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PhillyHealthWatch Host Tiffany Bucciarelli shares how to “Grill This.. Not That” with CBS 3 Talk Philly Host Ukee Washington. Since Tiffany does not claim to be the master chef on the grill she brought along Jasper Oliva from Cuba Libre to show off his fantastic cooking skills on how you can turn your grilling style into a tasty and healthy meal.
“The best way to get the taste of Summer is to Grill IT and if you Grill IT right it is the best way to stay lean,” says PHW Host Tiffany Bucciarelli.

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Chef Jasper Olivaa made three alternative dishes that Tiffany agrees to be a much healthier option.  All three dish ingredients and special cooking tips from Jasper are below!
“With fish you are getting Omega 3 Fatty acids where in hamburgers and hotdogs you are getting the trans fats,” states Tiffany.


·         1 cup extra virgin olive oil
·         4 cloves garlic
·         puree in a blender, fold in roughly chopped rosemary (2 tablespoons), enough marinade for 6 swordfish steaks
·         can substitute with salmon or other firm fish
·         grill for 5-6 minutes per side

Grilled Stone Fruit

·         2 ea peaches, nectarines
·         3 ea plums
·         slice in half, remove pit
·         brush oil on very hot grill, place fruit on grill, slice side down…do not move!
·         allow, 4 minutes, remove plums first, 2 minutes later remove peaches and nectarines
·         allow to cool and arrange on a platter
·         combine juice of 3 limes and 1 cup of honey, drizzle

Mango-Mint Chutney

·         1 cup red onions/red bell pepper/green bell pepper small dice
·         saute until tender
·         add in 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
·         add 2 cloves finely minced garlic
·         cook for 2-3 minutes
·         add 4 ripe mangos – medium diced until soft
·         add 1/4 cup of cider vinegar, reduce to jam-like consistency (10 minutes)
·         salt and pepper to taste
·         cool completely
·         fold in roughly chopped mint (1/4 cup)
·         can be used to accompany  grilled chicken or pork tenderloin (or pork chop)

According to CNN, the Debt Ceiling Deal has passed the Senate. The debt ceiling battle was rumored to come down to a "final vote" but passed with well over 60 votes.

The bill calls for $2.5 trillion in cuts over 10 years and a debt ceiling increase between $2.1 and $2.4 trillion.  The Treasury's borrowing needs will be met until 2013 under the debt increase, while domestic and defense spending would be capped immediately.

As of right now, entitlement programs will not be affected. According to President Obama, the result will be the lowest amount of domestic spending since Dwight Eisenhower's presidency.

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An estimated 85,000 people the U2 concert at Lincoln Financial Field a few weeks ago, and many shared their experiences via their smartphones.U2 Concert In Philadelphia Sees Increased Data/Voice Traffic. Photo: Aileen Bannon

"Concert goers utilized the Verizon Wireless network by websurfing, texting, and photo/video messaging. So much so, that Verizon Wireless saw a 600 percent increase in data usage that evening," said Amanda Carl, senior account executive from Verizon Wireless.  

"Concert goers were also calling friends and family to share in their excitement, as Verizon Wireless saw a 400 percent increase in voice calling traffic as well. Clearly Bono made quite an impact on Philadelphia music-lovers, while Verizon Wireless was, as always, able to provide its customers with a reliable and quality network experience."


Photo: Aileen Bannon

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The Scandinavian Weight loss and body sculpting secret comes to Philadelphia and our Host, Tiffany Bucciarelli, is putting it to the test.

Summer isn’t over yet, every women is still looking to slim down and stay toned for the perfect beach body or get a head start on wearing those great fall boots! PhillyHealthWatch heard the weighloss secret has come to Philadelphia to help women lose weight and inches with out breaking a sweat!  We wanted to see just how this program works, so we signed up our PHW Host to put Bailine to the test!

Tiffany will be engaging in a five week program that starts tomorrow (July 27th) that will consist of 10 sessions total, twice a week, 30 minute sessions.  Her results are expected to be shown after the ten sessions.  Tiffany should expect to tighten and tone muscles and skin, reduce cellulite, and increase her metabolism.  Tiffany will be posting about her experience through out the next five weeks on Facebook and Twitter.

We will launch our program with Tiffany’s interview with co-owners Marianne Torhus and Lisbet Drivdahl by and initial consultation that we will have ALL on video!  You will get to see where Tiffany measures up (body measurements) and what her goals will be set as over the next 5 weeks.  PHW will be bring you check in’s throughout the next five weeks to see Tiffany’s progress and get her opinion on how she is feeling throughout the entire process.

PhillyHealthWatch has it ALL on video.. stay tuned!

The Soulmates, dance team of the Philadelphia Soul, performs in the Macy's Court at Shopping for a Sweetie at the Oxford Valley Mall.

