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You’ve ALL been there and you know it. Curiosity.   
I don’t know if it’s true that curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity was responsible for the issuing of many a bail bond I am sure.  

One particular weekend my curiosity got the better of me, and just like a Keanu movie, the punishment just kept coming.  Sex club raid photo: echinacities.com

One Monday morning I was listening to the exciting exploits of my friend Madelyn. Considering my weekend consisted of watching “Dying to be Thin” on the Lifetime network, I NEEDED a scandal to perk me up.  

Madelyn told me about her girl’s night out and their visit to Club Kama Sutra, a member’s only voyeuristic sex club in the city. The BYOB establishment (I am assuming you bring your own for hygienic reasons) was located in a building blended seamlessly among storefronts downtown.   

I was enthralled. I blurted out, “I WANT TO GO.”  Madelyn looked at me as though I was asking her to take me to a ritual killing. She said, “Ok. Saturday night.”   

On Saturday we pulled up at the address and I was confused. It was a white; in descript storefront with a small overhead sign reading something about sugarless gum and roosters.  I lie to you not; it had something to do with roosters.

Inside the first floor is for dining (because one wants to enjoy a nice piece of salmon so close to an active orgy). The second floor is in no way shape or form forced on any visitor he was sure to stress. The second floor is the ONLY place for sex..... and boy-howdy was it!  I immediately observed how minimal the décor was, and my second observation was “OH MY GOD EVERYONE’S DOING IT!!”  Mass naked-ness was everywhere, and no one was an Adonis I assure you. This was obviously the playground to a lot of renaissance faire lovers who usually only have the opportunities to live out these type of fetishes and fantasies in the privacy of their home and internet connections.    

My third and final observation of the second floor was that I am NOT voyeuristic. I wanted out of there, and to re-join the land of the “pant-ed.” Madelyn clearly interpreted my new shade of pale correctly and suggested our guide take us to another floor. The third floor was much less stressful. There was a dance floor, clothed folks, and a great DJ. Madelyn and I danced with each other and made friends with the other third floor dwellers. Now I was smiling and finally back to my general shade of pale.  

Then all of the sudden, the music came to an abrupt stop and a man’s voice bellowed: “Everyone this is a raid.”

That paler shade immediately returned and I stared at Madelyn. We rushed along with the other “caught” folks down the stairs to the closest exit.  

Unfortunately, this did mean going past the dreaded second floor where people floundered to get clothes on quicker than…well, there isn’t really a better analogy here; quicker than those raided at a sex club would. The host and tour guide frantically handed out coats to the lemmings running out, and then I heard him say, “just put up your middle finger and they won’t put your face on camera.”

I grabbed my coat and went for the door reluctantly, but at the same time, I sure as hell didn’t want to stay in this “Titanic” of a bad idea. Madelyn turned around and looked at me and said “ok, you ready? Just put up your middle finger.”  Madelyn darted out fingers a-blazin.'  I strategically stand behind a taller gentleman, take in a little regret of having seen him naked earlier, and dart out the door behind him. I take my coat, flail it over my head and take off down the street like Lindsey Lohan running from the paparazzi. After my sprint down a Philadelphia alley-way, my evening was complete.

So did curiosity really kill the cat? Maybe not, but curiosity most certainly killed the sound void I once had in my category of mental images, which before that night didn’t include a population of fetish driven swingers in their craft.  

Let this be a lesson to you, if you ever do get the same curiosity, by all means, “to each their own,” you only live once.

My advice would be to just bring a big enough coat.  

Ladies, ever wonder where the phrase "tapped that" originated?  Fella's, ever wonder if girls had slumber parties with nighties and pillow fights?  Yeah, well me too.  The Vagina MonoBlogs takes a proactive but honest point of view on some of these timeless questions and offers some perspectives to apply...or avoid for that matter!

