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Lebron James' South Beach Home is all the buzz today on the "internets." Just why is everybody oohing and ahhing over King James' South Beach home?

Personally, The Duke doesn't think this is anything special. In fact, it's another overpriced, ugly, obnoxious celebrity mansion. It's perfectly fitting for King James. Lebron James a.k.a the Donovan McNabb of the NBA is one of, if not the most overrated athlete in professional sports history and in love with himself. He's so in love with himself he probably drinks his own bathwater. We are talking about the same Lebron James who felt the need to have a live show where he decided what team he would choose to go to in free agency. Talk about sickening!

Lebron James' brainwashed fans would disagree with me though and say I'm just a "hater." Sorry, but I call it how I see it.

Here is one shot of Lebron James' South Beach Home.

Again, it's ugly and quite fitting for the so-called "King." Professional athletes in America are among the most disliked people these days for good reason. Many people are struggling to put food on the table and out of work, yet obnoxious jerks like Lebron James piss their money away on ugly, obnoxious mansions.

For more photos of Lebron James' South Beach Home check out Huffington Post.

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First it was the acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez  Monday afternoon. And Former Ray Carl Crawford. Photo: http://bosoxinjection.com/files/2010/11/carl_crawford.jpgnow with the signing of Carl Crawford to a 7-year $142 million dollar deal, the Boston Red Sox  have officially one-upped the Yankees for the title of baseball's biggest prostitutes. I would say another word, but this is a family site I’m submitting this to.

Judging by Crawford's stats, it seems he's vastly overpaid, much like Jayson Werth. But this off season, that seems to be a recurring theme.

Even if the Yankees  snag Cliff Lee for seven years, they still won’t top the Red Sox. No, I am not counting the multi-year deals they gave Derek Jeter  and Mariano Rivera  over the last few weeks. They HAD to sign these guys or the Yankees would be under scrutiny they hadn’t seen since the summer of 1977.

It’s kind of fun to see these two old goats (as Pedro Martinez once said in regards to himself and Jamie Moyer) go at it like they do. Since Boston’s historic comeback against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, this rivalry has been kind of quiet. Not anymore.

Their respective television networks  will prevent the Phillies  from even financially scratching the surface of these two American League powerhouses. After all, it’s tough to compete with a team who dominates Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The Red Sox still need to sure up their pen and the Yankees are an aging team, so let the games begin.

Photo: http://bosoxinjection.com/files/2010/11/carl_crawford.jpg

Description: cid:image001.jpg@01CAC4F3.2FC3D260

Adoption Center: 100 N. 2nd Street ∙ Philadelphia, PA 19106 ∙ p. 215-238-9901
 Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic: 2900 Grays Ferry Avenue ∙ Philadelphia, PA 19146 ∙ p. 215-298-9680
info@phillypaws.org ∙ www.phillypaws.org

This Saturday, December 11
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sporting Club at the Bellevue
Pet lovers: bring your four-legged friend for some holiday cheer!
Pet portraits with Santa, shopping village for pet gifts, agility course, and more! Proceeds benefit PAWS.
Vendors include:
Pupcakes (gourmet treats)
Bone Jour (pet supplies from their Old City boutique)
Peace of Color (tie-dyed dog clothing)
Walk it Like a Dog (pet supplies from their Queen Village boutique)
PhilaPets (pet sitting/dog walking services)
PAWS will also be on hand with adoptable dogs, 2011 calendars, dog t-shirts, gourmet dog treats from “Just Dogs!” and other merchandise, and info on how you can help save Philadelphia’s homeless animals.
Admission is free. Pet portraits: $10. Donations to PAWS encouraged and appreciated.
Sporting Club at the Bellevue, Broad and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia
Hope to see you there!
About PAWS:
The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving Philadelphia's homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. PAWS is the city's largest rescue organization and only no-kill shelter, and is working to make Philadelphia a city in which every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. Through its adoption locations, special events, and foster care network, PAWS finds loving homes for thousands of animals each year.
In March 2010, PAWS opened a low-cost spay/neuter and wellness clinic serving pet owners and rescues in an effort to keep pets healthy and reduce the homeless pet population. Located in the Grays Ferry section of the city, the Clinic serves pet owners who have difficulty affording or do not have access to basic veterinary care and rescue organizations that need affordable spay/neuter surgery and basic veterinary care to carry out their lifesaving work. It also includes housing for homeless dogs and cats, enabling PAWS to save even more animals from being needlessly killed in shelters. In 2009, PAWS rescued nearly 2,800 homeless cats and dogs. In conjunction with PAWS’ large and growing adoption and foster care programs, the Clinic is having both an immediate and a long-term effect on the number of stray and unwanted animals born and surrendered to shelters.
Support for PAWS funds lifesaving initiatives including adoption and foster care programs, spay and neuter surgeries, low-cost vaccinations, and other efforts, all of which help reduce and will ultimately eliminate the unnecessary killing of Philadelphia's animals. For more information, please visit www.phillypaws.org

