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Ice cream headache photo: www.emotioneric.comOdd title I know, but hear me out. I had an AWFUL ice cream headache the other day. The kind that just dug right into my cerebral mass and I had to take a seat and wait it out patiently.  What seemed like an eternity went by as I held my forehead like I was some ‘Nam vet having a wartime recall. The headache subsided, and the first thing I did post head trauma was finish my ice cream.  

Here’s my point; why do we jump into things that we know hurt, when we’ve already suffered the consequences?     

I have more friends than I can count who I give this lesson to on a regular basis of perpetuating behavior that should have stopped at the first go-around. But they didn’t, and none of us do really. Admit it: We all have that weakness and tendency to see clearly ahead of us the ultimate conclusion but we take the gamble anyway. We roll the dice and just think THIS time it’ll be different. Or THIS time she’ll call me back. Or THIS time he’ll ask for my number.

The bottom line is; Maybe. That’s the glory shot here. Not the typical belief that “the definition of insanity is doing the same behavior and expecting a different result," but having a set on you to even take that chance on different. I admire those of you out there who take the risk, those who do suffer the consequence but swim the deep end anyway. I thought about how when we were kids, all someone had to say was jump out of that tree, and OK.  We would. There wasn’t that second thought on the possibility of a severe limb break.  We all hit that point somewhere along the line (and if you haven’t yetOperation photo: allergictoyou.wordpress.com more power to you) when we start taking notice of the possible outcomes of a scenario and from there we choose our path. Not necessarily that we lived the consequences of the diverged path, but just that we summarize the possibilities, and this becomes enough to not venture to the new.   

I’ve had this thought a lot lately just contemplating the calls I’ve never made, the questions I’ve never asked, or the apologies I’ve never given.  I’ve made an attempt to justify my lack of action by IMAGINING that ultimately I am a fortune teller and I already know what the outcome will be.  Chances are you DON’T know, and you won’t until you at LEAST suffer that first time.  Some lessons we learn once, like the nose on the Operation game isn’t candy.  And then there are the others which you just have to keep anting up on, and they may just be worth taking that second chance.  

I have a small theory that pretty much every 80’s movie has that “take the shot” moment. And unless my memory fails me, Teen Wolf won the basketball game, Lane conquered the K-12,  and Maverick took out the Bogies.  

History can’t be wrong.  

Ladies, ever wonder where the phrase "tapped that" originated?  Fella's, ever wonder if girls had slumber parties with nighties and pillow fights?  Yeah, well me too.  The Vagina MonoBlogs takes a proactive but honest point of view on some of these timeless questions and offers some perspectives to apply...or avoid for that matter!

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Ice cream headache photo: www.emotioneric.com

Operation photo: www.allergictoyou.wordpress.com

In all great dramas, there are episodes that leave you speechless, episodes that leave you spooked, and then the anti-climatic episodes like “Once Upon a Time” that are set-up shows to prepare you for the edge-of-your-seat thrills that Dexter is known to have.Michael C. Hall and Mos Def in 'Dexter.' Photo: www.vibe.com

Last week’s show had highlights and lowlights that offered lots of insights into where the season is headed.

The show opened with Dexter talking about his nighttime ritual: putting Harrison to bed, and how at the end of a story, Harrison says "Daddy's box," and Dexter worrying that his baby knows too much. It’s hard to predict where the writers will take this storyline. Just think about the religious set up from last week, and the religious theme going on with Gellar and Travis.

Speaking of Gellar and Travis, the strange pair were the focus of several scenes this time around in odd and uncomfortable settings. Gellar was upset that Travis would be late for some sort of work, and Travis had dinner with his sister who realized something was wrong… wanna bet she’ll be killed off somehow?!

In the final scenes, Travis faked an injury to attract a victim, and it will be interesting to see whether the duo use snakes in this kill. Still, the writers seem to be stalling with this story line. It’s one thing to peak the audience’s interest by sparking questions, but at this point the two are just odd side stories. The scenes are so vague it’s less entertainment and you could (more the time), walk away for a minute without missing anything if you wanted to. Hopefully that is likely to change by Episode 3, or some folks will be lost on this season for good.

Meanwhile at Miami Metro HQ, Masuka takes the ‘hot’ intern Ryan Chambers (Brea Grant) and while examining the snakes found inside Omar's body, their study leads to investigating some toxic waste sites. Brother Sam (Mos Def), who Dexter considered a target, was brought in to help with an investigation. It turned out Brother Sam had turned to God to be healed, but he led Dexter to a kill nonetheless!  