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Photo: echinacities.com

Looks like Father Time is running out on one of the NFL's most controversial and high-profile stars. Terrell Owens, who is coming off an ACL tear he suffered during the offseason may be at the end of the line.

Terrell Owens held a public workout yesterday for prospective NFL teams, but not one team bothered to show up.

I can't say I feel sorry for him. He was an absolute jerk his entire career and has blown off countless fans during his career. I'll never forget 2005 when he didn't show up to sign autographs during Eagles training camp when he was having a pissing match with the front office.

His sidewalk situps interview was humorous at the time, but nobody was laughing when the Eagles were 6-10, just one season after losing the Super Bowl to New England by 3 points.

Terrell Owens finally got a taste of his own medicine when the entire NFL blew him off and basically said "no thank you."

It's safe to say that Owens' career is toast. He'll certainly get into the NFL Hall of Fame, but his career will be tarnished by his a**hollery, particularly in Philly.

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"I'm sure the ESPN documentary of 'The Real Rocky'  featuring the Rocky/Chuck Wepner connection is a well made and interesting documentary. The story has been recounted many times and it wasn't Stallone who started it. But is it the story of the "Real Rocky"? I don't think so. From the time I first saw the original Rocky, I was sure I knew who the real Rocky had to be.

No doubt Rocky was the reincarnation of a Jersey City homeboy/legend, Frankie DePaula. As a kid, I already knew the true story/legend of Frankie "knocking out" the cop on the corner of Duncan and West Side, just down the street from his family home and PS 17.Frankie DePaula photo: saddoboxing.com

The story gets better. Who becomes muscle for the mob? Who else is a local club fighter? Who gets a Garden Main Event against Dick Tiger, former world middleweight and light heavy champion, oftened called the greatest fighter of his time? Who knocked Tiger off his feet for the first time ever? Or should I say the first 3 times in the 1968 fight?

Unfortunately Frankie goes down about 6 times--sounds like Rocky vs Apollo Creed to me. Who puts down Bob Foster, another great champion only to lose on application of the 3 knockdown rule? Frankie DePaula not Chuck Wepner. (Take a look at the images on the web, Frankie Depaula even looked like Rocky, or should I say Stallone)

Maybe Chuck Wepner gets the coverage because he is alive to talk about it. Frankie lived (not for long) to write the final episode of the movie series that was not the conclusion shown in theaters.

Truth is that Frankie (Rocky) meets a gangland death. Stories vary  as to whether it was the result of hijacking the wrong guy's truck to messing with a made guy's woman.

Frankie DePaula might not have been a real good guy, but he was the "Real Rocky."

What do you have to say about that Sylvester?"

Very truly yours,
Don Gorenberg

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Frankie DePaula photo: saddoboxing.com

PHILADELPHIA – Dancin’ its way back by popular demand, PHL17 will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Dancin’ On Air with a totally tubular 80s Dance Party at the Electric Factory on Friday, November 4, 2011 from 8pm-2am.

The station once known as “The Great Entertainer” promises to deliver one bodacious event with host appearances, a live DJ spinning all the hits, and more!  PHL17 will be shooting footage during the 80s Dance Party for an upcoming Dancin’ On Air special set to air Thanksgiving night in prime time as well as future specials that are in the works.

Dancin’ On Air was broadcast live from October 12, 1981 to December 31, 1987, reaching across seven east coast states. Featuring a mix of reality, music, and dance, Dancin’ On Air spearheaded the return of the daily dance show in Philadelphia. Live from PHL17’s very own studio, the broadcast was also known to travel on-location to other East Coast favorites such as Penn’s Landing, Ocean City, Wildwood, and Hershey Park, to name a few.

Tickets for the event are on sale now through Ticketmaster.com.

Contact: Sublima Cerase (215) 883-3350

Last night Albert Pujols rocked the Texas Rangers for 3 home runs, 5 hits, and 6 RBI last night in the Cardinals' 16-7 rout of the Rangers in Game 3. It was a historic game for Pujols, and puts him up there with Reggie Jackson - who had 3 homeruns in the 1977 World Series.