The Kensington Strangler could be Philadelphia's first serial killer in quite some time.There have been six (possibly seven) attacks linked to this individual.

kensington strangler sketches

It's such a serious threat that the FBI is getting involved in the investigation. 

The Philadelphia Police Department will hold a press conference this morning to update the public on the so-called Kensington Strangler.

Congratulations to Jayson Werth, who finally got that lucrative contract he has been seeking after signing with the Washington Nationals for 7 years and $126 million clams. The Phillies weren't going to committ $18 million a year to a player who isn't among one of the game's best.

Jayson Werth Photo: Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Face it-Werth is a really good player, but it's delusional to say he's among one of the top 10 players in the game - which is how he's being paid. 

When you view the list of the current Top 15 highest paid players in Major League Baseball, the list goes something like this:

#1 Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees- $ 33,000,000

#2 C.C. Sabathia, New York Yankees- $ 24,285,714

#3 Derek Jeter, New York Yankees- $ 22,600,000

#4 Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees- $ 20,625,000

#5 Johan Santana, New York Mets- $ 20,144,707

#6 Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers- $ 20,000,000

#7 Carlos Beltran, New York Mets- $ 19,401,569

#8 Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies- $ 19,000,000

#9 Carlos Lee, Houston Astros- $ 19,000,000

#10 Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs- $ 19,000,000

#11 Carlos Zambrano, Chicago Cubs- $ 18,875,000

#12 John Lackey, Boston Red Sox- $ 18,700,000

#13 Manny Ramirez, Chicago White Sox- $ 18,695,006

#14 Torii Hunter, Los Angeles Angels- $ 18,500,000

#15 Barry Zito, San Francisco Giants- $ 18,500,000

Of those players, A-Rod, Sabathia, Texeria, Cabrera, Lee, Lackey, and Howard are the only ones who deserve that "top 15" money. It makes you wonder what the management of these teams are smoking when they sign players to these ridiculous contracts.

The Nationals seem to think that Werth deserves that ridiculous money. With the 7-year $126 million deal, Werth will make an average of $18 million per season which makes him among one of the highest paid players in the game. Since Ichiro ($18 million last year) ranked 16th overall in annual salaries, Werth will be in the Top 15 of highest paid players now that Jeter (free agent) will be off that list.

Again, let me clear that Werth is a very good player and probably worth a salary in the $10-$13 million range, but he's also prone to prolonged slumps. He may go on a roll for a few weeks, then he'll be stone cold for a few weeks. The great players are more consistent than that.

Unfortunately for the Phillies, Jayson Werth and his insane agent Scott Boras wouldn't be reasonable and give the Phillies the "hometown discount" and decided that Werth sell out. And, it's hard to blame him. He's 31 years old and in the prime of his career. The Nationals probably won't have him on their team 7 years from now (when he'll be 38), but for Werth he can play for a bottom feeder and make insane money.

The Nationals are going to contend for 3rd or 4th place for the forseeable future. Werth better get used to it. He had a great opportunity to win a title in Philadelphia.

