced,  “Oh my God, I am having the worst day ever already.”  

I of course took the bait and asked “why?,” and she looked at me with such a genuine sadness that for a moment there I was afraid that maybe her cat died, woke up with a sty, mistook horseradish for coffee creamer, and then got a flat tire.  She sincerely said, “Starbucks had no more multi-grain bagels, and then the barista mixed up my soy non-fat chai tea with someone else’s skinny caramel latte.  It was like she meant to do it just to cause havoc for me.” And with that earth-shattering revelation she signed and awaited my sympathetic retort. Cockroach photo: factzoo.com

I was not giving her any bit of it because I personally just saw another woman have the worst morning ever…and it just happened to be my fault.

While I was riding the train that rainy Monday morning I was an absolute Eeyore.  It was dark, it was wet, I was cold, I lost my tail.  You get the picture.  But I wasn’t alone. All of us on the train held the same defeated expression and lack of will to exist. I approached my station and prepared to funnel out to the aisles with the rest of the miserable lemmings.  I picked up my umbrella which had been drying on the train floor, and while attempting to wrap and re-velcro the umbrella, I see a massive black cockroach on the strap. 

My instinctual reaction was to fling the umbrella, but my intention was never to send the roach onward-ho to the poor woman standing in the aisle. This thing hit her directly in the cheek, and the scream she released clearly communicated her disgust and shock.  She in-turn flairs about yet again launching the roach onto other passengers. The roach is tossed onto the head of a sharply dressed black man who just begins yelling “Sh*t, Sh*t” as he briskly brushes off his head and body. 

Eventually the roach lands on the floor of the train and the passengers, who at this point very closely resembled the River Dance ensemble, begin stomping the ground to ensure it’s squashed.   The silence after the pandemonium was broken with the black man’s blunt and LOUD question of “Who throws a bug?  I ask you, WHO THROWS a bug?? Sh*t.”

I tried maintaining a level of anonymity until the woman who was initially cold-cocked with the insect investigated in the direction from which it came and noticed the sheer amazement on my face and could quickly determine I was the instigating culprit.

We finally reached the station stop and everyone bustles off of the train, and I noticed most of their expressions changed from gloom to just a full on irritated puss.  Eventually I was allowed to merge out of my seat and exit, where I continued to receive the "stank eye" from the riders.  Completely aware of the current dislike for me I mumbled “I’m sorry” as I made my way off the train.

I’m sharing this story to note three specific points:

1. The next time you dread a Monday morning or find something minute to complain about, just remember, it could be worse. You could be hit in the face with a cockroach.

2. Most times when someone does generate a level of havoc in your world it was unintentional. Remember that first and offer the benefit of the doubt.

3. If you ever want to really piss off a train of people, launch a bug. This seems to do the trick.

Happy Trails Riders!

Ladies, ever wonder where the phrase "tapped that" originated?  Fella's, ever wonder if girls had slumber parties with nighties and pillow fights?  Yeah, well me too.  The Vagina MonoBlogs takes a proactive but honest point of view on some of these timeless questions and offers some perspectives to apply...or avoid for that matter!

Contact Brandi Conrow at brandi.conrow@hotmail.com

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The beginning of a new era in Philadelphia began Thursday, as Comcast-Spectacor  and The Cordish Companies  announced the details and grand opening of Philadelphia’s new sports and entertainment complex: ‘XFINITY Live! Philadelphia,’ which is currently under construction at the site of the dearly departed Spectrum. The project, which was formerly known as ‘Philly Live!’ will launch on April 5th, 2012.Xfinity Live!

Comcast-Spectacor President Peter Luukko and Chairman Ed Snider, briefly addressed the crowd, which included Ed Rendell, Ray Didinger, and Phillies Chairman Bill Giles, who donned construction hats along with the other guests as they watched on.

The Cordish Companies’ Vice President Reed Cordish followed shortly after and revealed the dining options and features that will aspire to make ‘XFINITY Live! Philadelphia’ one of the premier entertainment and dining districts in the country.

One of the main attractions will be the first ever NBC Sports Arena, which will (according to Cordish) “far, far exceed the ESPN Zone.”  

Cordish isn’t joking. The backdrop will consist of a million dollar, 32-foot in diameter, 6mm high-definition LED screen.

“There will be nothing like this in the country,” insists Cordish. “It will be a remarkable flagship marquee attraction for this building, and also for the city of Philadelphia. Every city would love to have an attraction like that. It’s going to be incredibly special.”