The Cardinals now have a 2-1 lead in the series.

Albert Pujols

This is yet another reason for Phillies fans to feel the pain. This is the team the Phillies should have swept had Cliff Lee not choked in Game 2 of the NLDS.

While the Cardinals-Rangers World Series is far from over, it looks like the Cardinals have the Rangers playing catch-up. Yet again it looks like a team will go on to win a championship after knocking one of our teams out of the playoffs.

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(If you haven’t seen this episode and don’t want any spoilers, STOP HERE!)

The Tooth Fairy was the biggest let down of the season to date!Billy Brown as Mike Anderson and Jennifer Carpenter as Debora Morgan (Season 6, episode 3) - Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Episode 3 opened with the fast-paced, what’s gonna happen next rush that fans long for with this show.

Within seconds, Deb and Dexter were called to a homicide scene, we flashed to the jogger Gellar and Travis trapped being tortured by them, and then went to Miami Metro HQ where Deb struggled with her first day as lieutenant.

Yet the episode that seemed to bring back the momentum everyone is longing for from the Ice-Truck Killer and Trinity days ended in the usual blasé fashion we’re getting accustomed to.

The homicide scene led Dexter back to some childhood memories and helped him connect with his favorite serial killer from his youth; The Tooth Fairy. Dexter ended up befriending the now 70-something retiree on the golf course and doing his usual due diligence while preparing for a kill.

The Tooth Fairy scenario was exciting and had the audience thinking that perhaps this would be the hook for season 6- someone who has a trademark takeaway, a new twist in this long-winded entrance for Gellar and Travis perhaps? But alas, the Tooth Fairy was only on for episode 3 and he was killed before the show ended.

The lesson he brought was that of legacy. As the kill scene had him excited for his son to know the truth, Dexter switched his plans to make sure the secret stayed that way forever by making the death seem like a heart attack, and then dumping the trophy teeth into the ocean. This scene plays into the growth for Dexter and where he will go as a killer and a parent. Do serial killers still exist as senior citizens? Can he ever give up his dark passenger?

At Miami Metro, Lieutenant Morgan’s first day was less than enviable. She was undermined by LaGuerta and Quinn in the briefing room. Then while looking to replace the detective spot her new role left open, she received unsolicited advice by LaGuerta and Angel. Luckily, she had Dexter to lean on, and in the end she trusted her gut. We also learned there's more to Masuka's intern than her looks. Clearly she's 'going out' with him with a hidden agenda. Can't wait to see what she does with the 'hand' from the ice truck killer case! Also looks like there might be a Detective Anderson on the squad soon…though when he joked with Deb and asked her to fetch the real Lieutenant, he left himself on the chopping block for sure. Do you think he’ll end up dating Deb or LaGuerta?

As for Gellar and Travis, the two are less exciting in each episode (as I mentioned last week), and the writers are disappointingly slow to drum up any intrigue with the main villains this season. Here’s hoping, again, that this week we learn more.

In the meantime, the show switched gears to the final scene in a way that left audiences wondering whether they changed the channel. Homicide victims on horseback? Should be an interesting episode 4!


Check out last week's recap HERE!

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

The Duke Avatar

Loudmouth Congressman Eric Cantor normally cannot wait to open up his mouth and rip the Democrats and President Obama. Now, he's taking on another foe in Occupy Wall Street, obviously because they oppose the people he represents; rich people. On Friday Eric Cantor canceled a speech at the University of Penn once he learned the crowd in attendance would not be on his side.

Eric Cantor has condemned the Occupy Wall Street movement, claiming they pit Americans against Americans. Really? How about the Tea Party. What exactly are they doing? Does anyone remember when they shouted racial epithets at black lawmakers during a march in Washington D.C.? Call me crazy, but the Tea Bagger movement is the epitome of DIVISION.