At the end of the day, many athletes would rather get paid. Werth obviously fits into that latter category. Werth's decision to go to the Nationals makes him the biggest sellout in Philly sports history.

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The passing of legendary Chicago Cubs third baseman Ron Santo has not only put a face to the diabetes epidemic in America, but it reminds us of the Hall of Fame's inability to "get it."

Anybody who is a 9-time All Star in any sport should be in the Hall of Fame.

It's a fact that there are fewer third basemen in the Baseball of Fame than any other position.

While, Santo is no Mike Schmidt, he certainly belongs in the Hall.

While it's a travesty that Santo hasn't been elected into the Hall of Fame; diabetes should be the issue on everybody's minds. Santo suffered from diabetes and lost both of his legs.

The Diabetes Epidemic in America is very serious as it is estimated 24 million American suffer from the disease.

Ron Santo's death should be a reminder that diabetes is a tragic force to be reckoned with in America.

Contact The People's Blogger at  peoplesblogger@yahoo.com

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The nation of Qatar scored a major victory today when FIFA awarded them the 2022 World Cup today.

For the U.S. it's a huge upset and means they'll have to wait until at least 2026 until their next World Cup, which would make it 32 years they last held it in 1994! Time flies fast doesn't it?

Does the 2022 World Cup win for Qatar make them a superpower? When you consider the fact that they are the second richest nation on Earth per capita, they already were a superpower. What this does is put the spotlight on the Middle East.

But, they'll still have to wait another 12 years...

Welcome to the first edition of Philly Buzz. I thought I’d kick things off by firing the first shot if you will... the first post.

Remember kids, you CAN try this at home. In fact, we’d rather you do this than us. Hell I’m just writing this because Vallee and Bakay promised me a free week at the Andy Reid Slim Down Spa… as soon as it opens of course.

So, look, here’s the deal… this is YOUR forum to write about whatever you want, whatever floats your proverbial boat, whatever is on your mind. All we ask is you keep it clean and yes, you know what clean is

You can go rapid fire as I like to do…

With all this talk about global warming, reducing your footprint, sustainability, and renewable energy, what does it mean to “Go Green”?US Green Solutions

To “Go Green” means taking action to care for where you live, both on a local and global level. It means to live a lifestyle where decisions are made in part based on their impact on the environment. Okay, you might be thinking “I’m just one person, how can I make a difference in such a big world?," or “This sounds easy, but where do I start?”

Let’s look at the first question, “How can I make a difference?”

There are 1000’s of things you can do, ranging from a one-time action to a significant lifestyle change. Let’s start with simple and move our way up.

- Replace one standard light bulb in your home with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). A CFL bulb costs about three times more, however lasts ten times longer and uses about 75% less energy. If every home in America changed one light bulb,Compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) photo: http://www.ipaa.org/Blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/cfl_bulb_mercury3.jpg we would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to about 800,000 cars.

- The average person uses over 2 gallons of water per minute in the shower. Shorten your shower by five minutes and save over 300 gallons per month.

- It takes a millennium for a plastic bottle to biodegrade. Invest in a filter that attaches to your faucet and use a refillable aluminum water bottle.

- Think paperless. The average American consumes more than 700 pounds of paper each year. Here are several ways to cut back: only print emails that are absolutely critical and use both sides of the paper when it is necessary, use dish towels instead of paper towels, cut used paper into smaller pieces to be used for scrap paper, notes, etc., and bring your own bags to the grocery store.

- Go solar. Every day the sun produces enough energy to power the earth for a year. Harness the power of the sun by going solar and producing your own energy.

Now for the second question, “Where do I start?”

The answer is simple, wherever you want. Just get started and make a difference.

US Green Solutions provides energy procurement services, makes buildings more energy efficient, and provides solar technology and roofing services. For more information, visit them at http://www.usgreensolutions.com  or call 856-452-1325.

Bulb Photo: http://www.ipaa.org/Blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/cfl_bulb_mercury3.jpg

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