The biggest story in the department; Deb was named Lieutenant, beating out Angel and thickening the plot between him and LaGuerta. His line about why he gets ‘screwed’ when Maria messes up was foreshadowing at it’s best, and clearly that theme in this season will be highlighted in episodes to come.

For the romantics, Quinn proposing to Deb may have been their favorite part, until Deb moved out after she said no. Quinn’s never seemed like the romantic who had to get married, but the back story here looks like it gives him more ammo to open his off-record Dexter investigation-  especially since he asked Dexter why Dexter told her to say no!?

Again, this episode didn’t run with the momentum that the season-opener did. The writers have to pace themselves, and hopefully Episode 3 unveils more about Gellar and Travis, and leaves you sleepless for an hour or two.

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

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A McDonald's employee is being thrown under the bus by the McDonald's corporation and local authorities in New York City after defending himself during an attack on Thursday, which was caught on video. This video is being dubbed as the "McDonald's Beating", but in reality it is just a human being defending themselves from wood-be ghetto predators.Of course the bleeding heart libs, like the ones who write at the Village Voice are acting like the McDonald's employee defending himself is the one in the wrong. Typical libs for you though.



Let's be real and call it the way it is. All across this country workers in the service industry have to deal with punks, hoodrats, ghetto thugs, bottom feeders, and obnoxious a-holes on a daily basis. They are often threatened and insulted. And, sometimes these bottom feeders don't like being told "no" so they get physical. What we have here in this so-called "McDonald's beating" video is a case of self defense.

The employee, Rayon McIntosh told a couple of hoodrats that he had to scan their $50 bill (big shock huh) and they took a lot of offense to him doing his job. Then these two hood rats promptly jumped behind the counter and began to assault the man when he pulled out a metal rod and defended himself.

The McDonald's employee is facing assault charges and is likely screwed for defending his life. In reality, he had no idea if these criminals were carrying guns or knives. He simply did what any sensible human being would and should do in that situation. So what if one of them ended up with a fractured skull? They had no business charging behind the counter to begin with.

According to The Smoking Gun, McIntosh was in prison for 10 years before for manslaugher. And, he tried to do the right thing and turn his life around by just getting a job. Now, he'll be screwed by the legal system barring the assistance of a good lawyer who comes to his defense.

If Casey Anthony can get away with murdering her daughter, while someone like McIntosh gets boned for defending himself, then our legal system is seriously FUBAR.

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On Saturday, October 22, starting at 10 A.M., Frey Boutique will open its doors to local fashionistas for its grand opening. Please "like" Frey on their Frey Boutique in Exton PA has it's Grand Opening Saturday, October 22nd!Facebook page, where the 200th person to "like" the page will win a $50 gift certificate.

We will also be giving out a $50 gift certificate to the first person who brings a print-out of this e-mail to the grand opening to thank our loyal friends!M2F Clothing

The Boutique will feature women's apparel, shoes and handbags from several designers including Joie, Sky, Hudson Jeans, Dolce Vita and more. Those who stop by for the opening festivities can relax and enjoy refreshments, entertainment and the help of personal stylists while they shop.

Visit Frey’s website and their Facebook page to stay connected about the grand opening details, sales, specials and more.

Kristen Hagopian, Philly2Philly Columnist and Host of “The Brilliant Frugal Living Show” on News/Talk 1180 WFYL, is hosting the “Brilliant Frugal Living Conference” on Saturday, October 22nd at the Days Hotel and Conference Center in West Chester.  

$5.00 of every ticket sold will be donated to The Chester County Food Bank, an outstanding organization that not only helps to feed hundreds of local families in need, but also coordinates more than 65 food cupboards in Chester County and beyond!

Larry Welsch, Executive Director for The Chester County Food Bank adds: “The number of families utilizing our services here at the CCFB has doubled since last year.  This donation comes at a time of great need in our county.  The food bank provides food for 27 food cupboards and 50 meal sites in the county, and I can tell you that the number of people coming for food at these sites continues to rise.  The donation from the conference will allow us to purchase much needed food for these partnering agencies.”

The conference agenda, complete with breakfast, money-saving gift takeaways and an autographed copy of “Brilliant Frugal Living”, is designed to tackle the biggest areas in which Americans wish to slash spending today, namely food, clothing, home improvement & décor, and of course, creating beautiful holidays on a smaller budget.  Effortless, proven strategies on how to slash your grocery bill by 50%, find designer clothing for a fraction of the price of retail, create grand holidays on a small budget, acquire beautiful home furnishings for 90% off, and pay down your debt faster than ever (including your mortgage) are just a few of the ideas to be shared. Learn dozens of easy strategies designed to keep your hard-earned money in your bank account, where it belongs.