And, once he received word that 300 seats would be open to the public at the Wharton School of Business, he bailed on his speech like Bobby Petrino bailed on the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. There were droves of Occupy Philadelphia protestors marching from City Hall to the campus. Naturally many of them would have been in attendance to speak their minds while Cantor spewed his B.S.

If Cantor's teabagger constituents were slated to be in the crowd you can bet your ass he would have gone on with the speech. But, the second it looked like a hostile crowd would be there, he ran like a coward.

Face it Eric Cantor is a joke of a politician. There is a word for Cantor and is has 5 letters: P - U - S - S - Y.

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The Duke Avatar

By now you have certainly heard that 50 exotic animals "had" to be shot and killed by the police in the Zanesville Ohio area due to the threat they posed to local citizens.

Surely, these executioners had no other choice but to slaughter these animals.

Ever heard of a tranquilzer dart? Sure, the incompetent police out there are covering their asses by saying how hard it is to fire a tranquilizer dart at a lion or tiger in darkness.

I guess these idiots never heard of night vision.

Animal wildlife expert Jack Hanna has even sold his soul and is covering the asses of these moronic cops by saying they made the right choice in slaughtering the majority of the animals who were released from a wildlife preserve. The owner of the reserve, Terry Thompson went off the deep end and released the animals before committing suicide.

As for the threat this posed to the public...it was minimal. The citizens of the Zanesville Ohio area were clearly warned to stay in there homes until further notice. Schools were closed.

It was up to the police to safely knock these animals out so they could be transported to a zoo. Instead they went on a shooting spree because they were overzealous and unwilling to take the extra step to solve a problem. Then again we are talking about Ohio here. People in the Mid West and South operate on a different level then us educated folk in the Northeast. Sorry to say! 

There was word that a bear was in the back of some redneck's pickup truck. A 9-11 caller informed authorities that two men in camo were riding with a bear in the back of their truck. So, it is clear that the local cops weren't the only ones "shooting to kill."

The biggest insult is that 18 endangered bengal tigers were among the animals slaughtered. Muskingom County Sherrif Matt Lutz, who sounded like a total country bumpkin claimed they had no choice but to shoot to kill since they weren't trained to deal with this type of event. What? Aren't we talking about so-called responsible police here? These are people who allegedly are trained to protect the citizens. Then they should be trained to do the right bleeping thing and not slaughter innocent animals.

In a year with so many disgraces in America, this is just the latest one. Makes you wonder how low we can go. Oh wait...have you heard about the house of horrors dungeon case in Philadelphia? Perhaps we can go a little lower!

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Ice cream headache photo: www.emotioneric.comOdd title I know, but hear me out. I had an AWFUL ice cream headache the other day. The kind that just dug right into my cerebral mass and I had to take a seat and wait it out patiently.  What seemed like an eternity went by as I held my forehead like I was some ‘Nam vet having a wartime recall. The headache subsided, and the first thing I did post head trauma was finish my ice cream.  

Here’s my point; why do we jump into things that we know hurt, when we’ve already suffered the consequences?     

I have more friends than I can count who I give this lesson to on a regular basis of perpetuating behavior that should have stopped at the first go-around. But they didn’t, and none of us do really. Admit it: We all have that weakness and tendency to see clearly ahead of us the ultimate conclusion but we take the gamble anyway. We roll the dice and just think THIS time it’ll be different. Or THIS time she’ll call me back. Or THIS time he’ll ask for my number.

The bottom line is; Maybe. That’s the glory shot here. Not the typical belief that “the definition of insanity is doing the same behavior and expecting a different result," but having a set on you to even take that chance on different. I admire those of you out there who take the risk, those who do suffer the consequence but swim the deep end anyway. I thought about how when we were kids, all someone had to say was jump out of that tree, and OK.  We would. There wasn’t that second thought on the possibility of a severe limb break.  We all hit that point somewhere along the line (and if you haven’t yetOperation photo: allergictoyou.wordpress.com more power to you) when we start taking notice of the possible outcomes of a scenario and from there we choose our path. Not necessarily that we lived the consequences of the diverged path, but just that we summarize the possibilities, and this becomes enough to not venture to the new.   