The Spectrum Grille will be the high-end restaurant of the complex, and Philly MarketPlace will be the centerpiece of ‘XFINITY Live! Philadelphia’  Philly MarketPlace will include such Philadelphia institutions as Chickie’s and Pete’s, Nick’s Roast Beef, and The Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Company, whose signs you may recognize at Phillies games. ‘The Original’ provides the meat for many of the steak sandwich shops around Philadelphia, but the companies’ first ever retail outlet will be in the marketplace.

Check out all of Joe Vallee Sr's photos of this event in our Facebook Gallery!

Also making its Philadelphia debut is the PBR Bar and Grill (No, it doesn’t stand for Pabst Blue Ribbon!). Coming off a successful launch in Vegas, PBR serves Tex-Mex cuiisine with a country and southern rock flair. And if that’s not enough, you can also get your ‘Urban Cowboy’ on with their mechanical bull!

And for all you beer lovers out there, the Victory Beer Hall (a partnership with Philly's Victory Brewing Company) will feature craft beers as well as live entertainment with a view of the Wells Fargo Center.

And last but not least, the Broad Street Bullies Pub (which will include 48 drafts on tap) pays homage to the Flyers’ Broad Street Bullies teams of the 1970’s. With the combination of he pub and Spectrum Grille, there is no denying that Mr. Snider wanted to make those Flyers teams of the 70’s an important part of the new complex.

“We’re right next to where the Spectrum was, so all of that was done very consciously,” emphasized Mr. Snider.

Snider also praised the work of The Cordish Companies for helping to capture the essence of Philadelphia.

“We’ve been working with the Cordish Group for (I think) over five years now. They know Philly very well.”

When you think of ‘XFINITY Live! Philadelphia,’ think Inner Harbor in Baltimore without the Inner Harbor. It’s not too much of a stretch. Oddly enough, The Cordish Companies is the same entertainment development group behind the redevelopment of the harbor. However, company president David Cordish thinks right now there will be nothing quite like ‘XFINITY Live! Philadelphia.’The Cordish Companies' President David Cordish, Vice President Reed Cordish,Ed Snider,Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Comcast Cable David Watson,Comcast Spectacor President Peter Luukko.

“All of our other ones (entertainment complexes) are all open with no climate control,” states Cordish. “None of them have ever had a marketplace before. We did that because there are so many great local names here. Most cities don’t have that.”

Perhaps lost in all of the excitement is the potential job opportunities ‘XFINITY Live! Philadelphia’ will provide for 750 workers in the area. The hiring will start at a job fair in the next several weeks that will take place at the Wells Fargo Center.

For years, residents in this city have voiced their displeasure with the lack of social activity in the surrounding areas of the sports complex. You don’t want to have to fight to find a parking space and leave your home an hour before game time when you live just minutes away.

At long last, we may finally have our answer to these problems. And judging by the video which was shown at the conclusion of the ceremonies, it looks like  ‘XFINITY Live! Philadelphia’ is going to be the real deal.

After all, with the partnership of Comcast-Spectacor and The Cordish Companies, you have a winning team from top to bottom.

“I think they’re gonna be amazed what we have here, said Snider. “There’s nothing like it that I know of anywhere in the world. It’s hard to totally describe it to people, and when they see it, I think they are going to be very pleasantly surprised.”

“We think this will be a destination, not just a place before and after events. We’ve seen that experience happen at other cities with sports bars. Of course, there’s nothing like this in any other city. We think people are going to want to come down here just to be part of this sports complex.”

Yes indeed, ‘XFINITY Live! Philadlephia’  will certainly become part of a new and exciting Philadelphia experience.

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 Show Time is Friday, December 23rd at The Laff House Comedy Club, Show starts at 8:30 PM. Doors Open at 8PM


In celebration of the holidays and this website’s official one-year anniversary, “It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia" will beIt’s Always Funny in Philadelphia throwing a special event to benefit wounded soldiers of the United States Armed Forces. As a person who has a great deal of close friends who have served for our country, it would only be right to show our appreciation for their service.

Unfortunately, health care plans for U.S. military personnel can be more complicated than anticipated, leaving many soldiers with little options for obtaining quality medical attention. The Wounded Warrior Project has been working with U.S. soldiers in order to provide the medical attention that they need and absolutely deserve.

I have been fortunate enough to grab a great line-up of comedians, both close business associates and personal friends.John Moses

The headlining comedian for this show will be the hilarious John Moses! Due to scheduling conflicts at the previous “always funny” show, many weren’t able to come see him, but here’s your chance!

John Moses is known as very funny comic who is climbing the comedy ladder at an incredibly fast pace. Honest and fast-paced, John’s comedy will constantly take you by surprise with “did-he-really-just-say-that” punchlines.