The Soulmates, dance team of the Philadelphia Soul, performs in the Macy's Court at Shopping for a Sweetie at the Oxford Valley Mall.


Hypnotist Bryan Toder, of Plymouth Hypnosis Center in Lafayette Hill, entertains the crowd with ways to relieve dating stress.

Hypnotist Bryan Toder, of Plymouth Hypnosis Center in Lafayette Hill, entertains the crowd with ways to relieve dating stress.


Emcee of the event, Jennaphr Frederick of Fox29, auctions off local Temple University student Mike Van Assche on a date.  Dates and auction items were bid on to benefit the American Red Cross of Lower Bucks County.

Emcee of the event, Jennaphr Frederick of Fox29, auctions off local Temple University student Mike Van Assche on a date.  Dates and auction items were bid on to benefit the American Red Cross of Lower Bucks County


When it was announced that singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment today it was sad, but certainly not shocking. Although a drug overdose hasn't been confirmed as her cause of death, we can be pretty certain that it was.amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse has battled drug and alcohol abuse for the past few years. She has been in and out of rehab many times and reportedly was sober early this year.

It was well-documented that she appeared to be heading down that dangerous path once again when she was booed off the stage at a gig in Serbia in June.

With Amy Winehouse's death, she joins "Club 27" - the list of famous musicians who all died at the age of 27. This list includes Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin.

TMZ, posted an excellent photo gallery of Club 27 on their site.

Amy Winehouse will be forever known as an immense talent, but one who could never fully realize her full potential due to her disastrous lifestyle. Her career was short-lived as she broke onto the scene in 2003 with a debut album at age 20, but within 4 years her career began to spiral downwards after the release of "Back to Black."

Like many in Club 27, we can only theorize what might have been.

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Photo of Amy Winehouse from Dailymail.co.uk

Alas, the Amazing Spider Man trailer has finally been released!

The much-hyped movie has been in the making for a few years and gone through a reboot phase after former director Sam Raimi withdrew from the project.

New director Marc Webb is at the helm, Andrew Garfield (Social Network) will play Peter Parker, and Emma Stone will play Gwen Stacy. Ryhs Ifans will play the villain "The Lizard."

The Amazing Spider Man won't hit theaters for another summer, but fan interest is already through the roof!

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall as they say. And, Rupert Murdoch's Kingdom is about to crumble in light of this phone hacking scandal.

You know with any scandal, it just takes one little thing to sneak out and then the floodgates open up. Go down the line. Tiger Woods. Jesse James. Mel Gibson. Charlie Sheen. And, of course Anthony Weiner.

With the phone hacking scandal captivating the attention of Britain, this is surely just the surface of how deep it goes. For years Rupert Murdoch has been using his clout to threaten people's careers and flouting laws to increase his Empire's presence. And, now the chickens are coming home to roost.

It will be nice seeing Murdoch fall down. I just wonder how the schlubs at Fox News and right-wing mongers like Rush Limbaugh will spin this one?

I guess the "liberal media" isn't all that bad is it? At least they aren't hacking into the phones of dead people!

Today Rupert Murdoch told the British Parliamentary Committee that this is "the most humble day of my life."

Just like the Japan Nuclear Disaster, this thing is out of control while noone admits it there is more than meets the eye. Murdoch has reportedly lost $1 billion already.

I wonder what Rupert Murdoch will say when he's forced to resign and loses billions more over his misdeeds?

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It's official - Casey Anthony has been released from prison as of midnight. As she walked out of the prison she quickly hopped into an SUV, where she was driven away. And, she was met by an angry mob of protestors.

She has already received a few death threats as there are plenty of people who want to see to it she receives justice for her crime. Right now, Casey Anthony is the most hated woman in America. She's a villain who rivals Voldemort, the Dark Lord of the Harry Potter films.

And, in Florida where many people frown down on abortions, there are plenty of people willing to take out this alleged baby killer. Heck, co-workers of a juror on the Casey Anthony case have forced "juror No. 12" to quit her job and go into hiding! There are plenty of pissed off people in Florida, where children are as sacred as Hindu cows. dexter casey anthony

It's the $50,000 question which is on many people's minds...will someone knock off  alleged murderer Casey Anthony? Shortly after the not-guilty verdict - Dexter was a trending topic on Twitter as many people took to the internet and fantasized about Dexter killing Casey Anthony. Dexter as you may know, takes place in Miami. And, Casey Anthony would be just the type of target for America's most beloved vigilante.

Face it, if you followed this case closely, you know that the jury and the prosecution dropped the ball. She's guilty as sin and deserving of justice. I think America would cheer if a vigilante gave Casey Anthony her due justice...Dexter style.

It would behoove Casey Anthony to get out of dodge. She's not only the most hated person in Florida, but the most hated person in America. Rumor has it she may even be relocated to Puerto Rico.

She might not even be safe there.

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