This conference guarantees that you will slash your spending by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in one year’s time, or your money back, no questions asked.   Are you ready to reduce your household spending and substantially increase your savings?  Please join your fellow savvy spenders October 22nd for a fun, informative event that not only guarantees you’ll dramatically reduce your spending, but will benefit our local food banks as well.

10% ticket discounts for YMCA Members, Rotary Club Members, Chamber of Commerce Members and many others.  For more information and online ticket sales, please log onto www.BrilliantFrugalLiving.com. For more information on The Chester County Food Bank, log onto their website at www.ChesterCountyFoodBank.org.

Kristen Hagopian hosts “The Brilliant Frugal Living Show” Tuesdays at 11A on Philadelphia’s WFYL 1180AM.  Her next Brilliant Frugal Living Conference is October 22nd in West Chester, with $5 of every ticket sold being donated to the Chester County Food Bank to assist families in need.  Log onto www.BrilliantFrugalLiving.com for more information!

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On Tuesday some wild news out of South Philadelphia sounded like an episode of Boardwalk Empire.

Yesterday, Philadelphia police busted a prostitution ring, but it was in a very unlikely location - a Mummers Clubhouse!

According to Philadelphia Police there were many women inside who propositioned the undercover officers. In addition, many women were scantily clad and naked - ranging from the 20's to 40's.

Police also reportedly saw sexual acts taking place inside the Downtowners Fancy Brigade Clubhouse on 148-50 Snyder Avenue.

After the police were tipped off about the sex parties every second Tuesday of the month they began an investigation which lasted six months.

It culminated in the visit by two undercover officers. Once they were propositioned and saw some shenanigans going on they called in the raid.

Ten women were arrested for prostitution offenses. One man was arrested for promoting it, while two others were arrested for illegally selling alcohol.

Between 50 to 60 people were found inside and 15 to 20 kegs of beer were confiscated along with assorted liquor.

Looks like for some Mummers there is more to life than the Mummers Parade.

Contact The Duke at theduke0000@yahoo.com

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He’s baaaacccckkk!!

Dexter and his dark passenger returned to the screen last Sunday night with the type of exciting season opener that fans expected to see kick-off Season 5, which happens to be the most boring season of what might be the best written show on television!

If you’ve never watched Dexter and plan to start, stop reading here. There will be no spoiler alerts for Season 6, but we'll give a quick recap of what’s happened for Dexter and Miami Metro since the ice truck killer swept thru Miami.Dexter photo: www.yoshicube64.blogspot.com

Dexter’s notoriously suspenseful writing left fans speechless and shocked when Season 4 wrapped up with Rita dead and Harrison on the floor in blood, so much that no one was sure how Season 5 would kick-off. And after 4 seasons of a series with such incredible acting and writing that it’s hard to pick a favorite, Season 5 was vanilla at best.

If the writers keep the momentum of Season 6 going the way they started things this week (with everyone thinking Dexter was stabbed within the first 30 seconds and then seeing the first of what will likely be man kills this season), then viewers can relax and know that the show that makes Sunday night a bit more bearable is back to its suspenseful, edge-of-the-seat entertainment, then there will be no more talk of tuning out for the duration.

After the show opened with possibly the best ever opening scene for the series, things seemed slight off base. The way Dexter introduced Angel’s sister, Jamie, (played by Aimee Garcia) a character who clearly has an interesting back story for the writers to unveil this season, seemed unnatural as Dexter almost spoke to the viewers telling them it’s not what they think. And that story line can only get more interesting as she will clearly see what type of hours the dark passenger keeps. He can’t blame everything on work with this nanny!

Where you surprised to think that Lieutenant LaGuerta was promoted because she’s having an affair with Captain Matthews? With her track record and recent divorce from Angel, nothing is shocking, but to see that it was blackmail made it more intriguing for the rest of the season!  Where will this go and who is it going to come back to bite? Remember Doakes!?? Uh huh!

Clearly viewers need to keep a willing suspension of disbelief throughout the series and it might be harder to digest in Season 6 as the writers seem to be focusing on religion and faith, a bit tough to swallow considering Dexter has no feelings, right? But as you watch the show it’s clear that despite his dark passenger, Dexter clearly has compassion for other people’s feelings and of course, he wants what’s best for Harrison.

Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos have joined the cast in some dark rooted roles that are based on a religion that kills people in a way that we can only be left wondering what will happen as the season moves on…two kills in the future, probably!Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks photo: www.buddytv.com

Sending Dexter to his high school reunion was the perfect balance of reminding viewers of his tragedy with Rita and how much of a hermit he can be, paired with his success and the fact that he’s clearly an appealing man to the ladies. The scenes with Trish, surely appealing to the male audiences, led Dexter to his true favorite activity, since he was able to get Joe in the end.

Masuka was up to his normal ways and the ensemble cast cheered him on as usual. Deb doesn’t seem the marrying type but if she does say yes to Quinn, one can only imagine what might circle back in his face from his investigation of Dexter last year. Unless the writers just drop it as they seemed to do with so many things in Season 6.

Overall Season 6, episode 1 was better than expected! It should be interesting to see how the show starts next week, and if Deb’s really hurt or the blood on her shirt was from someone else.

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime, and if you’re too busy watching Sunday Night Football to tune in, there is an encore presentation Monday nights at 9pm.

Dexter photo: www.yoshicube64.blogspot.com

Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks photo: www.buddytv.com

How cool is this?!
When my dad called me this afternoon to tell me that Cliff Lee and Ryan Madson graced the cover of the regional Sports Illustrated  this week, you can’t help but have a sense of pride about our Phillies. The playoffs will not be easy, but hopefully this will be a fun ride for everybody involved!

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Give back and take a swing at the Front Row Foundation’s first annual golf outingGive back and take a swing at the Front Row Foundation’s first annual golf outing

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Sept. 27, 2011— The Front Row Foundation is gearing up for its first annual charitable golf outing at Plymouth Country Club  in Plymouth Meeting on Monday, October 3, 2011.

The event, sponsored by Axis Construction Management, will benefit the Front Row Foundation whose mission is to help individuals and families who have life threatening illnesses to live their lives to the fullest by providing front row seats to various performances, concerts and sporting events.

Founder of Axis Construction Management and Front Row Sponsor William Bostic said, “We wanted to get involved because of the charity’s methods. The Front Row Foundation creates unique experiences (concerts, sporting events or other life goal experiences) that take the recipient’s mind off of what’s happening to them physically.  As a bonus, these experiences are shared with the recipient’s family and loved ones andthose memories live on even when, sadly, sometimes the recipients do not.”

The head of the foundation, Jon Vroman, is thankful that Axis came up with this generous opportunity to raise money and give back to hundreds of individuals and families.

“The Front Row Foundation has had the privilege of creating life-changing experiences for more than 40 extraordinary individuals during the past six years,” said Vroman. “The foundation helps those people and their families who are braving critical health challenges and provides them with the tools necessary to live life to the fullest through positive experiences.”

The event is not just a golf tournament, but it includes a lunch buffet before tee off, a cocktail hour, dinner, raffles and awards. A silent auction will culminate the night, which boasts many exciting items, including jewelry by Lagos, four tickets to a 2012 season Phillies game in the Diamond Club, a stay at a privately owned home in the Poconos, a stay at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. and more.

About The Front Row Foundation:

The Front Row Foundation is a registered 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage everyone to "experience life in the front row."  We do so by helping individuals and their families who have life threatening illnesses to live their lives to the fullest by providing front row seats to concerts, sporting events and live performances of our recipients' choice. Our goal is to create magical moments that positively affect the mind, body, and spirit of each person involved, including our sponsorsand event organizers.  www.FrontRowFoundation.org.

The 2011 Drive it First Tour, sponsored by Ford, has arrived to the Oxford Valley Mall. Ford Motor Company is pleased to welcome those interested to a special VIP drive of the 2012 Explorer and 2012 Edge with the new 2.0L EcoBoost Engine.

This is more than a test drive, it is a chance to experience Ford’s new technology. There are various activities that take place at the event. Participants can indulge in new features such as the EcoBoost Experience™, Technology Drive™, and Sync with MyFord Touch™. Each of these activities brings fun and excitement into the world of driving.

The Drive it First Tour will arrive in Langhorne on Friday, September 30 from 9am to 6pm at the Oxford Valley Mall (2300 East Lincoln Highway, Langhorne, PA 19047). Registration closes at 4:30pm. Space is limited so drivers should register at www.driveitfirsttour.com

Those who register online beforehand can take the survey onsite to get a free giveaway. Participants must have a valid driver’s license and be 18 years old to drive. There will be a family activity available for those with small children.

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