I’ve had this thought a lot lately just contemplating the calls I’ve never made, the questions I’ve never asked, or the apologies I’ve never given.  I’ve made an attempt to justify my lack of action by IMAGINING that ultimately I am a fortune teller and I already know what the outcome will be.  Chances are you DON’T know, and you won’t until you at LEAST suffer that first time.  Some lessons we learn once, like the nose on the Operation game isn’t candy.  And then there are the others which you just have to keep anting up on, and they may just be worth taking that second chance.  

I have a small theory that pretty much every 80’s movie has that “take the shot” moment. And unless my memory fails me, Teen Wolf won the basketball game, Lane conquered the K-12,  and Maverick took out the Bogies.  

History can’t be wrong.  

Ladies, ever wonder where the phrase "tapped that" originated?  Fella's, ever wonder if girls had slumber parties with nighties and pillow fights?  Yeah, well me too.  The Vagina MonoBlogs takes a proactive but honest point of view on some of these timeless questions and offers some perspectives to apply...or avoid for that matter!

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Ice cream headache photo: www.emotioneric.com

Operation photo: www.allergictoyou.wordpress.com

In all great dramas, there are episodes that leave you speechless, episodes that leave you spooked, and then the anti-climatic episodes like “Once Upon a Time” that are set-up shows to prepare you for the edge-of-your-seat thrills that Dexter is known to have.Michael C. Hall and Mos Def in 'Dexter.' Photo: www.vibe.com

Last week’s show had highlights and lowlights that offered lots of insights into where the season is headed.

The show opened with Dexter talking about his nighttime ritual: putting Harrison to bed, and how at the end of a story, Harrison says "Daddy's box," and Dexter worrying that his baby knows too much. It’s hard to predict where the writers will take this storyline. Just think about the religious set up from last week, and the religious theme going on with Gellar and Travis.

Speaking of Gellar and Travis, the strange pair were the focus of several scenes this time around in odd and uncomfortable settings. Gellar was upset that Travis would be late for some sort of work, and Travis had dinner with his sister who realized something was wrong… wanna bet she’ll be killed off somehow?!

In the final scenes, Travis faked an injury to attract a victim, and it will be interesting to see whether the duo use snakes in this kill. Still, the writers seem to be stalling with this story line. It’s one thing to peak the audience’s interest by sparking questions, but at this point the two are just odd side stories. The scenes are so vague it’s less entertainment and you could (more the time), walk away for a minute without missing anything if you wanted to. Hopefully that is likely to change by Episode 3, or some folks will be lost on this season for good.

Meanwhile at Miami Metro HQ, Masuka takes the ‘hot’ intern Ryan Chambers (Brea Grant) and while examining the snakes found inside Omar's body, their study leads to investigating some toxic waste sites. Brother Sam (Mos Def), who Dexter considered a target, was brought in to help with an investigation. It turned out Brother Sam had turned to God to be healed, but he led Dexter to a kill nonetheless!  

The biggest story in the department; Deb was named Lieutenant, beating out Angel and thickening the plot between him and LaGuerta. His line about why he gets ‘screwed’ when Maria messes up was foreshadowing at it’s best, and clearly that theme in this season will be highlighted in episodes to come.

For the romantics, Quinn proposing to Deb may have been their favorite part, until Deb moved out after she said no. Quinn’s never seemed like the romantic who had to get married, but the back story here looks like it gives him more ammo to open his off-record Dexter investigation-  especially since he asked Dexter why Dexter told her to say no!?

Again, this episode didn’t run with the momentum that the season-opener did. The writers have to pace themselves, and hopefully Episode 3 unveils more about Gellar and Travis, and leaves you sleepless for an hour or two.

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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