The featured comedian will be none other than Philly comic and my personal friend, Monroe Martin. Monroe started hisMonroe Martin comedy career in Philadelphia until he made the big move to New York where he is now making a huge impact with his set, opening for comedians such as Keith Robinson, Joe Derosa, and Godfrey. Nobody can vouch for Monroe’s set better than myself. Watching his career escalate over the past two years has been not only impressive, but personally inspiring.

Joining the line-up will be the very kind and generous “Comedians for a Cause” organization. Known as a comedy group that throws comedy shows for noble causes, they were first on my list of comedians to call considering the stature of the cause. Comedians Joe Mayo and Mike Rainey will be performing for comedians for a cause. Check out Monroe Martin's video here.


Online tickets are now on sale at this link. Guest spots will be given to select comedians who will be personally contacted by myself.

Those who wish to donate more can do so on our Wounded Warrior Project page.

Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated.

This show is a special event and will be held on a friday night instead of our regularly scheduled Wednesday show.


Be sure to RSVP to our facebook event page HERE!

                Laini Bianculli, The Style Maestro

Fashion/Beauty Consultant – Freelance Style/Beauty Writer



YOUR COLOUR PALETTE by: LAINI"Your Colour Palette" with Laini Bianculli.


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www.philly2philly.com   ● www.womenofgloucestercounty.com  ● www.gojanenews.com



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For Dexter fans, this season and last have lacked the edge-of-your seat thrill that the first four offered. It seems the writers are trying too hard to do too many things instead of focusing on one really good theme each time. 'Dexter' Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: 'Ricochet Rabbit'
Season 6 seems to focus on religion, throwing in the racy and raunchy with Quinn’s storyline, as well as Angel’s sister Jamie and her love for the intern Louis. And last but not least, bringing Trinity and Brian back to try and give everyone that thrill they are looking for with each show. The other thing they are doing, like it or not, is preparing for the end.
That’s right, there are three episodes left of season 6, and the series is slated to end after season 8. There are hints and tips leading to the many possible endings, one of which came during ‘Ricochet Rabbit’ when Deb discusses how Travis’ sister had no idea who or how awful her brother is and Dexter nonchalantly said, “Well maybe she didn’t know.”

The show was the same way many have been this season. The team found the church, and inside Deb had a panic attack. She went to her therapist to say she associates churches with funerals and that’s why it happened.

Angel and Quinn argued about Quinn’s actions as he has been acting like a child, while Anderson realizes that Travis has had mental issues his whole life and possibly killed his parents.

Dexter does his usual duties for the team and on the side is pursuing Holly, the ‘whore’ that Travis freed because he knows that is Travis’ next move. He figures out she’s on a boat and realizes by visiting the security office and seeing the surveillance tape that Travis took out to sea. In true Dexter fashion, he pretends to be the boat owner and calls on-star for the coordinates.

What Dexter doesn’t know is that Travis has helpers on the boat- Doomsday Killer (DDK) followers who want to help named Dorsey and Beth. Travis convinces the couple they must prove themselves if they want to reap the rewards of God. On the boat, Dorsey is set to do the kill and Beth has to leave.

At Dexter’s apartment, Louis is with Jamie awaiting Dexter’s return home so he can get Dexter’s input on his new video game. Louis shows Dexter that the game lets people choose which serial killer they want to be, and Dexter tells him it’s not good to promote that because it’s sick and wrong!

Meanwhile, Quinn is MIA, so Angel heads to the home of Dorsey and Beth since Louis saw they posted some strange videos on the DDK blog. When he gets there, Beth plays dumb and says they were joking with DDK. As Angel gets ready to leave, he turns to ask  why there are books about the Resurrection on their shelf if it’s such a joke. Then out of nowhere, Travis knocks Angel out, picks up his police shield and decides Wormwood should happen at Miami Metro HQ!

Back at HQ, Deb looks at the case LaGuerta has been asking her to close. She sees that the victim was delivered flowers the day she died. When Deb calls the shop that sent them, she finds out Chief Matthews sent them. Matthews asks her to have dinner, but we haven’t seen what happens yet!

Finally, Dexter gets to the yacht, which is docked in a different location. He sees someone on the boat in a hazmat suit and stabs the person in the chest, as he thinks it’s Travis. Turns out it’s Dorsey, who exclaims that Dexter is too late and Wormwood can’t be stopped. Dexter finds Holly’s body holding the anchor down in the water and the materials used to make the poison gas. He shows his grown up side by dialing in an anonymous tip with the boats location.

Click here for last week's recap!


Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Dexter Photo: Randy Tepper: Showtime


I know what you’re thinking.

Seriously? A company that is giving away gift cards worth up to $4,000 as well as Applie iPad 2’s?

We’re serious! It’s all courtesy of the Philadelphia based website Chinoki. Chinoki

Chinoki offers quite an interesting concept. All you do is choose the businesses you want to hear from (via SMS text messaging) and you receive great deals, promotions, or news from the places you hand pick in your respective city (or we should say cherry pick!).

You must sign up for Chinoki in order to enter this sweepstakes. It's free and you can opt out at any time. And if you want to double your chances of winning, every Facebook post  and Tweet regarding your entering of the contest results in a better chance of you winning!

Get all the details on Chinoki’s site right here!

And hurry up, the contest ends December 16th!!

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Philly's Phinest Profiles Jen Groover -The Ever Evolving EntrepreneurJen Groover is considered by many to be Philadelphia’s ultimate entrepreneur. Whether it’s her line of Butler Bags, motivational speaking, or ringing the bell of the New York Stock Exchange, Jen has done it all!

So when she came to Philly2Philly with the top daily deal sites for great gift ideas, needless to say we listened. And so should you!!!

Here they are:




1) Rue La La (Philly)  www.ruelala.comRue La La


1) Great gift ideas. "Today's Fix" has products such as Nespresso, KitchenAid, Chloe, and Balenciaga and many, many more at discounted prices.

2) Black Friday prices everyday.

3) Pay for shipping once, get FREE shipping for the next 30 days.

4) No hassle returns. Get your money back or store credit. You decide.

5) Extended returns for the holidays.

(Local only)

Print voucher and try something new often the same day.


2) Chinoki.com (www.Chinoki.com)
1) Everything is on the mobile phone, eliminating the over-inundated inbox. Short, quick messages to the point

2) Consumer is in total control-the consumer gets to pick the businesses they want to hear from, they're in complete control of who sends them messages

3) A consumer can opt in or opt out from any merchant at any time

4) They don't have to print anything-just show your phone

5) Opportunities to collect cherries to redeem for even greater discounts!



3) WinesTilSoldOut (WTSO.com) Wine Till Sold Out (WSTO.com)

1) 30-70% off of store and internet site prices.

2) Shipping is always free

3) When the featured wine is sold, a new one is immediately featured.

4) Free to sign up

5) High standard customer service--no hassle returns


And some bonus sites for you!

Woot! (One Deal, One Day) www.woot.com

1) Woot-Off-  When a product sells out quickly and is immediately replaced with another product.

2) 2 for Tuesday - On Tuesday,  the website sells items that come in pairs.

3) Bag of Crap – When a blind grab bag has been sold. The items in the bag are not revealed so the purchaser does not know what he or she is buying. Who knows? You could get a nice surprise in there!

4) Happy Hour – a one hour version of the Woot-Off.1 Sale a Day


1 Sale a Day (1saleaday.com)

Posts one product, usually discounted up to 90% off retail, at midnight. We're hearing good things so far!



For all things Jen Groover, go to www.jengroover.com

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The Duke Avatar

Cop killers, bleeding heart liberals, anarchists, and leftists it's time to rejoice! Your cop killing hero Mumia Abu-Jamal will no longer face execution.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced that they would no longer push for Abu-Jamal's execution after his death sentence was overturned earlier this year. When the U.S. Supreme Court decided against intervening, it was the nail in the coffin. Mumia Abu-Jamal's death sentence had been put to death.

Thus, Williams consulted with Office Daniel Faulkner's wife Maureen and got her OK.

Maureen Faulkner is obviously pretty upset that this is the "closure" she was looking for since her husband was gunned down 30 years ago. Instead of receiving proper justice and being executed by the state, he will now die in prison - barring a release from prison or being broken out by a pack of anarchists.

Abu-Jamal who obviously was the one who killed her husband has had his ass saved by liberals and activist judges who pander to the bleeding hearts.

It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a cop killer can use the ignorance of liberal sheep here and abroad (like the French) to save his ass. Abu-Jamal has built a cottage industry around his so-called struggle against the American Justice System. Abu-Jamal has published memoirs, appeared on the radio, and brainwashed millions of people around the globe into believing the justice system is evil, not himself.

When you consider all the FACTS in the Abu-Jamal case it's completely assanine that he won't be executed. If he were so "innocent" like these liberal idiots believe then why the hell was a gun registered to him located on the sidewalk by Office Faulkner's dead body?

For those of you interested in watching a documentary grounded in truth, then check out the Mumia Abu-Jamal documentary made by Tigre Hill.

What is even more sickening is that this isn't good enough for many on the left and the bandana-wearing anarchist types. They think this monster should be freed.

Apparently logic and facts don't matter to these people. There's no sense in reasoning with people like that.

You would have been better off trying to convince a witch hunter in Salem Massachusetts that they were really drowning an actual human being.

Contact The Duke at theduke0000@yahoo.com

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